NotAPenguin, to leftymemes in White veganism

This just seems like a bunch of straw-man arguments?

There's vegan fur and leather alternatives which aren't just plastic.
Actual fur and leather are also terrible for the environment.

No vegans are yelling at indigenous hunters or saying that people of color should be exploited, using other people's suffering as an excuse to hurt animals yourself is silly.

Have you ever actually seen a vegan go after indigenous people? Or have you just seen people complaining about nothing like in this tweet?

Why spend so much time and energy trying to undermine veganism for no good reason?
We're simply asking you to not needlessly exploit animals.

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  • Alexstarfire,

    Damn, tell us how you really feel.

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    These "not all men" typs sure love proving they're exactly the kind of man we're talking about..



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    Fantastic, the trash taking itself out! Wouldn't want to risk slight discomfort, such a fragile ego couldn't take it anyway..



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    Go fuck yourself ableist scum

    SamXavia, to leftymemes in There is no "trans debate" you're just transphobic
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    @MemeCollector This made we feel super supported, thank you.

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    Crow, to linuxmemes in Chad Linux user avatar

    If I want to break my computer I should be able to break my computer!

    Jeom, avatar

    task managers creator added a function to kill the entire pc. but people reported it as a bug and someone else at Microsoft removed it


    I also use youtube

    DmMacniel, avatar

    Dave Plummer is a fricking legend!


    Trying to de-bloat KDE feels like a game of chicken. Whichever K-application I try to uninstall, I get a prompt asking me to confirm if I want to uninstall a plethora of important-sounding kde packages. It gambles on me not knowing which "kde-[...]" packages are vital for KDE Plasma to run, so I don't take the chance on uninstalling the email client, multimedia programs etc.

    ricdeh, avatar

    I mean, yes, it might sound a little bit silly, but it is actually simply about the right to make use of the tech you own in the way you see fit, which should be a fundamental freedom AND right. It's the Windows users that look ridiculous from any sane perspective, though I try not to judge people based on their choice of OS lol


    Except if you try to use dolphin file-manager as root … fail. I’m still annoyed at Martin Graeslin for forcing that change.

    Yes, I know it is simple to patch out. But that would mean I need to recompile dolphin after every update, and assume responsibility for keeping any metapackage that uses it up to date too. Blegh.


    That's right! By worshipping the almighty penguin he gives us the power to make our expensive computers into useless novelty items.

    TechyShishy avatar

    Look, if we want to spend 6 hours rebuilding our MBR/GPT, bootsector, and efi partition from scratch, using our grandfather's butterfly, we should be allowed to. Insert angry xkcd here.


    There's always a relevant XKCD, isn't there?

    This reminds me of my favorite (slightly off topic)

    TechyShishy avatar

    Although honestly, these days we could probably do it in about 2 minutes, blindfolded, with our hands tied behind our backs. Damn, the tools have gotten better, haven't they?


    This is a fact and a half. Ihave been using linux on and off for a headless Minecraft server. Vanilla Debian. Yesterday I decided to load up the latest Ubuntu lts, to run stable diffusion. My first end user linux install in ages. And it was a 15 minute seamless experience. From boot ISO to running a normal functioning desktop. Add another hoiur and stable diffusion was up and running. A far cry from building slackware from, from source, in the early 2000s. It truly is amazing when we consider what has been achieved.


    Don’t worry, there’s still Gentoo and LFS if you’re a Linux masochist.


    That could be fun. I am just amazed at how far the ecosystem has come. Just for kicks I tried getting steam up and running and got fallout 76 running through their compatibility tools in no time i knew the steam deck pushed that along, but did not realise exactly how far it has been pushed. Itay be time to give it a run again as a daily driver.

    CyberEgg, to memes in A $9 investment

    That just seems to be a bad idea, too. Clothing can’t be produced fairly, safely and sustainable for that price


    In theory they could be used clothes that cost more initially, although in this case I feel like this isn’t the kind of clothes you just find at goodwill

    CaptainBlagbird, avatar

    However, such an attire might probably even sell for more than the original price, if sold as used.


