iAmTheTot, to assholedesign in Google is now moderating user's bookmarks and removing them.
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Nah. If you want to be outraged at Google, at least be correct.

This has to do with Google "collections", not synced bookmarks. Afaik, collections are a thing you only access on mobile through the google app, this doesn't even have anything to do with Chrome.

If you run chrome on mobile, for example, you don't have access to the collections. It's only through the google app.

Almost certain they monitor collections because they can be shared with public.


Upvote this post to stop spreading misinformation please


I think you need to boost, not upvote. But I could be wrong.


As far as I’m aware boosting is only a kbin thing. I haven’t seen it in any Lemmy client.


Wtf is a collections?

Black_Gulaman, (edited )
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Beats me, I only use chrome if firefox cannot display the site correctly. And it’s a case to case basis at that, it has to be that I really really need to access that site.

Also i rarely use the Google apps that came with my phone. The most probably used one is Maps.

Edit : so yeah, I forgot. I’m on Android. There’s that, no escaping from them on my part. I can’t be bothered with using and installing my own phone OS.

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I’m with you. I’ve disabled some of the more intrusive system apps and Google apps, but there’s no replacement for Maps atm. The best I’ve found is OsmAnd, but it is unusable for me because there’s no way to track movement while observing the convention of north = up.


I like the maps integration with Android auto so that has to stay


Basically the Google equivalent of Pocket Reader; saves a whole bunch of links from Google News/Articles for you, Google search, and general web links. It’s not the same as your Chrome bookmarks (though at one point they were considering merging them until everyone hated it).


Ok, I just checked. My collections consist almost entirely of saved maps locations of which restaurants and tourist places I want to visit. Interesting.

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Aww man, I was hoping google was gonna clean my bookmark up for me.


My bookmarks can also be shared with the public though

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I'm not aware of a way of making your bookmarks public through chrome.


Anything on my computer can be shared with the public as well.


I’m getting really sick at the amount of misinformation that gets spread here. There’s plenty of stuff to hate Google without making shit up, and resorting to misleading titles.


Crazy that I had to scroll past 9 other comments to reach this one. Maybe I oughta start sorting comments by top.


You can access through google.com/save

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That's not a function of chrome though, I can do that on any browser.


Thats’s what I meant by posting the link, you can access it anywhere.

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Okay sure but that's not a service that google is explicitly providing and hosting on their server. Bookmarks are saved locally.


They shouldn’t be monitored either way in my opinion as it’s just a bunch of links, but especially not while still private.

Ultimately I don’t think it quite matters if it technically is bookmarks or “collections”, they seem clearly used in the same manner in this case.


Some torrent sites have been ordered to be entirely blocked in some countries so they probably have to check for them to comply with local laws.


These blocks are usually the job of the ISP’s in the country, mostly via DNS.

I don’t think a simple “collection” of URLs would ever fall under any of that.


Normally, I would fully agree with you, but well, don’t underestimate the stupidity of law makers: …mozilla.org/…/sign-our-petition-to-stop-france-f…


France is always special! It’s honestly sad that they constantly try to pull so many stupid things off.


They aren’t. They are made from links that appear in Google search results. Google is notifying the person that the link you’ve saved is being removed. Therefore it will be removed from your collection as well.


Keep licking that Google boot.

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I don't care if you're mad about it like I said. I just care about accuracy. The person in the screenshot and this thread's title are both inaccurate.


I didn’t ever indicate I was mad, I simply stated my opinion. We already know it is inaccurate as you shared this in your original comment.

KairuByte, (edited )
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Eh… the ultimate question, what if it’s a collection of CSAM links?

Some moderation is fine, especially when it can be shared pretty easily. This isn’t private bookmarks, it’s “private” bookmark collections.

Edit: For those downvoting, this is the same concept as a private Reddit/facebook community. Just because it’s “invite only” doesn’t mean it’s free from following the rules of the whole site.


CSAM is never an excuse to violate everyone’s privacy.

I hate seeing people implying that it is. It’s no better then Patriot Act B.s that took away privacy in the name of catching terrorists.

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When those links are hosted on Google servers, publicly available to anyone handed the link to them?… how is that a private space?

This isn’t reaching into your phone and checking the information you store on it, this is checking links you added and shared with others using their service. They absolutely have the right to check them.


It is a private space when they are not shared publicly

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Except that’s not how it works.

If I go into a public park, put up a tent, then start breaking the parks rules, I’m not “in the clear” just because I’m in a tent and didn’t invite anyone else in.

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This once more reminds me of the guy in Sweden who got assaulted by police, in his bed, because an American institution searched through his Yahoo mail and found pictures and videos of him and his 30 year old boyfriend and incorrectly flagged it as CSAM, and then forwarded it to Swedish authorities.

