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The Unbound SDF modeler and game editor by @andreintg and @rianflo has entered public testing phase.


Download and more info:

To get started:

  1. Head to the ⁠early-access channel.

  2. Click the pinned messages button at the top right.

  3. Download the Windows or macOS installer.

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Celebrating the public testing stage of the Unbound SDF 3D modeler and game editor (see previous post in this thread for details), here are three images I made with it.

In the Cloudmaker and the snail image, I made use of Unbound's "Splats", an alpha-based scattered texture, enabling easy fur, smoke, grass, et cetera.

andreintg, avatar

@metin thanks for the shoutout! super appreciated, Metin! 🙏

metin, avatar

@andreintg My pleasure! I hope it will attract useful new Unbound testers.

mbt3d, avatar

@metin The little PC character is really nice, the tennis snail fun.

metin, avatar

@mbt3d Thanks Mark! I really like the "Splats" feature for easy texturing that's not restricted by a model's boundaries (sort of a screen-space pseudo-displacement).

Nifflas, avatar

@metin oooooh this is super cool! The 3D modelling part, I'm super interested in. Perfect for small indie projects to be able to make things fast!

travisfw, avatar

@metin @andreintg @rianflo not for Linux, huh?

metin, avatar

@travisfw @andreintg @rianflo I guess not (yet), but there's always Wine. 😉

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