3D Printing

Me an hour ago: I hope this ASA print sticks to the bed. Me now: how do I get the purge lines off the bed?

I haven't really expected much since this is the first time I've tried ASA, I just printed a simple flow test on my textured plate. If anything I expected it to fail. But oh my, does that stuff stick. I hope the plate can handle acetone because I've tried everything else I could think of....

Curious case of the nozzle leaving the extruder

To achieve faster speed printing for functional and draft prints, I wanted to try a 1.0mm nozzle with my Neptune 3 Plus. This is the first time I replace a nozzle so I followed YouTube videos and replaced the nozzle. After replacing the nozzle I leveled the bed with manual + automatic leveling. The extruder seemed to be...

a nozzle out of the extruder

OC Project Farm's 3D printed ratchet video highlights some not-so-obvious problems

I love the YT channel Project Farm. It's unbiased, well thought out, practical, and numbers-focused (as much as a video can have without getting boring) approach is refreshing. Not every test is perfect, not every sample size appropriate, but this is a mechanical guy that knows his shit and is as curious about the results as the...

Print orientation of ratchet in video.

Is the bambu P1P really all it's cracked up to be?

I have an ender 3 v2, upgraded the springs/leveling knobs, and slapped on an auto leveler. I do really enjoy the printer, but I've found between work and raising a toddler I just don't have the time to tinker like I thought I would. I assumed I would need to do general maintenance, but mostly be able to just print things fairly...

Ender 5 Pro 2.0.6 bed doesnt lower the first 5-7 layers than will drop by like 5mm

like the title says i have an ender 5 pro and the bed is being weird. when i autohome it it works fine. but when i print the bed just stays at the top of the travel on the z axis for about the first 5-7 layers and then it will drop by over half a turn on the z stepper motor. leading to a large gap that cant be printed on. im...

The question I’m sure was on everyone’s mind: can you combine PEI and glass beds? (solarbird.net)

I like the thermal mass of glass for temperature stability, as I've found that's pretty key to getting good print adhesion. But I really wanted to try out PEI without having to stick a giant magnet directly to my heater plate, something I definitely did not trust....

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