There was no justice after that. No repercussions for either the Swedish police or the American government, and no damages paid to the guy.

Could this sort of surveillance stop abuse of minors? Yeah absolutely, but at what cost?

@KairuByte@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

You’re equating a companies refusal to host links to piracy (or CSAM) and… literal assault?

@dojan@lemmy.world avatar

Yeah, absolutely. That’s literally what I said. In fact CSAM should come bundled on every single electronic device. Then it won’t be a problem anymore.

Of course not. My comment was in response to the discussion about companies going through private emails and the like (which I recognise the original post isn’t about, but that’s what this conversation turned into) and how I take issue with that. You might argue that we have no right to privacy when we use products like gmail and whatnot, which would be a fair argument if they didn’t already dominate the market.

@Piecemakers3Dprints@lemmy.world avatar

The fact that you think “privacy” existed even then is telling. The only thing that changed in that regard with the so-called Patriot BS is whether the gov’t could do it without the guile that otherwise had been SoP for decades. 🤦🏼‍♂️

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I call them human parrots, they like to repeat words or phrases that they do not understand or lack full understanding to get the approval of their caretakers and receive treats.



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Words used to have meaning, you know. Like, for example, the word “private”.

@KairuByte@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

Private has various meanings in various contexts. If I take you to the private booth at a club, does it mean I’m allowed to slap around the waiter? No, of course not because rules still apply in private places hosted by a third party.

If you want privacy in the context you explicitly mean, you shouldn’t be using anyone else’s hardware to begin with. If you expect any third party company to be fine with posting anything on them, you’re gonna have a bad time.

For example, how many lemmy instances are fine with you direct linking to piracy torrents?

@ddnomad@infosec.pub avatar

I’d not expect the private booth to have the club’s employee sitting there and waiting for me to do something that is against the rules preemptively.

We mostly argue about semantics, but in this instance you are trying to excuse some very questionable behaviour by companies by saying something along the lines of “well you better go and live in a forest then”. And I don’t think that’s a good take.

For example, how many Lemmy instances are fine with you direct linking to piracy torrents?

Irrelevant, as all content on Lemmy is public in a proper sense of this word.

@KairuByte@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

Irrelevant, as all content on Lemmy is public in a proper sense of this word.


How many file hosting services let you share pirated data, publicly?

Before you start in on “it’s not the same” it absolutely is. It’s private data, which is being shared through a link publicly. Just like bookmark collections.

And once that file has been identified as piracy, it is very often fingerprinted and blacklisted from not only that instance, but all instances past, present and future.

That’s essentially what is going on here.

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Scary illigal content here

I guess we test and see whether I get banned.

Also, it’s not the same. A link to a website is not “pirated content”. A link to a website in a “collection” not shared with anybody is not publicly available pirated content.

Why would Google preemptively ban a set of characters that does not constitute a slur and is perfectly legal to exist?

@LinkOpensChest_wav@beehaw.org avatar

Scary illigal content here


@KairuByte@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

Why would Google preemptively ban a set of characters that does not constitute a slur and is perfectly legal to exist?

Because they can? Unless your argument is that a third party site should be forced to allow anything that isn’t illegal, or a slur, I’m not really following your train of thought here.

@ddnomad@infosec.pub avatar

My point is that you should not excuse big corporations for clearly overstepping their bounds when it comes to moderation (as in “minority report” style moderation).

For Google, it would probably be even cheaper to only check URLs in collections that were shared with anybody, at a point the owner attempts to share them. Instead, they preemptively hide them from you, because “this set of characters offends us”.

This is something people should be angry about, not find an excuse for.

@KairuByte@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

This is a publicly shared collection, which has been shared with someone.

Are you not familiar with how the collection system works?

This isn’t your browsers bookmarks being synced between browsers, this is a collection shared among others.

You’re literally describing what is more than likely happening in the photo. 🤦🏻‍♂️

@ddnomad@infosec.pub avatar

Open the link and read the thread, the author is not aware of this “collection” being shared publicly.


Yup. As an analogy, we rent apartments but that doesn’t revoke our right to privacy. We’ve decided people deserve privacy even if they’re only renting and not owning. Same should be true when one is renting space online to store things.

yukichigai, to memes in Defediverse
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Yes, let's enter discussion with the literal Nazis so we can try to understand them. There might be nuance to their calls for mass genocide.

Fuck off OP.


HiTlEr WaSn'T aLl BaD


Hitler wasn’t all bad. After all, he did kill Hitler.

ZILtoid1991 avatar

Only a good Hitler with a gun can stop a bad Hitler doing genocide.


