This is not ok (lemmy.ml)

Saw this today and now I’m reconsidering if Boost is right for me. I’m really hoping this is shitty boiler plate that was accidentally copied and over looked because that is some bullshit to say “unless we decide we want to use your personal data for whatever we want”....

The Spotify Car Thing cost $100, but I can't use it anymore. (lemmy.ml)

EDIT: The only reason why I still had it at this point was because I could use it with other apps. However, now that my Spotify Subscription is cancelled, it doesn’t work with anything. It’s mildly infuriating because today, I can’t still use it with other apps like I was able to yesterday....

TIL lemmy.ml is a pro-authoritarian CCP shill instance (lemmy.ml)

For all the newcomers that aren’t aware, I just stumbled upon this insane drama. Apparently lemmy.ml is the result of a reddit sub ban of a bunch of pro-china bots who vigorously defend the Chinese government, and the two top admins are also the top devs of the Lemmy source software. Pretty terrible stuff!...

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