I prefer Kraft parmesan cheese over DOP parmigiano reggiano

I’ve been thinking about this recently since I’ve been making a lot of pasta and I actually prefer the taste of Kraft parmesan cheese on a lot of things over the “real” parmigiano reggiano especially when it’s used as a topping eg. ceasar salad and pasta. I find that parmigiano reggiano has way too strong of a flavor...

"I will never surrender!" The third 60th anniversary special script has a lovely, unfilmed coda for Wilfred Mott (

A short while back the BBC added a batch of new/never before seen scripts to their Doctor Who database, including the 60th specials. Tucked away at the tail end of “The giggle” is an alternate ending scene featuring Wilfred Mott that the late Bernard Cribbins didn’t shoot before his demise:...

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