Well, the Red Army did that.


Just ignore the genocides perpetuated by the Soviets…


If you want to ignore that for some reason you can, but the point is it wasn’t Hitler that stopped Hitler from commiting genocide. It was losing the war.


The Red Army definitely did not singlehandedly win that war. They were even on Hitler's side to start with.



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  • jarfil,

    He didn’t even want to kill all those people, he only wanted to exploit them and then deport everyone to Africa… but the Allies wouldn’t let him conquer enough Africa for all of them, so what was he to do? Killing then wasn’t even his idea, it was Reinhardt’s! He just signed it…

    (do I put an /s? it’s historically correct…)

    yukichigai avatar

    There is a block button. You don’t have to scream for daddy Admin every time someone says something stupid. I, for one, want to call them out, not keep everyone from my instance from interacting with them.

    IHeartBadCode avatar

    every time someone says something stupid

    Here's a philosophical topic called emergence. Every "one" thing said by an idiot is one thing, but when pretty much every other comment becomes some asshole saying ignorant things it suddenly is something entirely different.

    I saw the very early Internet (mid-80s) and what happened when you gave people benefit of the doubt. There's been no demonstration that anyone has changed. So fuck those stupid assholes, the Internet is vast they can go carve out their own thing. That's the nice thing, they have every tool to make their own LOLverse. But they don't because they don't want to suck each other's dick, they want to be an ass to everyone else. Just as it was the case with talk.*

    Same as it was, same as it ever will be. I for one am glad this time around people are being proactive. It shows that some have actually learned something.


    You forgot the “except for Nazis” part. No one wants more nazis except nazis and they can fuck off.


    You are advocating for nazis. Fuck off.

    yukichigai avatar

    Yes, let's give the Nazis a platform to spew their bullshit. It's entirely so we can laugh at them and completely could not possibly lead to them continuing to propagate their message of hate. /s

    Fuck off. Fuck off as far as anyone has ever fucked off before, then dream the impossible dream and fuck off even further.

    Quacksalber, (edited )

    I don’t even trust you to properly define what a nazi is. People are calling Hexbar users Nazis, they are calling Lemmygrad users Nazis, and they call the lemmy.ml admins Nazis as well. Just because you say they are nazis doesn’t mean I agree with you.

    yukichigai avatar

    What, is it only Nazism if it's from the Reichstag region of WWII Germany, and otherwise it's just Sparkling Fascism?

    Maybe ask yourself why it is that when someone explicitly denounces Nazis you feel personally offended.


    The Reichstag Region of WWII Germany, eh?

    Like...from the Brandenburger Tor then?
    I get what you are trying to say but to a German this is unnecessarily reductive gobbledygook.

    yukichigai avatar

    this is unnecessarily reductive gobbledygook

    SelfAwareWolves material right here.


    Wait... What? So I'm a Nazi or something who didn't realize what they are because I told you that "the Reichstag region" is an ignorant thing to say when it comes to Nazis since the building itself is a sign of democracy and still seat of the German parliament? It burning was literally used by the Nazis to reduce democratic powers in Germany. You used the word because you happen to know it and it sounds all harsh and German to you.


    Besides: De-Federating is a mistake. That'll lead to them reinforcing their bullshit unchallenged inside of their echo chambers and draw in everyone who comes by and stays long enough. That's exactly what strengthens the AFD in Germany or certain religious groups in the US. The only chance you have against them is engaging them and hack off little chips of their construct of lies and hatred until it hopefully collapses.

    De-federating so you don't see them and then pretending that solves anything is like throwing a blanket on a unexploded bomb that has slammed into your bedroom: You can pretend it's not there all your want, until one day where the cover is being lifted rather radically.


    Exploding-heads no longer exists because they got defederated by everyone

    yukichigai avatar

    On the contrary, deplatforming works very well. In the wake of Reddit banning FatPeopleHate and CoonTown the Georgia Institute of Technology did a study on walling off and removing "safe spaces" for bigots:

    Working from over 100M Reddit posts and comments, we generate hate speech lexicons to examine variations in hate speech usage via causal inference methods. We find that the ban worked for Reddit.

    More accounts than expected discontinued using the site; those that stayed drastically decreased their hate speech usage—by at least 80%. Though many subreddits saw an influx of r/fatpeoplehate and r/CoonTown “migrants,” those subreddits saw no significant changes in hate speech usage.

    In other words, other subreddits did not inherit the problem.

    Banning an entire bigoted instance from yours, i.e. defederating, will accomplish the goal of reducing and removing bigoted behavior from your instance.


