veridicus, to tech in Elon Musk Really Broke Twitter This Time - The Atlantic

What if everyone is making the wrong assumption about why he bought twitter? I'm convinced he didn't do it to make money. He bought it for the power, to control one of the world's largest microphones. He doesn't care about advertisers who will dictate content rules.

At SpaceX, Tesla, and other companies he hired industry experts. He's running this one completely differently and I believe his focus is politics and power instead of money.

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I thought he got legal railroaded into buying twotter

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Whether he's in it for the money or the influence doesn't really matter... either way, he's doing it wrong, and he's inconveniencing (or outright harming) people in the process.


Elon's trying to show people how smart he is by running this one by himself. And he is succeeding — people are now realizing how smart he is.


However he is steadily reducing the platform’s reach and user base, an interesting plan to be sure…?

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Let's not forget this dumbass didn't really want to buy Twitter to start with & failed in his bid to back out.


That tracks with what I’ve heard from people in the industry. For Musk and now Huffman, it’s some sort of ideological or philosophical thing in terms of how they’ve dramatically shifted the focus and operation of these previously (mostly) stable companies.


At SpaceX, Tesla, and other companies he hired industry experts.

And proceeded to overrule them with idiotic ideas like "scrap all sensors etc, our self driving cars will drive with image recognition only". And now most companies with self driving cars in development are miles ahead of Tesla despite starting later.

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Did they start later? Where Tesla had an advance was integrating major parts of a self-driving system into actual customer cars and collecting tons of real-world data. The internal research on autonomous cars probably started on most automakers long before Tesla was founded.


At SpaceX, Tesla, and other companies he hired industry experts.

At SpaceX and Tesla his direct reports have isolated him from having any major impact on the rest of the company. Twitter had no such luck.


That's not accurate. At least not entirely. I work with a few ex-Tesla managers who tell me the opposite. He would put his hands on any random detail at any time and override people.

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I think both claims can be accurate. What I've gathered is that Tesla and especially SpaceX have people dedicated to preventing or fixing whatever odd ideas he comes up with. So, your friends could be 100% right, but maybe aren't as aware of other people following behind to try and clean up the mess? Or maybe sometimes the Musk Disaster Team doesn't get deployed in time, but they could still exist in general.


Yeah, my understanding is at SpaceX they've done a good job of isolating him, at Tesla a not great job, and obviously at Twitter nobody's even tried.


They never really got the chance. He swept in, fired the people who could conceivably act in that capacity, and here we are.


How's that even possible as the owner of these companies?


Pretty easy, honestly. You tell him what he wants to hear, you don't tell him what he doesn't want to hear, and you make decisions that are best for your people. If everyone that reports to him behaves like that, he will have very little influence on the company.

Musk is a raging narcissist. He just wants to be told that he's the smartest, funniest person alive.

Itty53, (edited )
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He bought it because he got caught red handed trying to commit securities fraud and if he didn't make good on his offer, the SEC would've at the very least kicked him out of the markets, if not put in prison.

He is now trying to destroy it faster than it will destroy him. Social media is too expensive to run without a carousel of new investors. He can't get any since he took it private. He can't pull the plug on it or his existing investors will crucify him, they're just biding their time on a lawsuit already.

He over played his hand and he is suffering consequences for it. This doesn't make him smart, mind you. He's just scrambling to cover his ass from a blatantly poor and criminal decision.

niktemadur avatar

He's just scrambling to cover his ass from a blatantly poor and criminal decision.

While at the same time still performing a never-ending stream of the same fidgety, impulsive, entitled behavior and decisions that put him into this mess in the first place.

his existing investors will crucify him, they're just biding their time on a lawsuit already.

One wonders how big of a chunk of Tesla and/or SpaceX they've got their sights on, after they really get their knives out and go to Attorney Town on this narcissistic imbecile.


Yeah, people tend to forget how this all started. He just wanted to see under the hood and he was told that the only way he could do that was if he bought the company.

He saw a big opportunity to both get what he wanted and to manipulate the stock market in a big way. So he made a credible offer thinking that he was smart enough to create a loophole that would give him a way out. His loophole didn't pan out although the stock market manipulation arguably did.

