What can I do daily to improve my on-the-spot cognitive abilities?

Hey all I just came across an emergency situation irl that I felt useless in because of how slowly I was thinking. Basically it was someone getting an epileptic seizure and I had the info in my head for what to do but I did end up freezing a bit before I did anything. Really didn’t like it. The person is fine now but if I had...

Good news everyone (futurama referance) every change i have ever made to this community is being taken back because of the feedback from the community.

As always this community is run for its users and your complaints will not be falling on deaf ears so you now don’t have to mark foss or non foss or anything just be civil . Also if you have any feedback do tell and it will be taken inti consideratiom. Also please don’t ask to make this foss only community because i won’t...

Man playing music out loud on train: What are our options? [Update: Solved]

There’s a man on my train this morning, and he’s listening to stuff out loud on his phone, like fully out loud, not even slightly subtle. The train is in Britain. He keeps listening to 5 seconds of an annoying song, then switching to another song. It sort of sounds like kids TV music. He appears dressed to go work in a fancy...

Linux Laptop Gets Stuck on Black Screen After Suspending, No Way to Use Unless Restarted With Power Button

Recently bought a new laptop that comes with an AMD Radeon gpu and installed OpenSuse Tumbleweed on it which I had installed on my previous laptop as well but never had issues with suspending and resuming. However, with the new laptop, I am unable to resume after suspending or closing the lid unless I force it to shut down by...

Any LLM chat bot or image generator that is open source, privacy based and doesn't need an account or app to use it ?

I found one but after a limit you cannot use it anymore without making an account now i can surpass it by using different ip but the conversation wouldn’t go in a flow and it will get tiresome fast so if anyone know one which meets these criteria do comment ....

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