    Yes, it worked for the platform. It didn't make the bigots go away. They just withdrew. No one actually changed their mind by being banned. They will just move to ever smaller platforms until they land on a platform where they are the only crowd and there they will keep reinforcing each other, leading to more radicalization.

    That's exactly what I said: defederating will make the problem invisible to you, but the hateful bigots will still exist.


    I’m tired of people thinking that racists and bigots and morons deserve a warm shoulder to vent to. It isn’t anyone’s responsibility to make someone be something they aren’t, and it’s really suspicious anytime someone tells you that you should be nice, or hear out, or let join people that hold disgusting views.


    I'm not saying anything of the sort.


    “ The only chance you have against them is engaging them and hack off little chips of their construct of lies and hatred until it hopefully collapses.”

    That’s exactly what you’re saying.


    I didn’t make the time, but I appreciate you illustrating the point I was making.


    They will become more radical, but they will be prevented from radicalizing others. When normal people encounter the now hyper-radicalized members of the deplatformed groups, they will tend to write them off as the crazed radicals that they are.

    Convince those who you can. Exile those who are too far gone. Doing the opposite in either instance is harmful.


    Grow the fuck up and accept the fact you’re not wanted. Instance admins are allowed to associate with who they want. You are not owed anyone else’s time and attention simply because you exist.

    Also, has anybody reported this guy yet?


    What besides you reading assumptions into what I'm saying makes you think I'm... Whatever you seem to think I am?


    A tankie. We think you are a tankie.


    A... What now?

    Doesn't matter. What does matter is the weird line if reasoning "you suggest approaching the problem of dealing with people that harm society differently than I would have done, so you must be one of 'them'"

    Besides, you read some bullshit into whatever you wanted because you seem to deem it impossible that someone who has different ideas from your's is not automatically a dog whistling bigot in disguise.

    Look at my post history and tell me what would back your "talkie" theory up. Why would I need all the hidden meanings and secret agendas I'm supposed to have?

    Discussions are getting nowhere when everyone is just assuming and insinuating the shit out if everyone else instead of talking about the stuff that was said at face value.

    yukichigai avatar

    Why is it every instance admin's responsibility to fix bigots? What is it about running a Lemmy instance that obligates people to actively work to find the one glimmer of redeeming quality in these human septic tanks? Why should the targets of their hatred have to do all the work to avoid being victimized?

    Well it isn't, nothing does, and they shouldn't. Bigots are the ones in the wrong here, and kicking them out works plenty well. Bigots spread by being given platforms. Take away even one of those and it lessens the spread.

    "We shouldn't have echo chambers" is just propaganda from bigots who were upset that their soapboxes got taken away. Stop falling for it.

    @Fried_out_Kombi@lemmy.world avatar

    It’s funny how people always use play it like “oh, it’s just differing opinions” when what they’re actually defending is indefensible malarkey like nazis and tankies. They know if they made a meme saying we should “try to understand” nazis and tankies, they’d be downvoted to oblivion. And so they hide behind a shield of “differing opinions”.

    These cretins have a right to post nazi and tankie shit on their own instances – them’s the beauty of the fediverse. But I also have a right to not want hate speech, genocide denial, and Hitler/Stalin/Mao simps polluting my feed. It’s not mere “differing opinions” when one person’s opinion is “Holodomor didn’t happen, and if it did, the Ukrainians deserved it” or “Holocaust didn’t happen, and if it did, the Jews deserved it” or whatever apologia they wanna peddle.

    @Gormadt@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

    Preaching facts right here friend

    I bloody hate fascist

    yukichigai avatar

    It’s funny how people always use play it like “oh, it’s just differing opinions” when what they’re actually defending is indefensible malarkey like nazis and tankies. They know if they made a meme saying we should “try to understand” nazis and tankies, they’d be downvoted to oblivion. And so they hide behind a shield of “differing opinions”.

    There's an actual term for this: Motte and Bailey. One of many hallmarks of disingenuous shitbirds.


    Another horseshoe theory take… Last I checked the “tankies” saved everyone from the Nazis. Let’s equate genocidal/colonial violence to defend capital, with the efforts to establish socialism. LOL


    Last I checked the “tankies” signed a non-aggression pact with the Nazis and only became a reluctant ally because they were betrayed.


    I can’t read the first link as it’s behind a paywall. The second link talked about how Roosevelt tried to establish cordial relations with the Soviet Union but was hampered by their refusal to acknowledge debts owed by the Tsarist government, refusal to stop spreading propaganda within the US, and the killing of Leningrad Communist party boss Sergey Kirov which " launched the first of the “Great Purges” that led to the death or imprisonment of millions of Soviet citizens as the Stalinist regime liquidated any potential critics of the government. The wide scope and public nature of the purges horrified both American diplomatic personnel stationed in the Soviet Union, and the world at large."