He got too far along in the process to back out and the SEC doesn't fuck around. There was no option other than to actually make good on his offer to buy the company. I don't think he ever truly wanted to own Twitter, but I never thought he would set the company ablaze in such a spectacular fashion.

GeekFTW, (edited ) to SquaredCircle in Vince McMahon Accused of Sex Trafficking by WWE Staffer
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Direct link to the court filing should anyone wish to peruse: (and as I mentioned in the other comments: content warning - details of sexual acts and just Vince McMahon being really fucking gross...)

Edit: Statement from Attorney representing Janel Grant:

“Today’s complaint seeks to hold accountable two WWE executives who sexually assaulted and trafficked Plaintiff Janel Grant, as well as the organization that facilitated or turned a blind eye to the abuse and then swept it under the rug.

“She is an incredibly private and courageous person who has suffered deeply at the hands of Mr. McMahon and Mr. Laurinaitis. Ms. Grant hopes that her lawsuit will prevent other women from being victimized. The organization is well aware of Mr. McMahon’s history of depraved behavior, and it’s time that they take responsibility for the misconduct of its leadership.”

Edit: PWI - There Is No Choice Left to Make, Wwe Must Move on From Vince Mcmahon - Whatever It Costs

Edit: TKO - “Mr. McMahon does not control TKO nor does he oversee the day-to-day operations of WWE. While this matter predates our TKO executive team’s tenure at the company, we take Ms. Grant’s horrific allegations very seriously and are addressing this matter internally.

Edit: McMahon's Spokesperson: "This lawsuit is replete with lies, obscene made-up instances that never occurred, and a vindictive distortion of the truth. He will vigorously defend himself."

Montagge, avatar

Bullshit he doesn't have some hand in the day to day at WWE in some facet.

Montagge, avatar

Sounds like they're going after Lauranitis too

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So instead of editing my old post, I'm just going to add a new one, based on new info I'm looking at... because I read the court pdf on the lawsuit itself, the WSJ was horrifying, the whole thing in the court docs is even more terrifying, especially the texts. The WSJ painted a tame picture, IMO, compared to what I read in the PDF.

I am concerned about allegations of the board coverup, especially what proof she has against Stephanie, claiming that Stephanie helped cover it up, although my memory of events was she quit shortly before the story broke, then only came back when he was gone, then quit again when he took back control.

These guys and everybody that was involved, if true, should be locked under the jail or worse.

Montagge, avatar

The court documents are nightmare fuel.
I don't think she wanted to work with her father after that. Not that I could blame her. If she covered it up she's almost as bad as he is though.

HoboTurducken, to politics in Trump-appointed judge gives a 'break' to Jan. 6 rioter who wants to be a police officer

There is an in-group that the law protects, but does not bind. There is an out-group that the law binds, but does not protect.


He was convinced and his leniency is due to lack of direct involvement and being young. His sentence is house arrest.

All of this is in the article.


Lack of direct involvement? He showed up! He stole a riot shield! He maced people! He pushed towards breaking into the capitol!

What more do you need???


Sounds like will be perfect for the police


Well if he had tweeted about arming yourself to defend our nation from an insurrection he’d get years, like another Floridian: Daniel Baker.


I am telling you what the judge considered in his judgment, not what I think about this person.


a “lack of direct involvement” would be something like showing up to the Capitol to protest, happening to be right in the gray area between the peaceful protestors and the violent ones, and getting rounded up by the capitol police who mistook you for one of the violent ones.

Stealing a riot shield and macing people is the textbook definition of direct involvement.


He maced his own people, so as far as I’m concerned he’s incompetent enough to be halfway to an ally.


A stupid criminal is still a criminal.


That is why he was convicted.


Kids will be kids! They do dumb stuff all the time like busting mailboxes, tagging grafitti, stealing road signs, and stealing a riot shield during an insurrection.


Lmao I can’t wait til my kids come home and announce they MAY have committed some light treason


Why are you raising terrorists?


