Humble Bundle's Train Sim World 3 Mega Haul Bundle

5.46EUR for base game+4 DLC; 9.10EUR for base game+9 DLC, 12.74EUR for base game+15 DLC

5.46EUR Bundle

Train Sim World 3: Standard Edition

Train Sim World: BR Class 20 'Chopper' Loco DLC

Train Sim World: LIRR M3 EMU DLC

Train Sim World: Clinchfield Railroad: Elkhorn - Dante Route DLC

Train Sim World 2: Cathcart Circle Line: Glasgow - Newton & Neilston Route DLC

9.10EUR Bundle

Train Sim World: Hauptstrecke Hamburg - Lbeck Route DLC

Train Sim World: Northern Trans-Pennine: Manchester - Leeds Route DLC

Train Sim World: Brighton Main Line: London Victoria - Brighton Route DLC

Train Sim World: Nahverkehr Dresden -Riesa Route DLC

Train Sim World: Caltrain MP36PH-3C Baby Bullet Loco DLC

12.74EUR Bundle

Train Sim World 3: Birmingham Cross-City Line: Lichfield - Bromsgrove & Redditch Route DLC

Train Sim World: Tees Valley Line: Darlington - Saltburn-by-the-Sea Route DLC

Train Sim World: Peninsula Corridor: San Francisco - San Jose Route DLC

Train Sim World: Great Western Express Route DLC

Train Sim World: Rhein-Ruhr Osten: Wuppertal - Hagen Route DLC

Train Sim World: Long Island Rail Road: New York - Hicksville Route DLC


lt says that the games are available on Steam.

Is this mandatory or am I also able to download them without a Steam account?


These would be Steam only. I do miss the days of DRM free bundles from Humble.


Didn’t know that changed. That’s crap.


Anyone that played the game have an option on this one? Last train sim I played was Microsoft train simulator (I prefer the tycoon style train games) I enjoyed it but management and planning are more interesting to me. Is this just riding between pretty locals?

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