Buy it for life: Durable, Quality, Practical

Reminder of Fake Amazon Stores and always google for them

Just a reminder that Amazon will promote these fake stores more than real independent stores. If you can not find the store, it's 99% fake. Some of these are Trademarked, you can trace it back to China in some cases. Some are bad, some aren't, still the products won't last forever. These products are build by the cheapest...

Do lifetime warranties make something BIFL?

I’d like a place where warranties aren’t a factor when discussing BIFL items. I know that some feel otherwise but for me the appeal of BIFL is NOT frugality (though it often overlaps) but rather in owning high quality, long lasting, repairable items. It also has an aspect of sustainability as I hope to only buy one of...

Post blackout Reddit and the future of Buyitforlife (

The BuyItForLife subreddit is trying to figure out what to do with the changes hitting Reddit and some really interesting points about possible attempts to advertise products that aren't really BIFL. Would be great if we could encourage them to come here. Edit to add link that won't let Reddit track you:...

AeroPress - my coffee maker for the last 15 years (

Bought this in 2008 and am still using it in 2023. It's compact, durable and has produced great coffee for me, nearly everyday, for the last 15 years. All you need is a kettle and good coffee beans. Add coffee, pour hot water, wait 1 minute then press the plunger to get your morning brew.

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