BreathOfTheWild Hot

Solving issues with redownloading the DLC (

This is a somewhat common problem for people who have transferred their profiles to a newer console, and with the upcoming holiday season, there will likely be a bunch of people upgrading to an OLED or simply getting a new console. It looks easy to transfer everything at first, but when you start to play, you’ll notice that...

"Evil Twins" (Yiga counterparts) (

Everyone who has encountered a “Traveler” during their journey knows that Yiga disguise themselves as Hylians in order to trick Link into interacting with them, but did you know that these “disguises” are 1:1 clones of other, properly named NPCs that exist somewhere else in Hyrule?...

Neat Little Details about the Kochi Dye Shop (

This small, inconspicuous shop is one of my favorite examples of immersive world building in videogames. Most players probably won’t visit this shop more than once, or might be a regular customer but don’t pay attention to the finer details, but there is a LOT of small but interesting stuff to discover here....

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