Five things our research uncovered when we recreated 16th century beer (and barrels) (

It’s true that our 16th-century ancestors drank much more than Irish people do today. But why they did so and what their beer was like are questions shrouded in myth. The authors were part of a team who set out to find some answers....

Drawing a line back to the origin of life: Graphitization could provide simplicity scientists are looking for (

How did the chemicals required for life get there? It has long been debated how the seemingly fortuitous conditions for life arose in nature, with many hypotheses reaching dead ends. However, researchers at the University of Cambridge have now modeled how these conditions could occur, producing the necessary ingredients for life...

How insects control their wings: The mysterious mechanics of insect flight (

Flight has evolved four times in the history of life on Earth: in birds, bats, pterosaurs, and insects. The first three groups of animals evolved their wings from arms, making these wings straightforward to understand as other similar animals have analogous bones and musculature....

What is 'Fallout?' Physicist breaks down the science of the sci-fi show and the horrifying reality of nuclear radiation (

The world ends on Oct. 23, 2077, in a series of radioactive explosions—at least in the world of "Fallout," a post-apocalyptic video game series that has now been adapted into a blockbuster TV show on Amazon's Prime Video.

Mapping the world's salted soils: A leap forward in combating land degradation (

A team of researchers has developed an approach that maps the soil salt content around the world with an exceptional detail of 10 meters. This advance tackles the pressing need for accurate assessments of soil salinity, a formidable challenge that jeopardizes agricultural productivity and soil vitality on a global scale....

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