    Gee I wonder why the USSR had such a tough go at getting allies…


    Oppressive nations tend to have powerful armies.

    Nobody is defuting that the USSR fought off the Nazis and had the biggest hand in their destruction.

    But just because they fought a great evil, doesnt mean they were " the good guys". It just means they fought a great evil.

    @Fried_out_Kombi@lemmy.world avatar

    But just because they fought a great evil, doesnt mean they were " the good guys". It just means they fought a great evil.

    Exactly! You can’t just divide the world into “fought against the Nazis” and “didn’t fight against the Nazis” and use that as your entire basis of morality. By that same logic, America is the Good Guys™ and has absolutely zero neo-Nazi problems because they destroyed Imperial Japan and fought against the Nazis, right?

    It’s completely possible to fight against the Nazis and still be evil yourself (cough cough Stalin), or the reverse where the Finns technically cooperated with the Nazis, but only because the USSR was literally doing a colonialism against Finland and the Nazis happened to be the only ones fighting the USSR at the time.

    Morality and history are not black and white, despite these lemmygrad users’ naked attempts to coerce them into being such.


    “Better than Hitler” is really, REALLY not a great flex


    Careful where you speak such truths friend, the Pronoun Patrol would’ve thrown you to the gulags if it was in their instance.


    Found the tankie


    Oh look, tankie horseshit. How many millions died as a result of “efforts to establish socialism”? So why don’t you shove that disingenuous bullshit up your ass.

    wombatula, (edited )

    Yes the angry internet trolls on Hexbear saved everyone from the Nazis, thank you Hexbear for winning WW2 for the world what would we ever do without them.

    You realize that to someone that isn’t a terminally online political extremist you sound like those dumb Americans that try and claim the moon landing as their own accomplishment right? Your pasty ass has nothing to do with the brave soldiers that fought the Nazis, and I doubt those badasses would think much of some kid screaming into a computer about why liberals are bad.

    @Fried_out_Kombi@lemmy.world avatar

    Tankies != communists

    Tankies are the insufferable fascists who take on a red aesthetic. There are plenty of great leftists, commies, and progressives who don’t deny the Uyghur genocide or Holodomor or simp for Russia and the CCP. I’m not a communist myself (nor am I a capitalist for that matter), but I’ve got nothing against non-tankie communists aside from economic disagreements. Tankies I do have issue with, as should anyone who gives a rat’s ass about the working class and basic human rights.

    Also, lol at that Stalin profile pic. Literally fetishizing a genocidal dictator who betrayed the working class and murdered millions of innocents.


    Would you mind giving me some names of people who belive in this so-called “genocide” of the Uyghurs (who the rest of China has helped lift up as with the other groups in reality)who are communists?


    I’ve been successfully reporting troll-accounts and got them banned, I’ve blocked entire communities (mostly some niche-nsfw communities, so they don’t turn up in my local feed on my lemmynsfw.com-account). And I’ve found most community-moderators reeeeeeaaaaally don’t like fascists on their turf and if you see something and report something, most will get the boot.

    This meme presents a false choice, defederation is not the only sane reason to choose (because understanding and/or engaging nazis is decidedly not sane).

    Once an entire instance is gone though… defederate like there’s no tomorrow.


    Right… So thinking that the Tzar’s invasion of Ukraine is unjustified is Nazi shit. Thinking that the Holodomor was a genocide is Nazi shit. Cuz that’s what ur tankie buddies called me. This is what OP was referencing to.

    yukichigai avatar

    My dude, just today we had Neo-Nazis berating people outside Disney World about the supremacy of the white race and the need to eliminate all LGBTQ people. "Literal Nazi" isn't some coded terminology that takes a PhD in Cryptography to decipher. There are no hidden meanings here.

    gentleman, to kbinMeta in lemmy.ml is no longer shadowbanning kbin.

    @blightbow Thanks. I appreciate the work that the admins here do. Kbin-social is a nice landing pad for this reddit refugee. That said, I don't have an interest in posting to lemmy.ml because they seem to be a bunch of tankies, which is being generous. The question in my mind is why kbin-social hasn't returned the favor and banned them as well as their gulag archipelago instance?

    @Thteven@lemmy.world avatar

    You’re thinking of lemmygrad.ml

    Lemmy.ml is pretty diverse as far as I’m aware.

    Xathonn avatar

    Doesn't the .ml stand for marx and lenin?

    livus avatar

    That's the rumour.

    It's technically the domain for Malawi, who operate a free domain name scheme.

    But apparently those devs picked it because of Marx Lenin.

    brainfreeze avatar

    Thank you for this! I've been wondering what it was but didn't care enough to look it up.