It was a reference to Arrested Development, which you should definitely watch

TommySalami, to SquaredCircle in Vince McMahon Accused of Sex Trafficking by WWE Staffer

I’ve read two books and listened to 6 hours of podcasts detailing how absolutely horrible Vince has been, and he still SOMEHOW is worse than I’ve conceived. Absolutely disgusting human being, and shame on/charges for everyone who has known and covered for him.

Moira_Mayhem, to realtesla in Elon Musk Has Used Illegal Drugs, Worrying Leaders at Tesla and SpaceX

Elon isn’t an entitled antic driven shitgoblin because he does drugs, he’s an entitled antics driven shitgoblin that happens to do drugs.

The fact that any investors have faith in him over how patently ridiculous the hyperloop was blows my mind. Those investors are supposed to be the ‘smart’ people capitalism rewards for being right.

From the beginning the only successes Elon has had was ones he bought from others. ALL his original ideas are shit, not well thought out, and ridiculously expensive.

He has failed upwards so many times that investors think he is a magic man.

He isn’t. Not even close. In fact he lessens EVERYTHING he touches.

But the world has rewarded him with the greatest of unending wealth.

There is no such thing as a meritocracy, every billionaire’s wealth is made from the blood and sweat of an exploited labor class.

It’s time to eat the rich.

themoonisacheese, avatar

The Hyperloop was a business decision. They trusted him with it because it didn’t matter what the end result was, it just had to gimp California high speed rail.

Moira_Mayhem, (edited )

So no one else finds it disturbing that all most of our high cost infrastructure projects in the last 10 years have been to fuck over people?

edit: ‘most’ not ‘all’


Positive train control makes trains more autonomous and is perhaps one of the most important improvements to USA in the last decade.

The issue is that boring improvements don’t get headlines or widespread recognition anymore. Even if they are hugely widespread and impactful.

I guess train crashes just are so rare today that people don’t recognize the next big steps in safety and automation.

5G cell phone upgrade is on its way and will likely be far more important than Starlink as well.


Ok I admit this, going back to change it to ‘most’.


You’re right… but… the far right that he’s so courted over the past few years cares deeply about the drug issue.

This is exactly the wrong reputation he needs to be building for his newfound buddies.


Who cares


The far right cares about being able to control populations with strong drug laws. Minority populations, from what I’ve seen.

Tons of them do drugs though, they don’t actually give a shit about that.


They absolutely do not care about drug use, only the identity of the user


The right did not give a shit about drugs when it was Rush Limbaugh. If Limbaugh had been black, they’d insist be be in jail.


This Elon Musk does Drugs article is on Drudge Report. I dunno how high it got on there, but even right now its near the top.

The right seems to care about this, at least a little bit more than Rush Limbaugh.


This is very true but also goes to show the idiocy of his far right associates.

I sincerely hope this bites him on the ass in the worst way possible.

That said, used in moderation with understanding and proper support, LSD can be a very beneficial and enjoyable experience and I don’t what the perception of that tainted beyond what it already is by adding on Elon’s trust fund kiddie antics on top of it.


I don’t think his problem is that he’s done drugs. It seems like the problem is he’s done all the drugs. I’ve seen Elon say stupid shit from the start, but it wasn’t anywhere as dumb as the shit he says today. I think he’s fried his brain with way too many drugs. I’m not anti drug at all but doing too much will definitely fuck you up more.

niktemadur, (edited )

The amplifier here has been years and years and years of sleep deprivation. Putting psychoactive drugs that keeps you awake on top of that is, at best, like throwing water on top of an oil fire, at worst like throwing napalm on it.
Also, in addition to that, there’s the utter lack of maturity, grudge-holding, perpetually greedy and needy.


You’re correct in practical terms, but that’s not how it works high up. Here’s how you use Musk, if you’re a super rich billionaire:

1 - find some moronic project, like car-tunnels for electric cars.

2 - invest 10 million

3 - get musk involved, pay him some insane salary and bonus for it. The project becomes super popular and investors flock to it because Musk is involved and they’re all hoping it’ll be the next Tesla.

4 - ridiculous project balloons to massive size, your share in it blows up 50 fold, based purely on whatever bullshit Musk is promising.

5 - sell for 5000% profit

6 - laugh as the idiots get left holding the bag of a totally bullshit project that doesn’t even work in theory. Toast your buddy Elon as he cashes his bonus before it all collapses.


