Police Bodycam Shows Sheriff Hunting for 'Obscene' Books at Library (

Cochran tells him about another library, where there is a “big glass room to put all those noisy teenagers in” that has a bookshelf in front of it with books she doesn’t like: “So what do you call that, sheriff? Enticing?” “Promoting,” he responds. “It’s like the old fashioned guy in the van with a bowl of...

Gangster's Body Armor (1930s) (

“Baby Face” Nelson is one of the most notorious gangsters in FBI history. He was a callous killer with a violent temper who participated in a countless number of robberies and was responsible for the deaths of three FBI agents—more than anyone in history—as well as the deaths of numerous other law enforcement officers....

I thought I would buy a 3 kg spool because lazy, don't be me.

Just thought I would quickly share what can happen if you’re not paying attention with a heavy mass spool if you’re not careful. I have all my spools on a dowel rod attached to the top of my printer enclosure and fed through an opening in the top. Never had the slightest issue with 1 kg spools, and I thought I would save a...

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