Debian — The Universal Operating System

Do Blu-Ray images exist for Bookworm yet? Is this the best offline way? (

I have a limited internet connection. So I will need to find internet cafes and grab whole damn thing (which is what, 100gb?) I think I saw 4 BDs for past releases, but I cannot find a mirror that has BDs for Bookworm. But perhaps I’m looking in the wrong place.. it’s often quite non-intuitive to navigate. I looked here:...

(Debian Social Contract) Should all Debian users inclusively have open access to documentation?

There is a growing problem of documentation being locked into walled gardens. Most particularly, Cloudflare and to a lesser extent hosts like gitlab·com where several demographics of people are discriminated against. The discrimination manifests either as an outright blockade or as a CAPTCHA which often requires non-blind users...

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