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The #IndianPacific 🇦🇺 from #Sydney to #Perth via #Adelaide has got a number of Lounge Cars in its consist: perfect places to unwind, to enjoy some really good coffee ☕️ or a drink.


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Boarding the 🇦🇺 at Central. The train is almost 30 cars long. The 4,352 km long journey to , on the other end of , will last 65 hours they say. Plenty of mileage ahead then. And what a beautiful train!


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@andreaswiedenhoff 30 normal length (about 25 m) passenger cars? That is rather extreme. Are these the longest passenger trains anywhere? Or are there as long ones in Russia or China?

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@tml @andreaswiedenhoff The Ghan from Adelaide to Darwin sometimes gets longer, up to 37 carriages - almost 1km long.

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’s 🇦🇺 commuter network is not only land-based: a range of passenger ferry lines are serving neighbourhoods bordering the harbour. And the fine catamarans operating on these waterborne routes provide some nice sightseeing opportunities. 😊


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@andreaswiedenhoff Nice. I like taking the ferry over to Watson's Bay and having lunch there. Cockatoo Island is interesting too.

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The gloriousness in today pounds you directly in the apricots.

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Name a better climate than Sydney in June. You can't.

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@geordie It's May

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Early morning sees quite a number of services coming and going to and from 🇦🇺 Central. These services are usually worked by very nice trainsets that look familiar to the British traveller: their design is very close to the .


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@timrichards Hello Tim unfortunately no, I just boarded the Indian Pacific, going the other direction …

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@andreaswiedenhoff Ah nice, I've been on that train several times; you'll enjoy it. Are you spending much time in Perth?

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Good Morning from 🇦🇺 Central Station, a busy transport hub with and train services, and more. It also is a nice place for the railfan (and, I understand, a convenient one for the commuters).


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A photo I took on this date in 2022 - a slightly sinister koala on a wall at Sydney Central YHA.

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@timrichards That koala is absolutely going to steal my stuff when I go to sleep.

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@frogglin Will also steal YOUR DREAMS

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Australia's roads are "killing corridors" for biodiversity
Mobility design for extinction records

"Appin Road is known as Australia's 'killing corridor' because of the large number of endangered koalas killed on the stretch. Increased traffic on south-west Sydney's Appin Road has resulted in 32 of the endangered marsupials being killed on the notorious stretch since July 2022 – roughly half of all deaths in the district over the same period. Wildlife advocates have long referred to it as Australia's "killing corridor".

Koala in the gutter
In Bellingen, we reported about the widening of Gleniffer road to aid tourism and the timber extraction industry. Once a quiet thoroughfare, Tuckers Nob SF is now logged and clear-felled in large parts. Vehicles are enticed to speed though the once remnant forests where koalas had their home. Recently one disoriented koala was viewed in the gutter. It seems a matter of time before the speeding vehicles will knock down the last homeless marsupials.
Monopolising and overusing residential roads for the purpose of industrial extraction.
#koalas #roads #koala #ThreatenedSpecies #ExclusionFencing #Sydney
#GlenifferRoad #cars #LoggingIndustry #TheGreatKoalaNationalPark #BiodiversityCrisis #MobilityDesign #Australia #extinction makers

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New Global Hibakusha blog post:

Hybrid Lecture: How millions harmed by nuclear weapons and power have been made invisible during the Cold War and after

June 4th, in person at in and on Zoom

@sts @histodons @nuclearhumanities

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We have a wonderful pipeline of Linux Australia-auspiced events coming up for the back half of 2024, after fantastic conferences earlier in the year by the teams at #DrupalSouth in #Sydney and @everythingopen in #Gladstone

#Drupal meetups:

#KiwiPycon, brought to you in conjunction with @nzpug is on in August in #Wellington for the #Python fans

Back over the ditch, @pyconau heads to Naarm/Melbourne in November #pyconau

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Hornsby is the fifth best place to live in Australia, apparently.

At least, according to a study SGS Economics and Planning:

"Sydney's Northern beaches ranks as the highest in the nation for wellbeing, with only one Queensland city making it to the top 10, the annual index revealed today.

"The Australian Capital Territory came in second due to its low gender wage gaps, climate change risks and the division of wealth."

