Quel périphérique pour une playliste musicale familiale ?

Ma femme me dit que ce serait bien d’avoir une sorte de playliste musicale qui plairait à toute la famille et accessible facilement dans le salon. Quand j’étais jeune, chacun avait constitué sont lot de CD qu’il écoutait dans sa chambre, éventuellement sur la chaîne familiale. Un peu de vinyles aussi....

Misanthropy and nihilism do not belong in politics

If you don’t care about or hate humanity, or just overall genuinely don’t believe in any chance at making a better future/life for others, and talk down anyone having any hope or progress in this world, you should not have an influence over how society should function. All this does is at best demotivate us and make us...

Looking for an illustrated guide for conversational nuance

So I’ve noticed that when in a verbal conversation I often throw in some contribution that either would be perceived as negative, or making everything about myself, or being perceived as irrelevant. I guess I am searching something like the wheel of emotions, but for conversational nuance, preferrably with examples, or a...

What are some KVM-over-IP or equivalent solutions you guys would recommend for guaranteed remote access and remote power cycle?

Currently, I have SSH, VNC, and Cockpit setup on my home NAS, but I have run into situations where I lose remote access because I did something stupid to the network connection or some update broke the boot process, causing it to get stuck in the BIOS or bootloader....

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