Ok but hot take: How about we instead focus on ideas that don’t continue to erode our economy on a grand scale?

I know you were being funny but it’s a sign of a sick economy when a good chunk of people spend time on figuring out how to abuse it.

Liontigerwings, to tech in Elon Musk Really Broke Twitter This Time - The Atlantic

Running a social media company is not at all like running a normal tech company. It's one part technology, but it's one part psychology. He doesn't understand the psychology part whatsoever. He doesn't understand stand why people choose to engage or not engage with a community. He doesn't understand how and why Twitter became part an important news and information source and all of decisions he's made so far have reduced the relevance of the product.

Twitter verified status is there to help people trust Twitter, not just the person behind the checkmark. Now nobody trust your product. It also doesn't take a genius to understand that limiting access to your product makes people use it less.

Usernameblankface avatar

Doesn't he have a condition that keeps him from understanding social norms? Wouldn't that alone disqualify him from making decisions about a social media company/site?

QHC avatar

Yes, he is a billionaire that was born into money. He has no idea how much a Star War costs, let alone a banana or gallon of milk.


Yes, it’s called narcissism

EnglishMobster avatar

Elon has publicly claimed to have Asperger's (or, as it's known by the modern DSM, "ASD Level 1").

While I don't know if that's a self-diagnosis or the truth, I also have ASD Level 1 so I can somewhat understand his thought process... sometimes.

The fact that the platform makes the community isn't necessarily something I'd consider at first, and I don't think Elon considered it either. I really do think Elon was mad about how much people on the internet disliked him, so he made an impulsive bid to kick 'em out and tried to buy the whole platform. At some point someone talked some sense into him and he tried to back out, only to realize he was trapped in the deal and couldn't back out.

So the only thing he could really do at that point is double down. Kick the people off the site that he wanted gone. Find a way to kick out the bots that were clearly irritating him. Unban people who he thought were unjustly banned. There are easy and simple solutions to all of those things, and although they aren't popular that's sort of the problem with ASD Level 1:

  • Failure to make eye contact or read social cues properly

  • Challenges in establishing or maintaining conversations


  • Apprehensive behavior


  • Trouble shifting focus

Expand that behavior up to a community of millions of people and you can start to understand Musk's behavior. It's fundamentally a community, with social norms and mores that aren't immediately obvious to those with ASD Level 1 (myself included). ASD makes it hard to have a grasp on why a community is there, and if you're a megalomaniac on top of that I can see how it'd be very easy to just say "Eh, I'll change it to work for me" without care for how it affects everyone else that uses it.

So you have him just making all these dumb-looking changes because understanding and empathy isn't his strong suit. He just does what he thinks will fix "the problem" and assumes that users are a given.

ArugulaZ avatar

The fact that he's trying to find a "cure" for ASD (using the most extreme methods) makes me think he's a self-loathing autistic and a turncoat who deserves no praise from others with ASD. I certainly don't respect him.

EnglishMobster avatar


I didn't know I had ASD until I was an adult. Growing up I just knew I was weird and different and strange and nobody liked me. I didn't know why, I just knew I was doing something wrong and I simply wasn't "normal".

I would have given literally anything to be neurotypical, for a very long time.

When I was 19, I got formally diagnosed. For a few years after I was still hoping that it would somehow be "cured" and one day I could be like everyone else. I dunno if that made me a turncoat; just someone who didn't accept who I am.

I've since come to terms with it and accepted that it's an intrinsic part of me and that I wouldn't be the same person if I didn't have ASD. Like I can imagine what my life would be like without depression; I can't even think about what my life would be if I was neurotypical. I'd be so completely different that I basically wouldn't be "me" anymore.

But I only got to that level of acceptance because life worked out for me; I learned how to effectively mask, I have a good-paying stable job in my dream field (AAA game development), a significant other, and even a couple friends.

From what I can tell, Elon may have money but he's miserable. I can see a world in which he blames ASD for his misery (like I once did), and I can see how wanting to "cure" it makes him think that maybe he'd be happier. That's probably why he's killing monkeys with brain chips.

asjmcguire avatar

Yeah but Elons problem isn't just the ASD - that's part of it sure, but his problem is having ASD and a mother who told him repeatedly from a very very early age, that he was a genius.

