Last Glacial Maximum pattern effects reduce climate sensitivity estimates (

Abstract Here, we show that the Last Glacial Maximum (LGM) provides a stronger constraint on equilibrium climate sensitivity (ECS), the global warming from increasing greenhouse gases, after accounting for temperature patterns. Feedbacks governing ECS depend on spatial patterns of surface temperature (“pattern effects”);...

Threat of mining to African great apes (

**tldr:**Green transition, like switching to electric vehicles and use renewable energy sources, requires a huge amount of minerals. One of the main sources of these minerals is African continent. Researchers found big overlapp of that mining with areas of big apes. Almost 200.000 of apes are in a risk area, based on the...

Genomic analyses correspond with deep persistence of peoples of Blackfoot Confederacy from glacial times [Open access] (

Abstract: Mutually beneficial partnerships between genomics researchers and North American Indigenous Nations are rare yet becoming more common. Here, we present one such partnership that provides insight into the peopling of the Americas and furnishes another line of evidence that can be used to further treaty and Indigenous...

Volatile communication in plants relies on a KAI2-mediated signalling pathway (

Cool paper from my field. In every plant species there’s a hormone receptor sitting there but we don’t know what the hormone is yet! Finding the ligand has become a bit of a holy grail for many researchers. This study finds an endogenous ligand for a divergent homologue of this receptor, not of much consequence to most plant...

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