Joe Biden says climate change deniers are "Neanderthals" — that's not fair to Neanderthals (

“I’ve been [in] helicopters in the West, in the Southwest and Northwest, flown over more land burned to the ground, all the vegetation gone, than the entire state of Maryland,” Biden told his audience, partly referring to the wildfires now raging in Texas. “The idea there’s no such thing as climate change, I love that,...

“The Real White House Crime Family”: Dem Rep. Tells the GOP to Stop Wasting Time With Hunter Biden and Subpoena Jared Kushner (

While testifying during a closed-door deposition about his business dealings on Wednesday, Hunter Biden had a question for Republicans, given their apparent concern with conflicts of interest and corruption: Why are they not probing former first son-in-law Jared Kushner’s arrangement with Saudi Arabia, wherein Kushner’s...

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