That would be damaging to a neurotypical persons self view, but I dread to think how that damages a neurodivergent 😲

In short, Elon definitely displays narcissistic tendencies - and I suspect that being constantly told you are a genius who will change the world, is a bug reason why.


The fact that the platform makes the community isn’t necessarily something I’d consider at first, and I don’t think Elon considered it either.

Small correction, it’s actually the community that makes the platform. The community exists regardless of platform, the platform is there to help the community connect. The platform can help make new communities by facilitating connections but the platform needs communities to exist. People will form communities tailored to their interests without the internet all day, they’ve done it for millenia. If the platform makes it difficult for communities to connect, then the community will just go elsewhere.

TellumSiege, to SquaredCircle in Vince McMahon Accused of Sex Trafficking by WWE Staffer
TellumSiege avatar

I hope the media drills Vince/TKO on this. The jaded cynic in me can't help but think we'll get initial stories on the topic and never hear it mentioned again, allowing all those involved to get by without serious consequences.

Everything here is despicable and the story needs updates, interviews, etc. But my fear is they'll cover the story once and go back to covering the election and very little else.

GoodandPlenty, to SquaredCircle in Vince McMahon Accused of Sex Trafficking by WWE Staffer

The fact that Vince willingly stopped paying this woman so that this could come to light should pretty much close the book on his insanity.

Also, ugh. Just, ugh.

JelloBrains, to SquaredCircle in Vince McMahon Accused of Sex Trafficking by WWE Staffer
JelloBrains avatar

Since this is a civil suit, I wonder if that means the alleged Federal grand jury didn't return an indictment. Either way that was a horrible thing to read today, if true and provable that poor woman deserves whatever she can get and then some.

Uncle Dave said we should expect Lesnar back soon... based on the "former UFC Champion" being a partial party to this, I would hope the fuck not.

I know that it needs to go through the courts, and innocent, blah blah blah, and some of it could be overstated, but holy baby Jesus this man is dangerous, and must be removed from everything, there is no world where people should be bowing down and singing him to the ring should be allowed at this point.

As to whether the allegations are true or not, I can't say, but this has the same tone and similar allegations as the former referee from the '80s. It appears to be a clear pattern and I imagine there are more women out there with similar stories.

Just holy fuck.

Montagge, avatar

Vince already owes her 3 million from a previous case. She's talking now because he stopped paying what he owed her after he was investigated for using company funds to pay women he had assaulted.

GeekFTW avatar

He shat on a woman. I just fucking can't lol.

Montagge, avatar
ImADifferentBird, to SquaredCircle in Vince McMahon Accused of Sex Trafficking by WWE Staffer avatar

Time is a flat circle.

Madison_rogue, to tech in Elon Musk Really Broke Twitter This Time - The Atlantic
Madison_rogue avatar

His supporters are confused and, perhaps, starting to feel the cracks of cognitive dissonance. “Surely someone who can figure out how to build spaceships can figure out how to distinguish scrapers from legit users,” Graham—the same one who supported Musk in November—tweeted on Saturday.

Elon stans still stanning.

How can anyone watch this dumpster fire and conclude that Elon Musk knows what he's doing with this company? My only guess is that he's intentionally tanking it so he can get out of it through Chapter 13.


Most importantly...Elon Musk does not build spaceships. He runs a company that builds them. He is not a rocket scientist.

moon_matter avatar

How can anyone watch this dumpster fire and conclude that Elon Musk knows what he's doing with this company?

A lot of people look at how a company is doing and credit their success to the handful of people in leadership positions or in the public eye. Unless people can see your name and face you basically don't exist as anything more than an interchangeable cog in a machine. It's hard for people to give you credit when they don't know that you exist or what you do.

zorrothefox2001, to tech in Elon Musk Really Broke Twitter This Time - The Atlantic

“Extreme data scraping” well people wouldn’t do that if they had an api to work with? Mf?


That was clearly a terrible lie.


