What can I do daily to improve my on-the-spot cognitive abilities?

Hey all I just came across an emergency situation irl that I felt useless in because of how slowly I was thinking. Basically it was someone getting an epileptic seizure and I had the info in my head for what to do but I did end up freezing a bit before I did anything. Really didn’t like it. The person is fine now but if I had...

Linux Laptop Gets Stuck on Black Screen After Suspending, No Way to Use Unless Restarted With Power Button

Recently bought a new laptop that comes with an AMD Radeon gpu and installed OpenSuse Tumbleweed on it which I had installed on my previous laptop as well but never had issues with suspending and resuming. However, with the new laptop, I am unable to resume after suspending or closing the lid unless I force it to shut down by...

Dont you think it is horrible how people put their political ideologies / viewpoints over human lives

Something that i find prettyd disgusting these days is how certain people put their political ideologies / viewpoints over human lives, for example, celebrating the russian invasion of ukraine because it is “a blow against US / NATO imperialism” completely ignoring all the warcrimes, the deaths, and the suffering generated...

What are the craziest misconceptions you’ve heard about programming from people not familiar with it?

As someone who spends time programming, I of course find myself in conversations with people who aren’t as familiar with it. It doesn’t happen all the time, but these discussions can lead to people coming up with some pretty wild misconceptions about what programming is and what programmers do....

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