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Cute summer bugs.
A brightly colored striped insect (Graphosoma italicum). And a Xylocopa iris, also called the small carpenter bee. It wasn't small, though.
#naturephotography #bugs #insects #travels #montenegro #risan

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Love these – have seen so many in summer, on Croatian islands, precisely on fennel and thistle flowers as shown.

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Rain all day today spoilt my fun in Accra. I had to stay indoors for a large part of the day. But in the morning I went to see an artist gallery, and a carpentry workshop with these fancy fantasy coffins..... strange thing to see on a travel trip, but the coffins in Ghana are worth writing home about! 😊

You can follow my blog @dilman where I will be telling you all about my in Accra.

A fantasy coffin in Accra, on display at a carpentry workshop, and is shaped like a sports shoe. Purple, yellow and white colors with the Nike logo.


@dilmandila @dilman Can you imagine how hard it is for a vampire to make a properly terrifying entrance, when the coffin looks like a purple sneaker?

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@Virginicus @dilman 😂 that cracked me up!


So long, New Mexico. It was a fun month and hope I get to explore more of it sometime soon! #NewMexico #travels #TravelPhotography #landscapes #LandscapePhotography #roadtrip


(1/x) Okay my delicious muppets, time for some microblogging on my #travels to post #brexit UK.

Rather nervous.

I've not travelled a lot over the past years, due to my eldest's autism, having a young family, Covid, burnout, the works. Now I'm travelling alone

I hate flying for numerous reasons. It's horrid for the environment, I hate busy airports, I always get pulled out of queues by customs, and I'm always anxious I've forgotten something.

But I'm looking forward to it too. (cont.)


(2/X) I've had a pile of stress this morning as the eldest really doesn't want me to go (or things to be different) and I promised her to go for a run before leaving. With her and her sisters working shifts to keep me from packing last night I found myself in a rush this morning 😂 it's always the effing same thing.

But: had a 3k run with all three girls through the rain (cue whining), we're now well on our way to Schiphol. They're sweetly playing games now. And I've got everything! (cont.)



Gentle reminder about #Brexit for #wargamers

When you're either side of the North Sea/Calais strait, and know someone on the other side, if you expect a bit of space in your luggage, ask them if there's anything they need (apart from stroopwafels ofc).

A number of small games manufacturers are refusing to ship across Brexit borders either way, or shipping is prohibitive.

(I'll be carrying add on models for the 2019 #BloodBowl world cup team and an unavailable board game into the UK)


Just arrived In Shrewsbury after a glorious 5 days in Chirk. Stayed in a gorgeous cottage in the grounds of the castle. Tons of gorgeous walks, including along an exquisite aqueduct and throughout green valleys and fecund woodland. A perfect holiday x #travels #wales

Picture of Chirk Castle in North Wales
A verdant valley in the vicinity of Chirk Castle
The grounds of Chirk Castle at dusk

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@StaggerLee42 Thanks!


@heidilifeldman No worries. It has been a long time since I was last in Wales but it was great to be back. So much history and so much natural beauty


Must have a Gula Melaka (via this pretty tasty Cendol) when in Malacca. The Gula Melaka down here is quite different from what you get in, say, Penang. There it’s more sweet and not as strong. Here it’s more fragrant. It’s quite nice here. #GulaMelaka #Malacca #travels #deserts #Malaysia


@cdrum one reason is the preparation as some will prepare them with Pandan/screwpine and not dilute it. Those in Penang likely diluted.


@tristupe Ah that could be!! Thanks


Church of St. Francis Xavier, Malacca, Malaysia 🇲🇾. I'll admit, I did some editing with the colors! 🤣Wonderful weather, especially the clouds. Unfortunately, that damn red car snuck in. #iPhone13 #Travels #Malacca #Malaysia #Churches


@cdrum Fixed.


Stopped over for lunch at this gem in Johor Bahru on the way to Malacca today. Fried chicken chop FTW!

IT Roo Café


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@cdrum Ah that looks like a nice hainanese chicken chop ❤️


@rakyat It sure was yummy!

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