I know, but even if it were true, it wouldn’t make sense

ZeroZeroOne avatar

And it’s not like the scraping bots can’t just use multiple accounts to get past the limit. The only people inconvenienced are the normal users…

be_excellent_to_each_other avatar


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  • aeternum,

    Honestly, I love seeing the twatter news every morning when i wake up. To see what bullshit he's instituted now. Will be a sad day when twatter shuts up shop for good. only because i'll lose a source of amusement

    northendtrooper, to technology in Enshittification Continues: Discord to begin showing advertisements on it's free platform

    slowly moving myself to

    Its sad since I’ve been with discord since almost '15.


    What made you choose revolt chat over matrix? Just curious.


    Compared to Matrix, or any E2EE chat, this doesn’t sound good:

    we take your privacy very seriously. And with end-to-end encryption coming to DMs and group chats soon

    Compared to Discord, or other established voice chat systems like Mumble, this doesn’t sound great either:

    We are currently rebuilding the client and the voice server from scratch. The old voice should work in most cases, but it may inexplicably not connect in some scenarios and / or exhibit weird behaviour.

    The “app” on Android seems to be just the webapp running in a standalone window.

    I’ll concede them the OpenSource and self-hosted factors, and it does look like Discord, but it doesn’t seem like a suitable replacement for average users… yet. Then again, the ads might push them over.

    Guess it’s worth to keep an eye on it.

    Segab, (edited )

    Oh cool there’s an Android app, that’s gonna make it so much easier to recommend!

    Edit: I just read about how it’s centralized and not encrypted, I’m not sure how this can become anything but Discord except open source and less popular. Matrix + Element seems to cover my use case for a project a bit better, I’ll give that a try.


    Just tried it… it says “Running in Chrome”. Seems to be a repackaged webapp.

    empireOfLove2, avatar

    well that’s no different than Discord already, so net zero change

    running webapps in chrome or Electron containers simplifies a lot of development, i don’t like their resource requirements or dependency on Chromium, but I do understand needing to streamline development so devs can work on more important backend stuff.


    The difference is:

    • Discord: Electron app, 156 MB, works offline
    • Revolt: webapp, 635 kB, doesn’t work offline

    The “works offline” is not much of a bonus for a chat app, but you can access cached chats on Discord, while Revolt… just doesn’t run.

    There seem to be other clients for it, though. Haven’t checked those out.


    In theory PWAs can be configured to run offline, whether they’re doing that I don’t know.

    The desktop app looks like it’s electron though.


    I know, one of the best PWAs I’ve seen is, fully usable offline, with both device and browser storage.

    The Revolt’s one however, even though delivered as a PWA, seems to be only the login page. If already logged in, it throws a “Network error.” dialog. Haven’t checked the desktop one.

    empireOfLove2, (edited ) avatar

    so this Revolt project is open source, which is nice, but still seems to rely on centralized servers. Does it use P2P for voice+video+fileshare so that the original devs aren’t on the hook for insane bandwidth requirements? I can’t see anything about their networking systems in the FAQ or info pages.

    I may consider getting my friends to switch sooner or later if it’s more P2P based. But I don’t really want something that runs ALL traffic through central servers, because the bandwidth costs will inevitably just lead to the same situation that Discord is now in.


    It’s self-hostable, and they seem to be switching to webrtc-rs, not sure whether with P2P or not:…/1-voice-overhaul-and-video-calling

    In 2022, they claimed it was using minimal resources on the server:

    They also don’t seem to consider federation as a priority, but then again neither does Discord.


    Oh, this looks great. Honestly, I am very happy when closed-source apps become worse, these are all just opportunities for open source to move in and take over.

    Montagge, to SquaredCircle in Vince McMahon Accused of Sex Trafficking by WWE Staffer avatar

    Also I don't know if I should have marked this as NSFW because it is a rough read.

    GeekFTW avatar

    Got rid of the other one for ya since this has an extra comment.

    But yeah content warning everyone: Some uh...graphic details.

    Montagge, avatar


    Zima, to technology in Elon Musk’s X removes New York Times’ verification badge
    Zima avatar

    media companies are not technology news. neither is the new york times. this belongs in news not. or at least "technology news" should be the place for this type of low effort "articles".

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