    It stands for Marxism-Leninism, which other people would call Communism.

    -spam- avatar

    Diverse but still full of tankies.

    Alexmitter avatar

    Those are the same people.


    I think you all conflate the admins with the userbase. Lemmy.ml has a lot of regular users & communities. In that sense you would have to blanket block all Lemmy instances in general.

    Alexmitter avatar

    A community and its direction is though largely depending on the Admins.
    Just recently some tankie posted a "meme" on "meme" that just casually tried to claim the Rothschild Family was intertwined with western media and because of that western media bad, just the casual antisemitism. And the Admins did not care.


    I can guarantee you that the majority of Lemmy.ml users have absolutely no clue about the political views of their admins. There's a reason why Lemmy.ml is so much larger than Lemmygrad.ml.

    And I've seen stupid conspiracy shit on kbin and lemmy.world as well.


    The issue is not whether there is some individual occasion where some individual person posts "conspiracy shit."

    The issue is whether admins act on user reports of blatant anti-semitism.

    BaroqueInMind avatar

    Browsing any Lemmy instance is like swimming in a public pool and saying only the other half of it is filled with piss and this part is fine...

    Lemmygrad and lemmy.ml are both run by the same developers and occupied by the same users: tankies and people who are pro CCP apologists.

    Madison_rogue avatar

    PSA: All public swimming pools are filled with piss.


    It used to be filled with stingrays and Aids, so piss is tad bit better

    blightbow avatar

    Pretty much this. It still gets a lot of flack for being operated by the developers of Lemmy, but there are a large number of users and communities that exist on lemmy.ml for no other reason than it being one of the larger original instances. Most operators of high-volume instances are unlikely to take action against lemmy.ml unless a situation develops that gives them no other choice.

    sparseMatrix avatar



    I too tried to flee reddit for lemmy.ml, over a year ago now - and found it to be a far worse clusterfucked shitstorm than reddit ever was, and I mean that ideologically, philosophically, politically, and morally.

    I just didn't go back until the current exodus, mainly because I was trying to see if the account still worked, and it had been lost/purged/banned whatever

    fuck those guys and the horse they rode in on, then far as I'm concerned, they can ride it back out of here wet.

    Might as well federate with facebook.


    ...then far as I'm concerned, they can ride it back out of here wet.

    This was the most anachronistic American Southwestern burn I've yet seen on any internet comment thread to date. I can nearly hear the spitoon at the end.

    I know it sounds like I'm making fun of it, but I genuinely am not. Marvelous


    Return the favor and...not ban them? Because this thread is explaining that it was a bug and has been fixed, meaning no shadowban is occurring anymore....

    user224, to programmerhumor in Frontend vs backend

    A highly compatible design with no ads, unnecessary images, videos, animations, scripts that goes straight to point delivering you exactly the information you need and nothing else? Something that’s easily accessible even with old feature phones allowing older people to get information easily?
    Simply something that loads instantly and just works?

    Who would want that?


    Did not get the joke did you ?


    Are you trying to make a joke? Or did you not get that the comment you replied to is also a joke?


    Do we use whoosh here on lemmy or that is something from the past?


    c/whoosh ?


    No u


    No one who is going to pay you wants that. All they care about is user engagement.



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  • ErwinLottemann,

    basic responsiveness to support most devices

    Dude, that is the mother of responiveness. It literally supports all the devices.

    @tetha@feddit.de avatar

    Entirely true.

    I’m currently working on a little project that’s interesting to me (a low-spoiler walkthrough system for adventure games) and after a lot of back and forth, I decided to cut all of JS out of the picture. Just get rid of all of it, and do good old 90s server-side rendered HTML with modern CSS placed on top of it.

    And that’s, honestly, a joy. The first draft of a page looks like the first screenshot, then you add some semantic classes to the html and throw some simple CSS at it and it looks acceptably neat. And I could get rid of so much janky toolchain I just fail to understand.



    @Dasnap@lemmy.world avatar

    Frontend: “Come on, this needs at least some flair. This isn’t the 90s.”

    Throws React at it


    Get outta of here !


    @vox@sopuli.xyz avatar

    yeah, just css is enough.
    you don’t need js unless you need to fetch data dynamically.
    you can do all of your animations, dropdowns and transitions in css.
    like this menu i made. no js in sight.


    also fully accessible and you can tab right into it without clicking enter or whatever
    (and respects prefers-reduced-motion)


    React ugh, everybody is using NextJs these da- …oh, what’s that? We’ve moved on already?