    What a terrible day to be able to read


    Weird way to spell “What a despicable world to live in”

    NAXLAB, (edited ) to rpgmemes in Had this conversation with someone who chose to no longer be at my table after meeting a blind NPC

    I’ll echo the words of my friend, who is a permanent wheelchair user:

    “Yes, I identify with my disability as part of who I am, but I would still take a cure without hesitation”

    Yes, people with disabilities identify with their disability, so even in a fantasy setting I can see how their disability would be part of their character.

    But every disabled person I know would figuratively leap at the opportunity to reverse their disability with magic. It is also basically impossible to use a wheelchair while holding something like a wand or a staff or a fireball in one hand, so if there’s enough magic around to push a wheelchair, there’s probably enough to make your legs work. That’s why somebody has a good reason not to expect a wheelchair in a fantasy world. I can see how somebody who doesn’t really know any disabled people would panic at the idea of a wheelchair being part of the narrative or something like that, and I can sympathize with it.


    Cochlear implants are frowned upon by some in the Deaf community.


    I went to a NTID school, the community there does not consider themselves to have a “disability” literally. To them, it’s just a language.

    Zagorath, avatar

    To them, it’s just a language.

    What is? Being deaf isn’t a language. Sign language absolutely is a language, or to be more accurate, it’s a whole class of languages, because ASL is as different from AusLan or BSL as English is from Spanish or German.

    And like any language, it’s more than just a set of definitions and rules of grammar. It carries culture.


    Yeah exactly, for them it’s about the culture, in which language is a huge factor.


    There’s a lot of cultural stuff there that I’m certainly not qualified to comment on.


    In our world we do have the magic to push a wheelchair around, and it’s not even hard to do this. Tinkerers can cast the spell of self-propelling wheelchair in their garages.

    But magicing someone’s legs to work is still a far way off.

    (Remember, when magic is well explained and documented, and people get used to it, they tend to call it technology.)


    If by “not even hard” you mean “costs as much as a car”, then sure. My friend also let me know just how costly power chairs are.


    It’s expensive for sure, but that’s mostly because powered chairs are made by medical companies and in comparatively low numbers.

    A mobility scooter has almost all components a powered chair has, and these can be had for as little as €1000.

    The technology behind a powered chair isn’t hard.

    And even if we use the high price of a power scooter: How much does it cost to make a paraplegic person walk?


    “Not even hard” and “costs as much as a car” aren’t mutually exclusive when it comes to the field of medicine, especially in the US. Many drugs cost pharmaceutical companies pennies to manufacture, but they still sell them for hundreds per pill simply because they can. Medical equipment often employs similar price gouging for no other reason than to profit as much as possible from people who have little choice but to pay.

    TequilaMockingbird avatar

    Well, the second pill costs them pennies to make; the first one cost them tens of millions of dollars in investments. The cost of research, development, and FDA-required testing is very high. Not to mention the facilities, cleanrooms, equipment, personnel, software, etc to manufacture, package, and distribute. And they dump a lot of that $ into the NEXT drug or device that could save or greatly improve many someones' lives.

    I'm not saying they should be as expensive as they are - greed plays a big role in patent-squatting and these companies also spend a lot to purchase and kill competitor products giving patients no other options. These are all problems we should address. In a heavily regulated industry, having no competition is a recipe for inflated costs. But stating that it costs them pennies to manufacture these medicines and devices is intentionally ignoring a big piece of the equation & arguing in bad faith is not going to help make the situation any better.


    And often those costs are paid by government backed grants.

    TequilaMockingbird avatar

    Not sure how you are qualifying "often" here? I've worked on both the industry and government side of this equation and the vast majority of companies I've worked for or with are not receiving grants for research & development. Many of the grants given out are for procurement of the drug/device to government agencies (e.g., military, VA, etc) at a fixed rate and therefore cover generic branding costs, etc. so that the "more expensive" version is reserved for higher paying customers (spoiler: it's the same product). It's shady AF, but that's where most of the $ goes from these grants.

