New contaminants emerge in the Great Lakes | The Narwhal (

Rania Hamza calls it “a coincidence” that an engineer, a biologist and a lawyer at the same Toronto university were independently worrying about the harmful substances and chemicals being flushed down Ontario’s toilets. Three years ago, after figuring out they were all interested in the same thing, the unlikely trio came...

The healing power of fire (

Gitanyow Elder Darlene Vegh drips fire onto a patch of dry leaves, moss and twigs on a ridge above Xsit’ax (Kitwanga River) on Wilp Gwaas Hlaam lands in northwest B.C. It’s a clear spring day a few weeks after the winter snowmelt exposed the forest floor. The orange light of the little flames dancing along the ground is soft...

After disaster strikes, how much is it worth to rebuild? (

Some of the most fertile land in southern B.C.’s Fraser Valley is the former lake-bed of Semá:th Xhotsa (Sumas Lake), where water has been held back for a century. The region, which once supported an ancient Indigenous food system, has been home to farms and ranches since it was drained in 1924. But during the disastrous 2021...

The little fern that could move a mine (

In the grasslands of Record Ridge near Rossland, B.C., the little mountain holly fern is gearing up for the fight of its life. The rare plant is found in just two or three other places in Canada, and favours taking root in the cracks of magnesium-rich rock. But it’s not the only one lured by the critical mineral....

A Mississauga factory is using a known carcinogen. Residents had no idea | The Narwhal (

The drive west along the 401 into Mississauga is lined with factories, box stores, furniture outlets and timber suppliers. It’s an industrial area, but also a commuters’ hub, where people from across the Greater Toronto Area come to gather at mosques, temples and weddings in splashed-out convention centres....

Ontario worried about ‘substantial’ costs to Enbridge Gas in deciding to overrule energy board: docs | The Narwhal (

When Ontario Energy Minister Todd Smith publically decried an independent regulator’s decision to force a fossil fuel giant to pay for new household gas connections, he argued it would drive up the cost of new homes and delay construction. But internally, senior officials in Premier Doug Ford’s office noted the decision...

What matters at Canada’s winter events: fossil fuel sponsors — or ice? (

As the snowman Bonhomme Carnaval frolics in front of the logo of natural gas company Énergir in Quebec City this week, it’s unlikely Carnaval de Québec revellers are thinking about the wildfire smoke that choked the province’s air much of last summer....

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