The study assessed 518 local council areas on seven indicators:

  • economy
  • income and wealth
  • employment, knowledge and skills
  • housing
  • health
  • equality, community and work-life balance
  • environment

The top 10 local government areas are:

  1. Northern Beaches (Greater Sydney)

  2. Australian Capital Territory

  3. North Sydney (Greater Sydney)

  4. Ku-ring-gai (Greater Sydney)

  5. Hornsby (Greater Sydney)

  6. Lane Cove (Greater Sydney)

  7. Mosman (Greater Sydney)

  8. Sutherland (Greater Sydney)

  9. Sydney (Greater Sydney)

  10. Brisbane (Greater Brisbane)


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@greg @sydney You mean the one near the station that does the freshly grilled pork banh mi?

Also, there's a few other good things about the place as well:

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I think if you shop at Davey Jones and even considers private schools you’re the sort of bougie bland person that horrifies me so haha.

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"It's going to be a bloody disaster": Tell me again about how the second road tunnel under Sydney Harbour won't make congestion worse?

"Civil engineer Les Wielinga, a former CEO at the now-defunct Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA), made the fiery comments at a NSW parliamentary inquiry into the bungled Rozelle Interchange.

"The Western Harbour Tunnel, which is under construction, will allow drivers travelling between the inner west and the North Shore to bypass the CBD.

"Entries and exits to the tunnel will lie at the Ernest Street interchange in Cammeray and near the Falcon Street interchange at North Sydney.

"'It's going to be a bloody disaster,' Mr Wielinga told the upper house committee on Friday.

"Paul Forward, another former CEO of the RTA, told the inquiry he was concerned about the project's design.

"'You've now got three motorways coming out into this short area, and whilst I would recognise there are some exit points, some off-ramps, those motorways are now all going into the Lane Cove Tunnel,' he said.

"'A large number of lanes are going into two lanes at the Lane Cove Tunnel. Sounds familiar?'"


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@erkpod @Rentlar Really hoping that opens before the Wallabies matches start this year. Getting current public transport home means at the final transport change I have to wait for busses that only come every hour, and I ALWAYS get there < 5 minutes after the last bus left.

The metro will get me close enough to home it’s just a casual stroll. And is SO much more regular at all hours.

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@ajsadauskas @fuck_cars So when are they going to have the courage to close the City West Link and most of Victoria Road through Rozelle? You shouldn't be using those "streets" unless you're local (or a bicycle).

We're halfway to solving these stroads. Let's do it.

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“The [Australian Jewish Association] calls Uni camp “Hitler youth”. There’s literally a Jewish solidarity banner there & several Jewish people in attendance. Absolutely depraved from the AJA”

DropBear, avatar

Like much that exploits Judaism these days, the AJA (Australian "Jewish" Association) is far from Jewish. It's Zionist.


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My #PhD colleague at the #ANU School of #Cybernetics, @Amirasadi, has a session up for voting at #SXSW in #Sydney about the practical implications of #AI in #HealthCare - benefits, risks, dangers - and how to enhance health without causing harm.

If you're inclined, I'd really appreciate your help in voting for his session!

(Requires login, but we all know how to use plus addressing)

Thank you in advance everyone, really appreciate it, #Mastodon family ❤️


@KathyReid, you are amazing! Thanks!

KathyReid, avatar

@Amirasadi right back at you!

KathyReid, avatar

And my colleague @1sabelR also has a session up for voting at #SXSW in #Sydney, all about the @sci_burst #podcast - please vote for her too!

KathyReid, avatar

@1sabelR @sci_burst and confirming I have voted, because it's easy to post on social media, but it's a step harder to do the thing and sign up and find the session and vote.

Good luck, Isabel!

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Free flu vaccines for people aged 18–64, Embassy Conference Centre, Chippendale, Sydney, Wed Apr 24.

#sydney #vaccine


📢 Two fully funded #PhD positions in our group, the Sydney Algorithms and Computing Theory group (SACT) at the University of #Sydney, and André van Renssen

Area: computational geometry, esp. geometric graphs, spanners, graph augmentation, and routing #algorithms

Details and how to apply:

Soft deadline: May 22 ⏰

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- Never judge based on assumptions or your political motivations!!!

Another racist fake news story from Visegrad 24.. Not a terrorist attack, not an islamist terrorist.
Bondi Westfield killer identified as Queensland man Joel Cauchi

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Fucking hell

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@jonoabroad I’m feeling a little discombobulated by it all because I was in Bondi Westfield yesterday arvo.

jonoabroad, avatar

@oberonsghost oh big hugs.

Hoping one of the boys wasn't there, nor that side of the family.

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