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‘Goal is destruction of Ukraine’: ex-defence minister warns west of Putin’s aim
Oleksii Reznikov urges unity against Russia ‘to save this world from catastrophe of world war three’

Ukraine’s former defence minister has warned his western counterparts that negotiations with Moscow will not bring peace, and that Vladimir Putin remains determined to destroy Ukraine entirely and to “assimilate” its citizens into the Russian Federation.

In an article for the Guardian, Oleksii Reznikov says any “deal” with the Kremlin would not end the conflict. “Russia demands the recognition of the occupied territories of Ukraine as its territory in exchange for the end of the war,” he writes.

“However, this is obviously for the sake of one thing only – to buy some time, regroup and ‘finally solve the Ukrainian issue’ using new resources. Russia does not recognise the existence of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people.

“Its goal is the destruction of Ukrainian statehood and assimilation of Ukrainians.”

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[Update] I need your help.

As you might have noticed most of the articles here are posted by me. I'm not using bots, or anybody else's help, I'm posting all of it myself.

I need your help posting. It takes hours a day for me to post articles here. I will continue if needed, but I really hope for some help.

I understand that I'm not creating any new content, but I really hope that people who take links for the videos I reupload from Twitter/telegram/reddit/element could at least link them back to this community. It's really disheartening when I can see a video that has been seen for 200 times, while the community/magazine got 100 views for the whole day.

I'm thankful for all the support and help that I get, and I hope that more people will care about whats happening in Ukraine.

russia is a terrorist state.
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russian propaganda is spreading news that NATO countries secretly(!) spread democracy practices in Ukraine, and how to be an active citizen. Students were asked to self-organize and plan political gatherings!

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[Update] Questions about the future of this community.

It has been almost a month since I've created this community, and I'd like to ask for some feedback:

  1. Do you think that I post too much? It takes a lot of time to follow all the news, and to post articles all the time. I'd be happy to post less, but I'm afraid that this community might slowly go down.
    I was thinking about posting news a few hours later, so other people will have a chance to post too. In case something wasn't posted I'll do that a bit later.

  2. What type of content would you like to see more? Would you like to see more videos/memes/etc? If so - what?

  3. (Not actually a question) I don't think that we need any more moderators for now. During this month there was only was one person banned, and two of their comments banned. Thanks for being nice and respectful to each other.

  4. Do you have any questions suggestions?

  5. Please upvote/boost/comment more. This helps other people to see the news and discover the community.

Thanks for supporting Ukraine.
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I like memes! Memes can teach something. I tried to post an map image here that illustrates my point, but I can’t seem to upload an image. (Connect App, Android) I’ll save the brilliant post until I can get on my Mac. Keep up the good work!

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I tried to post an map image here that illustrates my point, but I can’t seem to upload an image.

That's weird. I just tried to post using my Lemmy account (Liftoff app), and it worked fine. I had a problem deleting the post though. The post was deleted on instance, but not on kbin.
Please try again when you have time, and tell me how it went.

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[Update] Should we update the rules?
Do the current rules work? Sure.
Should we have better rules? Definitely.
If you have any good ideas about how we could update the rules - feel free to comment.
I'll consider all the ideas about how to improve this magazine/community.


I think this is fine for now, once the other reddit and twitter refugees start to arrive we may have to revisit the rules but we can cross that bridge when we get to it.

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I'm not going to post in the next few hours. My holiday is ruined, my wife is angry, I'm excited...
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It's better than having your wife ruined and your holiday angry....GLHF

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[Update] In the next few days I won't have enough time to post much here. I really hope that YOU will continue growing this magazine/community with your posts.
Thank you.
Слава Україні!

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I just wanted to add:
If you know of any way to add tags automatically, or post some news using bots/ai - please tell me. Everything is done by me manually right now

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[Update] The magazine/community is growing pretty fast, which is great.
Thanks for joining, and please continue upvoting, boosting and commenting on the articles you think are relevant so more people will be able to see them.

Lemmy instances are unable to see posts for the past 24 hours, hopefully it will be resolved soon. If anybody knows the reason for that - please tell me.

Слава Україні!

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3 hours old post can be seen on Lemmy, but that's about it for now.

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If somebody could help me posting here I will be very grateful =)


Or anything by William spaiel, his game theory breakdowns are great too

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@JohnDClay yeah, I've already posted that one. But I haven't posted anything by William Spaiel. Thanks for help

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