    To be fair, I haven't worked for Pfizer, J&J, GSK etc. The big boys are definitely getting some kick backs, but they also deal in so many divisions that the grants are a drop in the bucket compared to profits. The bigger issue is that these are the same companies that are buying up the IP from the smaller players and burying them so that they don't compete with their money makers. IMHO, it should be illegal to sit on a patent for some period of time without commercializing or letting the IP go... So many useful medicines never see the light of day because they've already invested millions into an inferior product. Competition is good for the consumer, but in some of these arenas it's a virtual monopoly. What do we expect to happen ?🤷‍♀️


    My friend talked a lot about the forces at work. Not all of it was simple capitalism. Disabled people are notoriously hard to design for because each disabled person is different and has different needs. This kind of business is not scalable and disabled people are already a minority. Even proper hand wheelchairs are fucking expensive cuz only a couple companies make them.


    That does make sense. But still, making a powered chair is not at all technologically difficult. You need the chair, two motors and an input system that works for the user.

    Sure, if there’s a lot of bespoke parts and manual labour, coupled with basically no economy of scale, it’s going to be expensive. But it’s not difficult.


    (Remember, when magic is well explained and documented, and people get used to it, they tend to call it technology.)

    Depends on the kind of magic. Magic machines that do wondrous things? Sure, technology. Magic where you manipulate energies with the power of thought and will alone? I'ma stick with magic, thank you.

    Transporter_Room_3, avatar

    “oh that’s just telekinesis”

    “cool nickname, still magic!”


    The only people I have ever seen claim that disabilities aren’t so bad and you can live completely normal etc. are people with no disabilities at all. I’m not disabled, my eyesight is just shit and I don’t know what I’d be willing to do to get normal eyesight. Just to get rid of a pair of glasses. I can’t imagine the lengths someone actually disabled would go to in order to get a cure.

    LennethAegis avatar

    "I’m not disabled, my eyesight is just shit and I don’t know what I’d be willing to do to get normal eyesight. Just to get rid of a pair of glasses."

    I apparently would pay someone a large sum of money to zap my eyes with a laser using a giant machine with only the vague promise that after the laser burns heal, your vision will be better.

    Zagorath, avatar

    laser burns

    Technically not burning. Even though (and nobody warned me of this before my procedure) it sure af smells like something is burning while the laser shines down on your exposed retina, that’s actually the smell of vaporised cornea.

    TL;DR: laser vaporisation, not laser burning. Much more metal.

    LennethAegis avatar

    That somehow sounds even worse.


    Valid point, let’s work with it

    Nitpick: “large sum of money” - at least here laser treatment is pretty cheap (less than 1k for both eyes)

    1: My eyesight is too bad for laser treatment, by the time my eyesight would be corrected there would be nothing left of my cornea and likely retina as well.

    1.5: I still have options available to me that, as you point out, just involve throwing more money at the problem

    2: me having that option is beside the point. The point is that even just a minor nuisance like glasses is enough to seriously fuck with someone’s (perceived) quality of life, never mind something that actually severely impacts your daily life.

    Zagorath, avatar

    at least here laser treatment is pretty cheap (less than 1k for both eyes)

    I’m not sure where you are, but that’s exceptionally cheap. I got it done in Vietnam for about $2k for both eyes. Here in Australia it would be more like $4k per eye.

    neshura, (edited )

    I suppose the health insurance covers a lot of it, but given the quotes my mother and I (well mine was more a “would cost this much but no can do with your eyes kiddo”) got respectively plus what the health insurance likely paid/pays the “normal” price would still be ~1.5k-2k for both eyes.

    SuiXi3D avatar

    I’m in the same boat, and I’ve learned that the answer is I don’t want the smell of burning eyeball lingering in my mind no matter how well I see afterwards.

    PugJesus avatar

    It's a bit of a double-edged sword. Representation is great, because it makes us feel less like a shame to be ignored or scorned - but also, being disabled fucking sucks, kind of by definition, and it's hard to take seriously people who peddle the 'handicapable' stuff. I don't need any toxic positivity in my life, thanks.


