Trump calls Biden the 'destroyer' of democracy despite his own efforts to overturn 2020 election (

Former President Donald Trump on Saturday attempted to turn the tables on his likely rival in November, President Joe Biden, arguing that the man whose election victory Trump tried to overturn is “the destroyer of American democracy.”...

COVID-19 now increasing again, especially in Midwest and Mid-Atlantic, CDC says (

Several key COVID-19 trends that authorities track are now accelerating around the country, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Friday. It’s the first major nationwide uptick in the spread of the virus seen in months....

App Store Award winners is basically almost subscription's based apps (

I’m one of those that despise subscriptions in apps, even though Apple tries to push them whenever they can. What I was not expecting is that from their winners’ list, I guess only (ironically) the app Too Good To Go, doesn’t feature that garbage business model....

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