France Pushes Law to Curb Devastating Impacts of Fast Fashion (

French lawmakers advanced a bill that seeks to rein in fast fashion’s impact on the climate, labor rights and the economy. The bill would ban certain “ultra-fast-fashion” companies like Shein from advertising and penalize them by up to 10 euros per individual item of clothing. It also would force fast-fashion retailers to...

Sudan: 230,000 Children and People Recovering from Birth Are at Risk of Death by Starvation (

The United Nations and aid groups are warning nearly 230,000 children, pregnant people and new mothers in Sudan could die from starvation in the coming months if their nutritional and health needs remain unmet. The humanitarian crisis in Sudan comes as rival military factions continue to fight despite calls for a Ramadan...

EU Foreign Policy Chief Accuses Israel of Using Starvation as Weapon of War (

Josep Borrell: “But this is a humanitarian crisis, which is not a natural disaster. It’s not a flood. It’s not an earthquake. It’s man-made. And when we look for alternative ways of providing support, by sea or by air, we have to remind that we have to do it because the natural way of providing support, through roads, is...

U.N. Urges Arms Embargo and Sanctions on Israel over Gaza War Crimes --- (video, 11 min) (

Francesca Albanese, the United Nations special rapporteur on the occupied Palestinian territory, says the “monstrosity” of Israel’s ongoing war on Gaza, including attacks on civilians and restrictions on aid, shows that the International Court of Justice’s provisional orders to protect civilians are being ignored....

“Empire’s Laboratory”: How 2004 U.S.-Backed Coup Destabilized Haiti & Led to Current Crisis (

Caribbean leaders are holding an emergency meeting in Jamaica today to discuss the crisis in Haiti, where armed groups are calling for the resignation of unelected Prime Minister Ariel Henry. Haiti is under a state of emergency, with tens of thousands displaced amid the fighting, and United Nations officials warn the country’s...

What I Witnessed in Gaza Is a Holocaust: Palestinian Writer Susan Abulhawa (

SUSAN ABULHAWA: I want to say that the reality on the ground is infinitely worse than the worst videos and photos that we’re seeing in the West. There is a — you know, beyond people being buried alive en masse in their homes, their bodies being shredded to pieces, these kinds of videos and images that people are seeing —...

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