    It is also basically impossible to use a wheelchair while holding something in one hand, so if there’s enough magic around to push a wheelchair, there’s probably enough to make your legs work.

    First, off the top, you can stop your wheelchair, use your hand(s) for something else, and then start moving again.

    Second, you’re making a lot of assumptions about the magic system. Every magic system has limitations. What if healing is a clerical spell, not a magic spell, and there are no clerics around? Maybe the nearest cleric who can heal is many miles away, perhaps over dangerous terrain inhabited by bandits, monsters, etc. Maybe the spell requires some very specific and difficult-to-obtain materials. Or maybe the spell is very high-level, requiring many years to learn, so clerics or mages charge a very high fee for this service. Any of these, or a combination, could be a reason why a disabled person (or a family member on their behalf) is questing.

    Maybe the knowledge of the healing magic was held by some ancient civilization and it was lost when that civilization fell, but the disabled character has found a clue to where some ancient ruins could be unearthed where the secret might be found.

    Or maybe the GM just says “Yeah, spells can’t do that in this setting.”

    dueytwo, to main in We're federated with Hexbear again?

    Jesus Christ. Fuck Tankies. Defedefate. We never wanted them back.

    Raffster, to main in We're federated with Hexbear again?

    Kbin would be great without them. They really do spoil it for me and for some obscure reason you can't block anything hexbear. I really can't understand why we're federated.

    be_excellent_to_each_other avatar

    You can block an entire domain, but the functionality is currently broken. It will hide entire comment sections from you if you do it.

    However, based on recent posts at /m/kbinmeta it sounds like updates should start rolling out before too much longer, and I expect that will eventually be one of the the things that gets fixed.


    That is good news indeed.

    Gormadt, avatar

    We were defederated from them months ago but for some reason we appear to be federated with them again

    There didn’t look to be any announcement or anything in this community here on Blahaj about it so that’s why I made the post

    C4RC0S4, avatar

    hexbear has a deal with the lemmy developers to prevent users from avoiding their content


    No way lmao, how though?


    That's what I thought for kbin as well. Would explain why you can't block them. Then again, really? That's almost too absurd to be true. Can't imagine Ernest doing that...


    Wouldn't surprise me given the overlap in their... let's call it thinking. Still, there's nothing to suggest that e.g. Ernest from kbin is a tankie dipshit, so it's still weird we also have to deal with it.

    Instance blocking, in the absence of people doing their job, needs to arrive last month.

    Silverseren, to leftymemes in Liberalism is not leftism.

    So, we're all agreed then that tankies aren't leftist, right? Because the claimed "communist" countries, such as Russia and China, are extremely capitalist in the worst possible ways.

    Veraxus avatar

    Agreed. Leftists must not abide the consolidation or entrenchment of power & power (the two are the same).

    Tankies justify this, and are therefore garden variety right wing authoritarians.

    Hatchet, to linuxmemes in Chad Linux user

    Let's be honest. If you haven't broken your bootloader at some point in time, you haven't experienced Linux.

    Flashback956, avatar

    This is the way


    thats why you gotta stock up on boot loaders, can never have enough boot loaders, if one breaks I just boot off another one!


    I've broken my bootloader many times. I remember frantically looking up how to fix that online for the first time. Now I know not to do stupid things that could bork my bootloader.


    I know not to do stupid things that could bork my bootloader. I still do stupid things that I know can bork my bootloader.


    This is the way.


    Windows probably broke my bootloader (GRUB) more times than I did though.

    PennyJim, avatar

    As a Linux noob, the only time I've broken my bootloader was updating my distro after ignoring it for a year. I ignored the update because it broke a badly made script badly solving the complex problem caused by a simple problem that I ignored the solution to.

    I finally fixed the simple problem because I needed to upgrade a library to get a modded launcher working so I could play with my friends. And I was thinking of rewriting the firmware for my macro keyboard to be better structured anyways.