    Gradually_Adjusting, to memes in sToP pOsTiNg pOliTicAl mEmEs!!!
    @Gradually_Adjusting@lemmy.world avatar

    We live during a critical point in history, and I am determined to laugh at it

    Tigbitties avatar

    Nailed it. This is my new motto.


    We live during a critical point in history, and I am determined to laugh at it in a society

    Viking_Hippie, (edited )
    • fascism is on the rise across the world
    • Climate change has finally caught up with us in a big way with politicians still doing almost nothing to stop it or even slow it down
    • peaceful protesters are being labeled as terrorists and sometimes murdered while ACTUAL terrorists are protected by cops and half of the ruling elite
    • income and wealth inequality and thus poverty are worse than they have been since the great depression and it’s only getting worse faster and faster
    • the financial elite and their imitators are profiteering away people’s ability to survive and people are blaming it on the government spending money to help keep the victims of said profiteering alive
    • there’s a war in Europe where the rich countries care about it and the political alliance that the aggressor belongs to has just expanded to consist of countries containing half of the people in the world
    • the least bad realistic option for US President is an octogenarian who entered politics before the invention of the pocket calculator and thinks the solution to police brutality is to throw money at cops
    • the other realistic option is the career criminal grifter leader of a Christofascist cult, who is also a malignant narcissist, a sociopath and as bright as Greenland in December

    This isn’t regular society, this is multiple crises piled on top of each other and about to explode into even worse catastrophe.


    I too think a revolution is coming.


    You don’t. It’s a time like any other and nothing will change anyways.

    @Gradually_Adjusting@lemmy.world avatar

    I hear the view from orbit is rather pretty. Is Hadfield there?


    You can laugh or you can cry. Personally, I choose both.

    @Gradually_Adjusting@lemmy.world avatar

    It’s called horrormirth, and it’s a Discordian tradition.


    All Hail Eris.

    All Hail Discordia.

    atlasraven31, to RedditMigration in The numbers for the r/mildlyinteresting vote haven't been openly available and I think that they are important to spread.

    Yup. Keep up the pressure.

    BuddhaBeettle avatar

    Don't really need or want my data during my time in reddit, but it was an easy form to fill, and I spent years making it (although not as many as some of those 10+ year-old accounts), and if it is a pain in the butt for them to send then screw it, its mine and I want it.


    11+ years, ran shreddit, stuff keeps popping up, sent request to see what's left.

    BolexForSoup, to assholedesign in Google deleted an open source app I love (install from F-Droid) for being "Fake"
    BolexForSoup avatar

    This is why the Web Integrity API is terrifying to me.


    Yeah and imagine if Google decided they don’t like your small business and ruins your livelihood overnight.

    In no time you’ll lose your house to a bank, all because a company that you have little association with chose to.

    BolexForSoup avatar

    I can’t even imagine what pernicious elements they can add to it to bog down someone’s website too. They don’t even have to introduce it on purpose, if it’s just a byproduct they can shrug and not worry about it. It’s shocking how much traffic you lose if your website takes three seconds to load.

    Everyone should switch to Firefox/Mullvad

    Haus, to memes in Not sure how the girl's skin tone is relevant, but apart from that...
    Haus avatar

    Basing your opinions on socialism on how Russia implemented it makes about as much sense as basing an opinion on Democracy on how Putin has implemented it.


    This entire thread is based on this. If comments are truthful.


    Legit question, what country is a better real world example?


    Cuba, Vietnam, Allende’s Chile perhaps, but it’s not like any are perfect. There’s a wide range of socialist approaches used in different countries around the world though.

    Moderate socialist governments effectively weren’t allowed to exist, the US sponsored fascist coups and did whatever they could to remove them. So the ones that were able to survive had to be more extreme, autocratic, and isolationist.


    If your looking for modern day examples, the zapatistas are a pretty good example.

    For historical examples you can look to the Paris commune, civil war Barcelona, the original zapatista movement.


    1936 Catalonia.

    But it is actually really hard to name examples. This video explains it quite well: www.youtube.com/watch?v=3D4l_l1MedQ


    Saved for later. Thank you!


    Communism, like capitalism, is an extreme that has certain, very difficult to achieve, requirements. Capitalism needs everyone to be morally decent in order for companies to focus on winning customers through innovation instead of propganda and lobbying, and to accept losses instead of whining. Even the transition into communism is incredibly complicated and technically what where the USSR was stuck, and once there you have to hope that the rest of the world went along with it because it’ll work either on increbily small scales(individual companies, for example) or on a global scale but not really on a mid-sized scale. Plus in both you have basic greed and people who are literally just born narcissitic or legitimately psychotic.

    Extreme ideologies are great thought experiments but rarely have any kind of well-developed protections built and are pretty fragile.

