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A burger being "100% Beef" is not a good thing

My whole life I’ve always hated burgers that you get from fast food/restaurants. It’s just a bland beef patty with a bunch of toppings that make it a pain to eat. These places advertise their burgers as being “100% Angus Beef!” or whatever, like that makes it appetizing… Why is this the norm? Do people just not know...

I'm so sick of every single medical-related question people have online constantly getting spammed with 'talk to your doctor!!!!'

The way people online constantly say ‘talk to your doctor’ like it’s a panacea is a lot like how medieval peasants weren’t able to read scripture and they just had to trust their clergy’s interpretations...

Single standard door refrigerators are better than french door.

Single door is nicer bc you only have to open one door, the french doors you often have to open both bc they are too small to get to things unless it’s in the door compartment. Opening or closing both doors with things in your hands gets old, and if you want to get into the meat drawer you have to open both sides fully then...

Severance and silo sucks .

I thought i shouldn’t make two posts but put both of em in one cause that’s more acknowledgement than what they deserve . So my reasons are the boths choke full of plot holes, lets do silo first : on one episode you need a long time two travel inside the silo then on another its not a problem at all , Characters are dumb as...

I prefer to buy video games without knowing anything about them

When I hear about a new game, I usually read the first sentence or two on Wikipedia. I rule out games described as certain genres or types, like soulslike or online-only multiplayer games. Then, I check reviews on a site like Metacritic. If the critic or user reviews (doesn’t need to be both) are good enough, I add it to a...

You shouldn't be able to join a competitive pvp match or start a raid without a working microphone

In games like Destiny or CS:GO for example, you should not even be allowed to start the activity without a working microphone. I dont care if you are antisocial, if that’s the case, those activaties aren’t for you and you shouldn’t bring down your entire team because of that....

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