    I went back to the old firmware with a simple fix as the new one has a weird bug that if I hold two "even" keys at once, I get spammed down signals for the higher order one.

    Linux has been fun!

    PennyJim, avatar

    I started writing that, got a little carried away, then decided even if no one cares, talking into the void has always been cathartic


    Hi, the void here.
    I care, and it sounds like you did have a real proper Linux experience. Good for you. =)


    I get that, sometimes it can feel like “why am I even bothering to write a big long comment” but there’s no need to apologise for it. Not everything we say or write has to be profound, sometimes people just want to share a story!

    And I feel your pain as well, I had a similar issue updating mine after leaving it sit for about a year, but I very, very stupidly decided to do it on a Friday morning, on my work machine, on the same some code was due to be delivered. So I had a frantic Friday trying to fix my PC and get the work done!

    ricdeh, avatar

    Yeah that's what makes me so happy about Lemmy, it is currently so (mostly) non-toxic that you can actually ramble on and have a fulfilling social media experience without drama or karma battles (not to say that there isn't drama, but it is easy to avoid)


    I mean if you know how to write firmware you don't really count as a Linux noob, regardless of your lack of experience with linux

    PennyJim, (edited ) avatar

    Duplicate Comment

    PennyJim, avatar

    Does writing Arduino code really discount me from being a Linux noob? I still think I need to learn python to implement my macros rather then rely on GOME keybinds and bash scripts.

    I also need to learn how to make a GNOME theme. I just want the default but with a different accent color. I used to use an extension, but it’s out of date and doesn’t convince pop-os to be in dark mode.

    Damn… Every time I start talking about my experience I just start rambling about barely connected things.


    To me, noob implies not only lack of experience but also lack of skill, so yeah in that sense I would say it does discount you somewhat ^^

    Do learn python, you'll pick it up super easily and will be amazed by the simplicity of the syntax (but perhaps also slightly grossed out by the duck typing and use of whitespace as syntax)


    How did you break it?


    I feel like it’s harder to break the bootloader these days. All my dual-booting escapades worked fine, I still have most of my hair, and there’s no way my Linux skills have improved that much.

    tal, (edited )
    tal avatar

    I think that the major issue with the bootloader is when a user confuses the device file for the entire drive (/dev/sda) with the device file for the partition (/dev/sda1), whch is not entirely unreasonable for a new user who doesn't understand the naming system to do. Like, mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda rather than mkfs.ext4 /dev/sda1. Then you overwrite the entire drive, starting with the MBR, rather than the contents of a partition with your new filesystem.

    TheAlbatross, to mildlyinfuriating in Can't even buy chicken in peace

    While this is egregious, why are you buying chicken on KFC dot com?

    I didn’t know that was even possible. This is a wholly unexpected mode of behavior.

    Deceptichum avatar

    Well its not going to be on BK dot com.


    You know they used to say you could have it your way. If I want KFC from BK they should live up to their end of the bargain and oblige.

    EdibleFriend, avatar

    Can you be sure? Has anybody here ever taken the time to really look? We are making some very dangerous assumptions here.


    Why don’t you come over, Friend?

    We’d like to have you for dinner…!

    EdibleFriend, avatar



    Jesus Christ Marie, Use the fucking app!

    Chozo avatar

    why are you buying chicken on KFC dot com?

    Delivery, most likely.



    Wouldn’t want to have to move your body to get your artery clogging food

    567PrimeMover avatar

    If I move too much the grease doesn't congeal the way I like it


    Some of us live in rural areas with No transport, including public.


    If you live in rural areas you probably have better chicken than crap from KFC, no?


    Then how do you go places?


    Walking or asking a friend if they have time, usually at a cost of some gas.


    Bike, walk, pay too much in time, money, effort, etc, or make friends and catch your rides when you can, understanding it may come at a mutual inconvenience.

    Aatube avatar

    For KFC chicken? In America?

