Release Lime3DS 2109

Improved rasterizer cache validation heuristic
This results in extreme performance improvements for several games. See here for examples
Android: Added an option to adjust the size of on-screen buttons
Android: Added an option to adjust the opacity of on-screen buttons
Non-user facing code improvements related to the removal of telemetry


If you are using Android, please migrate to using Obtainium for installing and updating Lime3DS, as this is now our official method. You can find more information in our readme
This update introduces a regression in Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon while using Vulkan. This involves a consistent crash during the first Pixelator cutscene. Please use OpenGL for the time being when playing this game. Apologies for any inconvenience
This update changes which files are available to download with releases. Namely, Android App Bundles (.aab) and 7Zip archives (.7z) are no longer available to download
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