Speaker's Nazi veteran invite 'profoundly embarrassing' Trudeau says, as Rota faces calls to resign (www.ctvnews.ca)

Tensions flared in the House of Commons on Monday over opposition calls for House of Commons Speaker Anthony Rota to resign after apologizing to the House of Commons for inviting, recognizing and leading the chamber in a standing ovation for a man who fought for a Nazi unit during the Second World War.

Don Martin: Poilievre doesn't feel your pain, but he's sure good at communicating it (www.ctvnews.ca)

Probably no other leader, including Justin Trudeau, has landed in a party leadership with less real-world work experience than Pierre Poilievre, says Don Martin in a column for CTVNews.ca. But Poilievre's an able communicator, and this weekend's Conservative convention is a golden opportunity for him to sell himself as...

Canada's industry minister 'disappointed' in grocers' cost stabilization measures (www.ctvnews.ca)

Industry Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne says he's 'disappointed' in the lack of transparency Canadian grocery store giants have offered so far when it comes to tackling food inflation. He's sending a letter to Canada's Commissioner of Competition to express his dissatisfaction.

Canadians worry U.S. democracy cannot survive Trump's return to White House, poll finds (www.ctvnews.ca)

About two-thirds of Canadians surveyed this month said American democracy cannot survive another four years of Donald Trump in the White House, and about half said the United States is on the way to becoming an authoritarian state, a poll released on Monday said.

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