    567PrimeMover avatar

    Yeah just get it from the gas station like a normal person

    dan, avatar

    I went to a Krispy Krunchy Chicken at a gas station while travelling a few months ago… Gas station chicken has no business being that good.


    Omg especially when they let it sit and it’s extra spicy!


    God no, that’s a great way to get food poising


    They’re graded like any other restaurant.


    To each there own I suppose. I personally won’t do that. At least not in the US.


    A gas station several miles away makes amazing tasting food. I’m sure the fried chicken is fried in the cheapest transfat oil, but I’ve largely moved away from meat. I still eat it but I feel better when I restrict it. They also have baked chicken, meatloaf, etc and the veggies are slamming. And it’s not always cheaper anymore, to do it yourself, unless you catch a free ride that day and exchange your time.

    Chozo avatar

    Yeah, most fast food places here have delivery options now, usually partnered through UberEats or GrubHub or one of those apps. At least in the cities, they do.

    Otherwise, they also will typically let you order online so you can schedule it to be ready when you get there to pick it up, yourself.

    Aatube avatar

    My point is KfC chicken really isn’t the best choice these days

    Chozo avatar

    I agree, I'm not a big fan of most of their menu these days. Though, their Famous Bowls always hit hard.

    ares35 avatar

    even here in the boonies we have doordash now.. just as expensive as in the city, and just as cold whenif you get it.

    and i think you can still pay a one-way taxi fare and have them pick up an order and deliver. it has to be ready, waiting and already paid for--they won't wait. this is the cheaper option, because you're paying menu prices. not third-party 'app' prices plus bullshit fees and surcharges. fare is about 5 bucks anywhere in town.

    AnActOfCreation, avatar

    Despite the title, I was just trying to check the menu lol. 🥲


    An irritating number of companies make it inconvenient to just view a menu, and want you to “Start your order!” to see prices and availability. I get that certain items are regional so entering a zip code makes sense, but if I just want to look at a menu and prices to see if I even want to do business with them I shouldn’t have to create an account.

    That said, for convenience purposes I’ll occasionally order food online or over the phone so it’s ready by the time I’m driving past on my way home and pick it up.


    I often feel I’m stuck in the 90’s when it comes to ordering food. I like calling a restaurant, I like driving to pick it up myself, I like asking them shit about the menu over the phone.

    I’m a human being, yo talk to me, don’t just tell me to go to the app or the website.

    And before anyone beats me to it, yeah I’m angry at that cloud.


    Human? I thought you were an albatross. 🤨

    buycurious, to lemmyshitpost in She's got a bright future ahead of her... on OF

    Lady: “[What’s the difference] Between me and a mosquito?”

    Man: “I don’t know, what’s the difference between you and a mosquito?”

    Lady: “When you smack me, I don’t stop sucking.”

    For those that stay on silent/keep their volume low or off.


    thanks hopefully I can stay on silent forever. counting on you big sis


    You are doing the lord’s work 🙏



    andrew, avatar

    “Swat me,” I think.

    0x4E4F, avatar

    I think it’s “slap me”.

    Yeah, you’re right, it’s actually “smack”.

    papalonian, to rpgmemes in Where's the next dungeon?

    I wish I could suspend my disbelief in videogames as well as I can for movies and TV shows.

    “Is this the bad guy?”

    " ‘Bad guy’? No! I’m simply a highly regarded mentor figure with a mysterious past who -”

    “Alright this guy’s gonna betray me”


    Have you heard of TV tropes? It's a wiki of ... well, tropes in story telling (warning: for some people following a single link to means they find themselves half a day later with 32 tabs open and having read up on all kind of story tropes while having forgotten what time is).

    On the one hand it will help you recognize the tropes and figure out how many of them are used in all story telling (yes, even the good ones), but on the other hand it can help appreciate that it's not the tropes or the broad strokes that make up a story, but how well it's told.

    There's a reason there are so many movies/stories/plays that are just re-tellings of some Shakespear play or another: it doesn't matter that the outcome is known from the start. The journey and how well it's told is what's important.

