FBI informant charged with planting misinformation about Biden loses bid to stay out of jail (

LOS ANGELES (CN) — The FBI informant indicted on charges of giving the bureau false information about President Joe Biden and his son Hunter which was subsequently used by Republican lawmakers and pundits to try to discredit the administration lost his bid to stay out of jail....

Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg asks for gag order in Trump hush money case after dozens of threats (

Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg on Monday asked a judge to impose a limited gag order on former President Donald Trump, who is charged in New York with falsifying business records related to hush money he paid to adult film actress Stormy Daniels....

NBC Editor Posts Documentation of Nazis at CPAC after Organization Slams Report as ‘False’ (

Benjamin Goggin, NBC News’s deputy tech editor, defended his report on Nazis receiving a “friendly reception” at the recent Conservative Political Action Conference after CPAC publicly called it “false, misleading, and grossly manipulative.”...

Key figure in fake electors plot concealed damning posts on secret Twitter account from investigators | CNN Politics (

CNN — Kenneth Chesebro, the right-wing attorney who helped devise the Trump campaign’s fake electors plot in 2020, concealed a secret Twitter account from Michigan prosecutors, hiding dozens of damning posts that undercut his statements to investigators about his role in the election subversion scheme, a CNN KFile...

Western troops on the ground in Ukraine is not 'ruled out' in the future, French leader says (

French President Emmanuel Macron said Monday that sending Western troops on the ground in Ukraine is not “ruled out” in the future after the issue was debated at a gathering if European leaders, as Russia’s full-scale invasion grinds into a third year....

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