BreathOfTheWild Hot

MsHearthWitch, to totk avatar

Working on a Zelda Temple...

Wait, I have a really stupid idea...

CM30, avatar

@MsHearthWitch Tears of the Kingdom explained perfectly in two sentences!

MsHearthWitch, avatar

@CM30 For real tho. It's such a magical game in that regard. I really feel like the limit in this game is my imagination/creativity and not the game itself.

MuseumShuffle, to tearsofthekingdom avatar

I just got a photos memory that showed it was one year ago that this arrived.

As someone who did not enjoy (or finish) Breath of the Wild I was really unsure if I was making a mistake buying this to play Tears of the Kingdom.

I ended up loving it and sinking an absurd amount of hours into it before finishing the main story.

alexsereno, avatar

@MuseumShuffle ooo valid, tbh my enjoyment might be tied to the fact that I abused the shit out of item duplication in TOTK because spending hours mining didn’t seem fun. Grindyness like that isn’t my cup of tea, in BOTW I could run around perfect timing with whatever weapon etc.

The engineering elements of TOTK are soooo fun though, and yes the shrines are a lot more varied.

MuseumShuffle, avatar

@alexsereno I did zero duplication!

When I look at videos of what people created in tears of the kingdom, it felt like I was looking at another game. The only things I constructed were the jankiest solutions to shrines.

saku_art, to totk
shippychaos, to totk avatar

re-playing Zelda Tears of the Kingdom and I’ve decided to try to 100% (which I’ve never tried for any game)

let’s see how quickly I abandon it

shippychaos, avatar

31.72% complete

shippychaos, avatar

35.92% complete

scribblemacher, to totk avatar

Playing last night, I was walking out of a cave at the same time one of those swarms of eyeball bats was flying in. There were torches near the entrance. I don't know what happened, but I shot an arrow into the swarm, there was a fireball then all the bats were dead and it was raining eyeballs.

mforester, avatar

@scribblemacher sounds like something right out of a Slayer song. Reigning eye balls. 😅

MuseumShuffle, to tearsofthekingdom avatar

I rolled the end credits of Tears of the Kingdom after an obscene number of hours played.

Still kind of can’t believe it considering I debated whether I should even buy the game. I didn’t finish (or enjoy) Breath of the Wild.

I had some minor quibbles but overall I loved it.

The final boss battle was a weird one. The first half was miserable but the last part was absolutely wonderful.


@MuseumShuffle that ending was so satisfying!

The it was much better than BoTW, in my opinion, a nice way to close up so many hours exploring and finding things in that world.

Can’t believe how they made it even more massive than BoTW in the same hardware. Blows my mind how polished it works

MuseumShuffle, avatar

@oscb I can finally watch all the videos I bookmarked about how people are impressed with the game engine.

Yamakyu, to totk French
Xalofar, avatar

@Xalofar Je note, j'ai pas encore fini de regarder les nouveaux trucs de la saison 👀

thatgalsilver, to tearsofthekingdom

Assuming I don’t get even more sick, I do intend on continuing to stream TOTK on Saturday, around 9PM EST! We got to Hyrule’s surface from the skies above, and stopped just after making safe landing!

I’m unsure how long I will go that night but I’m looking to keep each stream between 2-4 hours!


As a side note: I do plan on eventually having a weekday game and a weekend game. Weekend game will probably be the more taxing of the two, so eventually games like TOTK will only air on weekends. Weeknights will likely be solo Phasmophobia/classic Doom/occasional co-op if I can get some trans friends in :3

DrewNaylor, to tearsofthekingdom avatar

I'm happy with how much more stuff there is in the Tears of the Kingdom story. It may not be a whole lot, but it's way better than Breath of the Wild. Not done yet.

#TearsOfTheKingdom #BreathOfTheWild #Zelda


@DrewNaylor Oh man, the story is SO MUCH BETTER Imo. loved it

ghostatnoon, to breathofthewild
ghostatnoon avatar

New magazine background!

Gouximan, to breathofthewild French

Chose rigolote : je n'ai jamais vraiment utilisé les chevaux dans #BreathOfTheWild , préférant explorer à pied, alors que j'adore Torrent dans #EldenRing. En fait, j'adore utiliser ma grosse épée en étant sur Torrent, et faire "Slash Slash" sur les ennemis :D Ça réveille une pulsion primaire en moi dont j'ignorais l'existence.

floby, avatar

@Gouximan mais on pouvait faire slash slash dans zelda aussi non ? On peut même faire tourner sa lance infiniment.


@floby Ben oui, mais je trouvais ça moins sympa, allez comprendre. Le quotient de slashitude n'était pas assez fort pour moi.

Aday, to tearsofthekingdom

I can’t believe I’m so close to finishing #TearsOfTheKingdom! With +225 hours played (yes, I don’t want to think too much about it), I have totally gotten the most out of this game. It’s been so much fun, but I’m also ready to end it! 😁

#Zelda #TOTK #ZeldaTearsOfTheKingdom

heyfluxay, avatar

@Aday oh man, the last little bit is sooo fantastic

gedeonm, avatar

@Aday Grats! I ended recently too and I can say without reservation it was the best video game I’ve ever played.

mochichi, to breathofthewild avatar

JP/EN No Raids >< まったりハイラルお散歩。So when are we taking down another Beast?

MuseumShuffle, to tearsofthekingdom avatar

It always feels strange being a person who loves video games, but hates boss fights. I have been absolutely loving Tears of the Kingdom and have sunk a ridiculous amount of hours into it.

This final boss fight is miserable.

ryanlintott, avatar

@mattiem @MuseumShuffle I’d second this one. Hollow Knight is incredible but can also punish you so hard. I loved the exploration and difficult level traversal but the bosses were the worst.

MuseumShuffle, avatar

@ryanlintott @mattiem is it too late to ask for a refund for it?

maddog, to totk French avatar


J'ai ENFIN décidé de lâcher Tears of the Kingdom et d'en faire la critique sur Sens Critique.

Merci à tout ceux qui suivaient ma progression en pouet au fil des mois.

J'ai kiffé le jeu, évidemment.

maddog, (edited ) avatar

@Berta : manque de relecture, j'ai corrigé certaines coquilles.

maddog, avatar

@HugoTNMilan : je parle pas tant de voler dans le ciel depuis les tours que d'aller explorer les îles céleste et les crevasses.

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