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I just heard the bad news that I am probably going to need a new job starting in July.

So, before beginning the regular search, I wanted to ask my Fedi friends if anyone could use a capable C++ programmer with lots of graphics and networking experience. I wouldn't mind a change, so I'm open to anything. Even other programming languages! It would be awesome if I could use Linux to do the work. 🐧

Locations I would consider are: Central Europe, Melbourne, Sydney or Remote

🔁 Boost appreciated! 🙏


@fell If you've got some embedded experience we're hiring at https://mind.be/ , based in Leuven, Belgium. If you apply, tell them Frank sent you 😁

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@fvbever Probably not, but I've got plenty of experience messing with devices. Can't hurt to say hello! Thanks.

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Could use your skills on Inkscape (C++, graphics). Though, you're looking for paid work, and we're not there yet with funding models.

One day though I hope to be able to offer folks actual jobs 😅

Good luck with the search!

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@doctormo Either way, it's nice to hear that! Inkscape is great. If I happen to have some downtime I might start contributing. For now, I need something that feeds my wife and me.

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