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Never get ahead by Bobby Conn. In this video he’s performing at a youth show, so he isn’t allowed to sing ‘you’ll never get ahead by giving head to the man’ instead singing ‘saying yes to the man’. But he slips up once, saying sorry after.

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Basically Merzbow’s entire discograpgy. Here’s the album Pulse Demon, and no, its neither a bad upload nor did your speakers (which you should turn down beforehand) take a shit on you.



Shake it Off by Taylor Swift


Anxiety Attack by Jeffrey Lewis, amazingly weird and underrated artist

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Bitch I’m a cow


Here’s a good one. On the surface, it’s not that strange… Until you think you’re having a stroke because none of the words make sense. It’s all gibberish


Kolanaki, (edited )
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Jesus Was Way Cool by King Missile.

Shit, I’m not even sure you can classify it as a song, really. There’s music and words, but the words are just spoken and it’s just a guy giving mad props to Jesus Christ. But it’s like a surfer, grunge kinda dude so it sounds sarcastic AF.

But also Ween. So much Ween. They have maybe 2 or 3 albums of somewhat regular music, and then 5 times more just the most bizarre, drug induced aural hallucinations imaginable. I love 'em.

Oh and I can’t forget Daniel Johnston; a song writer with schizophrenia that afaik only released his work as bespoke, custom cassettes for people so there are like thousands of different versions of the same songs because he just played them from memory. The songs themselves are pretty gnarly, too.

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It would have to be any of the four tracks on Metal Machine Music. I made myself listen to the entire thing once. Once.

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I Wanna Be A Cowboy by Boys Don’t Cry.

Lemmy Kilmister did a cameo in this video!


Staple tapeworms to my penis - passenger of shit

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Baby shark backwards.


Sid berret is the musical version of Salvador Dali.

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When you realize Hamsterdance:


Is the Whistle Stop song from Robin Hood sped up:



As certainly not a furry, I recognized that immediately when I booted up dial-up for the first time hahaha

ChunkMcHorkle, (edited )
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deleted by creator


Sounds like a John Cage piece, but I have no clue.

ChunkMcHorkle, (edited )
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deleted by creator

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