A Mississauga factory is using a known carcinogen. Residents had no idea | The Narwhal (

The drive west along the 401 into Mississauga is lined with factories, box stores, furniture outlets and timber suppliers. It’s an industrial area, but also a commuters’ hub, where people from across the Greater Toronto Area come to gather at mosques, temples and weddings in splashed-out convention centres....

Ontario worried about ‘substantial’ costs to Enbridge Gas in deciding to overrule energy board: docs | The Narwhal (

When Ontario Energy Minister Todd Smith publically decried an independent regulator’s decision to force a fossil fuel giant to pay for new household gas connections, he argued it would drive up the cost of new homes and delay construction. But internally, senior officials in Premier Doug Ford’s office noted the decision...

What matters at Canada’s winter events: fossil fuel sponsors — or ice? (

As the snowman Bonhomme Carnaval frolics in front of the logo of natural gas company Énergir in Quebec City this week, it’s unlikely Carnaval de Québec revellers are thinking about the wildfire smoke that choked the province’s air much of last summer....

We followed an old-growth detective into the forest to fact-check B.C.’s suspicious claims about the age of trees | The Narwhal (

Petryshen, who works for the conservation group Wildsight, is on a detective mission of sorts. He’s about to bushwhack into the Nagle Creek Valley, 150 kilometres north of Revelstoke, B.C., to ground-truth provincial government logging maps he obtained in May. The maps outline the government’s plans for new clearcuts in the...

‘From mountaintop to seafloor’: First Nation declares new 40,000-hectare protected area on B.C. coast (

The Ḵwiḵwa̱sut'inux̱w Ha̱xwa’mis First Nation’s Chief Rick Johnson says the move to take over stewardship of the region — once teeming with salmon and abundant old growth — is to ‘reclaim what is already ours’

Small lakes, big studies: what Ontario’s experimental lakes area teaches the world about water | The Narwhal (

Known as the Institute for International Sustainable Development Experimental Lakes Area, the 27,000-hectare area is covered in thousands of little lakes set in bedrock and bordered by thick spruce and pine forests. It’s in Treaty 3 territory, and visitors who aren’t from an Indigenous community require a permit to use the...

What will B.C. do when disaster strikes again? (

The Brooks home will never be like it was before the 2021 floods in British Columbia. Two years ago, extreme rain filled the Similkameen and Tulameen rivers. Water burst over the banks through a dike and flooded siblings Dian and Danie’s property just outside of Princeton. The two rushed to save their animals and waited for...

Canada’s wettest province faces historic drought — and a precarious new future (

I’d asked how his six-hectare Okanagan farm was faring amidst what’s shaping up to be the worst drought in B.C.’s history, expecting an answer that had something to do with water shortage. But Tumbach told me the drought wasn’t hitting his crop so directly; like most farms in the Okanagan, his irrigation water comes from...

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