    If you want a better answer, look at the quality of life in countries with stronger regulations and more communism-according-to-North America systems. In the heavily privatised U.S. there are a lot of people who live absolutely shit lives due to an abyssmal lack of protections. Even in Canada, which is far too close to the U.S. here, at least a homeless person can recieve some level of medical assistance including major surgeries and Covid stimulus was more than a cheap joke.



    Canada’s medical assistance for the homeless is becoming just offer them an assisted suicide.


    Fact check: True

    Source: Parent’s friend went through MAID a month ago because they couldn’t get a job.


    That’s a cute meme, but not true at all. Canada spends a lot of money on health care for the homeless. In fact, the current system of NOT spending enough on basic shelter and mental health & addiction supports means that we spend far more than we should on emergency care and downstream health-related consequences.

    There is widespread agreement among those who work in social services that some form of supervised, humane institutional living is needed if we are going to solve the homelessness problem. There is hesitation to implement that because it is extremely expensive and politically fraught.

    More importantly, if we are being honest, housing people in decent conditions for free would create a huge amount of competition with private sector landlords, retirement homes, long-term care homes, etc. Unfortunately, the “system” implicitly uses the threat of homelessness or squalid accommodations as a major lever to motivate people to work at jobs that are not very stimulating. Mind you, human nature being what it is, I think the same would ultimately be true under any economic system or form of government.

    At least until our robotic AI overlords invent an unlimited energy source and take over the tedious work so we can all sit around doing whatever pleases us, lol.

    Omega_Haxors, (edited )

    Canada’s idea of dealing with the homeless is to send cops after them and then subsidize rental housing. Because that’s worked so far…

    @muad_dibber@lemmygrad.ml avatar

    How the USSR implemented socialism was pretty great in practice, the real history of it has just been hidden from you behind the thick fog of cold-war anticommunist propaganda.

    Here’s a good intro video: Michael Parenti - Reflections on the overthrow of the USSR

    @teft@startrek.website avatar

    Anyone mentions soviets suck and the tankies come out of the woodwork.

    “USsR was just misunderstood. Swearsies.”

    @Catfish@lemmygrad.ml avatar

    Learn to have a conversation.


    Yellow Parenti is best Parenti


    A lot of people don’t realize that the Soviet Union was seen as a bastion of democracy before the cold war, because it genuinely got a lot right.

    In fact, it was democratic to a fault. Ultimately it was the people who voted to bring capitalism into the country. It was all downhill from there.

    isaachernandez, to assholedesign in Google is now moderating user's bookmarks and removing them.
    @isaachernandez@lemmy.world avatar

    Get. Away. From. Google.


    It’s really that simple for much of their products. I really don’t understand why people still insist on using chrome, in particular. Google is a horrible company that would literally sell you into slavery if it was legal and they thought it’d boost their ad business somehow.


    Part of the problem is that Google has an entire ecosystem that is ridiculously useful and is designed to hook people and keep them around. And once they’re hooked it’s really hard to move away from, even if it’s in their best interest.


    Everyone says Apple’s walled garden is a problem.

    Google built something far more insidious. higher walls but glass, no garden just a swamp of ads.


    They are all part of the same walled shit hole disguised in a veneer of shiny new products and empty promises.


    Sure. It’s just funny to watch people pick Google because Apple is bad.

    At least Apple isn’t selling every price of your data to advertisers.

    Apple hatred is mostly people who have never used it.

    Everyone has used Google.

    Google is inarguably worse but people get religious about it. As long as they can think of one thing Google does better, they will justify the abuse.

    Sort of like republican voters.


    Apple is almost certainly selling your data, perhaps not to same extent as Google, but personal data is literally these companies biggest commodity.


    Yep. That’s the justification I was talking about.

    People have a blindness to Apple so they let Google take their data.


    Google has lots of problems but “a walled garden” it absolutely is not.

    There’s an open source version of Android with hundreds of forks.

    There’s an open source version of Chrome with dozens of forks.

    You can install literally any APK you want on Android without any workaround shitfuckery, rooting or jailbreaking.

    All Google apps are available on iOS and MacOS.

    People use Google products because, from a pure user standpoint, they’re a compelling option.

    You can sign up for a Google Workspace account and have virtually everything you need to run a business at a compelling price. And it all works quite well.

    None of that means they aren’t using their domination nefariously but it sure as shit is not a walled garden.


    This reads like a Google ad. I know you’re not a Google marketing shill. They don’t need it. Their users will justify their own choice to the point their literally lose the scope of the thread.


    Not so much a Google ad as it is shitting on Apple

    @doublejay1999@lemmy.world avatar

    Meth is useful for keeping me awake but I still don’t use it