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The likes of the BBC, Guardian, and Daily Mail are set to have their own disinformation used against them [click through to listen to the article] (

A campaign group will be targeting UK media outlets during global ME Awareness Day – calling out what it calls the corporate media’s systemic “mis-and-disinformation” relating to this chronic illness....

My neurologist is going to start me on IVIG infusions

During my apt Wednesday with my neurologist he mentioned starting me on IVIG infusions. He also referred me to a rheumatologist and I thought I had seen him first but I don’t. He wants to get me going ASAP to get my insurance to accept it along with scheduling cause that can take a bit....

Ive had many MRIs. For the first time im nervoue about the one i have sunday

I’m getting an MRI on Sunday to see what damage has been done to my lumbar spine from a blood patch. Long story short, got lumbar puncture, CSF leak, blood patch = lumbar electric shocks + muscles around lumbar cramping + from soles of feet to lumbar spine feeling like I’m being stung by bees + sensation of ants crawling all...

Drug and Medical Supply Shortages Impacting Patient Safety at ‘Alarming Rate’ (

The pain medication shortage needs to be stopped. They are attacking the wrong people to act like they are fighting the ‘opioid epidemic’. I hope everyone has been able to get their filled on time if you are even able to get them since doctors are terrified to prescribe them now a days.

Has anyone looked into the posture restoration institute?

I believe my chronic pain is all from TMJ and bad posture. When I do exercises to fix my posture I get pain from my TMJ down to really tight pelvis and thighs. So everything in between also. I’ve been stuck trying to figure out what to do to help myself. And of course, my spinal tap came back clean and yet I’m still dealing...

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