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    Keep it going, graphics and 3d rendering code is hell but also very rewarding.

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    sometimes scaresme how specific memes can be around here


    Tbh i don’t know if a got this one from the r/196 tg channel, but you know, there’s a good overlap between this community and computer science people.

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    Well I am a computer science guy, so it makes sense



    You thought


    It feels like most Lemmy/Kbin communities skew towards having a lot of CS people. Makes sense considering what kind of people would be interested in using the fediverse over traditional social media sites though.

    I love all you fellow nerds <3


    It’s widely people that cared about third party Reddit development, so they’d automatically have to have some basic understanding and care for open software. It doesn’t take much knowledge of computers to understand this, but it also doesn’t take a ton of knowledge to understand this meme.

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    top tier



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