    So basically: "Oh yeah, that guy's gonna betray me. I wonder how and why exactly!"

    DmMacniel, avatar

    disclaimer: tvtropes will ruin your life!


    Oh man TV tropes… Jobs have. Een lost, marriages broken, children abandoned because of the black hole that is the TV tropes website.

    Shits great reading … For ever. Lol


    why did you put that link there

    what have you done


    You say that like I don’t already have like 400 tabs open across all computers.

    jherazob avatar

    Haha, I love this guys’ videos. Spot on.

    wrath_of_grunge avatar

    I think part of the problem is that videogame writers are almost never willing to lie to the player. Characters will mislead you by being selective about what they say, and sometimes a character is mistaken about something and unintentionally gives you false information, but I can count on one hand the times a character has deliberately fed me falsehoods.

    Zoomboingding, avatar

    Collect the Friendliness Pellets!




    Having been a GM for almost two decades, this has somewhat ruined being a player in p&p rpgs for me.

    I joined a new long-term fantasy campaign. Me and another forever GM plus 3 rookie players.

    The first adventure starts and the group gets hired by some guy to retrieve an item from a dungeon while insisting to come along with us.

    Me and the other forever GM looked at each other: That dude is going to betray us and become the BBEG of this campaign!

    The rookie players looked puzzled.

    The GM sat there pale and grey.

    Of course we were right. Dude grabbed the item, teleported away and started his reign of terror. But we just chuckled and went along with it, much to the GM’s relief.

    tacosanonymous, to main in We're federated with Hexbear again?

    I didn’t realize either until I wandered into one of their posts. I am newer to lemme and I thought the general vibe was “leftist=good, atrocities=bad” but these dudes were all about Russia being good dudes and Ukraine being bad. I asked what was up with that and everyone shit on me. I even got some NK style propaganda thrown at me. Apparently NK is a lovely place to live and they are just being sanctioned to death bc they resist American imperialism.

    It really threw me for a loop. I spent some time trying to figure out wtf a hexbear is. The general consensus is that they’re tankies and that’s bad.


    What is beyond me is the why. A really sad existence maybe? But somehow I fear it is much more planned and organised with a really sinister motif obscured in the background? I decided to not waste anymore energy though and go someplace where I can just block them and forget about it.

    Communist, (edited ) avatar

    I think the real problem is more simple, there is no trust in the media anymore, and for good reason, and as a result, peoples beliefs are guided less and less by facts and more by their own confirmation biases.

    And this is a problem on both sides of every political issue these days, I don’t trust any sources anymore, I live in the US and the only way I know china and NK are evil is because they are authoritarian, so they are bad by default, the history of the US is so bad that I obviously can’t trust western media, some might not realize eastern media is just as bad after hearing european atrocities.


    They’re tankies. That is, they’re auth facists with a leftist mask slightly obscuring their face.

    chicken, to main in We're federated with Hexbear again?

    User level instance blocks when

    I keep blocking hexbear shit but there’s always more

    Gormadt, avatar

    The problem with instance block on a user basis is that points still get federated over

    So even if you block the instance then the community can still be influenced by the other community without you ever seeing their accounts

    C4RC0S4, avatar

    Hexbear has downvotes disabled, so unless you are concerned about their rogue upvotes you will be ok.


    Maybe that’s a problem but personally I disable vote scores and read all the comments anyway so I don’t care that much what people vote. I don’t think my instance is going to defederate hexbear so I’m looking forward to it.

    Gormadt, avatar

    A lot of people do view content with votes, which if people see how the community reacts to certain kinds of posts and comments via votes then discussions would still be steered at large in a community


    That is a valid concern. I don’t like votes and don’t think people should pay attention to them though, as they are mainly just a way of propagating the kind of unaccountable groupthink hexbear exemplifies. Anyway I don’t have a problem with your instance defederating with them, good luck with it

    livus avatar

    @Gormadt which is crazy because we're not all seeing the same scores.

    Eg kbin doesn't federate downvotes, even though it has them.

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