WOR: The Plan Is For TNA To Go Live

Meltzer: "One of the things they've been looking at, and it's not going to happen any time soon, but they want to go live. The idea is to go live and have a location where they would go every Thursday. And Full Sail University is one of the locations that they've talked about....and there are probably other locations as well"....

Starting all over

Last year everything just seemed to implode; I had gone through a really bad breakup after getting cheated on multiple times by my then boyfriend, so I decided to make a big change. I took a job a few hundred miles from home and upended my life for a new job, which was going to be a big opportunity for me. I was still extremely...

Cronjobs: When First Connected to Internet

Hi folks, Does anyone know how to instruct cron to carry out a command when a connection to the internet is first made after boot? I have a few jobs that only need to be done once per day and require an internet connection e.g downloading the weather forecast and my rss feeds. I’m not always connected to the internet on boot...

Is it worth buying the Mac keyboard for a dedicated Linux PC instead of the windows one?

What is your personal preference based on experience? I Assume because Mac is Unix and Linux is Unix based, it would be more suited, but I have no personal experience with the layout. I am willing to try something new if i hear enough merits for it, and I also find the windows layout somewhat inadequate(The grass is greener on...

Youtube stopped working on Firefox when signed in

Last Friday everything worked fine. Today, if I try to watch a video while signed in to Google account I can only do it with quality set to auto that then defaults to 144p or 240p. Setting quality to 360p or higher results in constant buffering like we're back in 2008 and 720p does not even start playing. Tried Firefox on my...

New to NixOS and have a question on Nix Shell

I just switched one of my systems over to NixOS from Arch and so far it seems interesting. One question I had is regarding the nix-shell. So I get the basic concept of it and that it allows creating a shell that has packages installed with that shell making ideal for dev environments. I’ve even seen talks where the suggest...

does anyone have "smart glasses"? are there any that are discreet and cannot be heard by others near you?

I was looking at “spy earbuds” but they just don’t seem too practical, even the real expensive ones I found are still disposable batteries only and I just don’t wanna drop that kind of money. I do however wear glasses and looking online I see they average about $30 for a pair of bluetooth enabled ones. My only question...

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