Behind ‘Suicide Squad,’ the Year’s Biggest Video-Game Flop (

Behind the scenes, according to interviews with nearly two dozen people who requested anonymity because they weren’t authorized to speak to the press, the development of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League was a tumultuous affair, plagued by countless delays. The game failed for a number of reasons, said the people,...

Graeme Wood for the Atlantic: "It is possible to kill children legally" (

To rebut Hamas’s allegations by letting journalists see the war up close would be a calculated risk. Even when conducted legally, war is ugly. It is possible to kill children legally, if for example one is being attacked by an enemy who hides behind them. But the sight of a legally killed child is no less disturbing than the...

ICJ Ruling Won't Immediately Change War in Gaza, but Danger Still Looms for Israel (

“Halevi and the military high command woke up too late. The General Staff lost control over the units, especially reserve units, months ago. In Gaza, in the West Bank and in bases in Israel, soldiers record themselves destroying Palestinian property and civilian infrastructure, blowing up homes without permission and spreading...

Louisiana Republicans vote to end lunch breaks for child workers (

Full TextIt’s been difficult to keep up with the number of Republican efforts in recent years to roll back child labor laws. The Guardian reported in the fall that GOP policymakers at the state level “have led efforts to roll back child labor protections, with bills introduced in at least 16 states.” To be sure, not all of...

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