drahardja, (edited )
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“And uh…this thing can do pretty well without any of [those extra sensors]”

…as his Tesla swerves into oncoming traffic 😄

#tesla #selfDriving #autopilot

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/Whatcouldgowrong/comments/1dbhar5/trying_to_explain_how_tesla_autopilot_is_superior/

@Tutanota@mastodon.social avatar

⚠️ PSA: Cars are becoming data harvesting nightmares! ⚠️

While modern day cars have cool features like maps, have you ever wondered what data vehicle manufacturers collect and what they do with it? 🚗🤔

Find out more here 👉 https://tuta.com/blog/cars-have-terrible-privacy

#data #drivingdata #tracking #Tesla #Nissan #Volkswagen

Tutanota, (edited )
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@repost Public transport all the way! :)

@readytogoo_0@mastodon.social avatar

@Tutanota nooo, gracias a ustedes por su gran esfuerzo que hacen al mantener y estar lejos de la vigilancia, son unos cracks

pallenberg, German
@pallenberg@mastodon.social avatar

Ich musste mal die ganz grosse Axt ansetzen!

Der Aufstieg & Fall von : Eine Analyse der Unternehmensfuehrung des , eines unglaublichen Aktienpakets & wie Fonds-Manager:innen wie Cathy Wood & Frank Thelen die Anleger:innen in die Irre gefuehrt haben.

👉 https://www.metacheles.de/tesla-elon-musk-thelen-10xdna-aktienpaket/

Wuerde mich wie immer freuen, wenn ihr diese Ausgabe weiterteilen koenntet.

Danke fuer euren Support 🙏

@DigitalNaiv@mastodon.social avatar

Danke, lieber @pallenberg - Gleich mal verbloggt in meiner heutigen Wochenschau. Passte wie die Faust auf den Trump.

@br00t4c@mastodon.social avatar
@Vonskinnback@mastodon.social avatar

@br00t4c I wonder how much tax he will pay on that? I would expect at least 37%...

@ai6yr@m.ai6yr.org avatar

"Tesla's unsold inventory is creating stockpiles you can see from space

Where have all the Teslas gone? Stored in parking lots, every one. "


#RemoteImaging #Tesla #automotive #satellites

@ai6yr@m.ai6yr.org avatar

Article: "Until then, we wondered: Where have all the unsold Teslas gone?

I used satellite imagery and object detection analytics from the earth observation marketplace SkyFi, to take a look at some images of Tesla’s Gigafactory outside Austin, Texas. Comparing a Thursday from last October to a Thursday in March, you can see that the parking lots outlined in green in the images below became much more full. " #SkyFi #RemoteImaging #satellite

@KrissyKat@hoosier.social avatar

I saw a black Tesla Cyber Truck this afternoon in Merrillville, Indiana.

#tesla #cybertruck

@maddad@mastodon.world avatar


Is it as ugly as the silver one?

@KrissyKat@hoosier.social avatar


It looks scary for some reason. Like it wouldn't be seen easily at night.

@drahardja@sfba.social avatar
@wordshaper@weatherishappening.network avatar

@drahardja Would there be tasers or cattle prods involved? Not gonna lie, that could be a good time.

@drahardja@sfba.social avatar

@wordshaper I do think Tesla knows a thing or two about electric implements.

@br00t4c@mastodon.social avatar

Tesla CEO Elon Musk could leave if $56 billion pay package not approved, shareholders warned

#elonmusk #tesla


@j_g_fitzgerald@c.im avatar

@br00t4c Good riddance.

@br00t4c@mastodon.social avatar
@gooba42@mastodon.social avatar

@br00t4c Is this what they're doing with the refurbished trucks after the full recall?

@GottaLaff@mastodon.social avatar

“Some of 's institutional shareholders are getting out, convinced that the electric carmaker's days of dizzying growth are in the rear-view mirror.

The company's shares are down nearly 30% this year and have fallen by more than 50% since their 2021 high, wiping out some $600 billion in market value as CEO Elon has struggled with fierce competition and falling sales. Tesla's first-quarter results missed analyst expectations…”

@VeroniqueB99@mastodon.social avatar

@GottaLaff he he he ...

@zombiecube@c.im avatar


Can’t spell “FELON” without elon.

@KrissyKat@hoosier.social avatar

More UFO-type (or maybe video game) proof that Tesla Cyber Trucks are out there.

@ScottStarkey@hoosier.social avatar
elCelio, Italian
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🇮🇹 S'è compiuto.

Oggi alle 10 è partito ed è stato preso d'assalto il sito per la prenotazione dell'Ecobonus per l'acquisto di auto meno inquinanti.

Ora anche il professionista s'è potuto comprare, o magari prendersi in leasing, la con (in parte) i soldi dei contribuenti.

❤️ E mi sento già più leggero.

@Otttoz@mastodon.uno avatar

@elCelio 👍
Meloni lascia a noi povirazzi il gusto di pagare il pizzo di stato per aiutare i ricchi!

@br00t4c@mastodon.social avatar
@WhyNotZoidberg@topspicy.social avatar

@br00t4c Tesla is, among other things, one of the worst cars at being a car. It is a statement for assholes and hipsters and "weird nerds" (tech bros), but it is not a good car.

@br00t4c@mastodon.social avatar

@WhyNotZoidberg terrible build quality. Tone at the top.

@GottaLaff@mastodon.social avatar

to 125,227 vehicles over faulty seat belt warning system

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said the vehicles failed to comply with the federal safety requirements as their seat belt warning light and audible chime may not get activated when the driver is unbelted

@EvilBunnyPottymouth@mastodon.social avatar

@GottaLaff 😆 😆 😆

@br00t4c@mastodon.social avatar

You Can Buy a Used Tesla for Cheap. Just Be Careful If You Do



DrGeof, (edited )
@DrGeof@mastodon.social avatar


I would not accept a Tesla as a gift., let alone pay any amount.

Tesla's are the 2024 equivalent of "Unsafe at any speed."

drahardja, (edited )
@drahardja@sfba.social avatar

Will #Tesla shareholders vote to give Elon a huge compensation package this June 13 (now worth $45B)?

@tapforms@mastodon.social avatar

@drahardja I own some TSLA and there's no way I would vote to approve that. Especially after he fired so many people. It boggles my mind to understand why he wants all that money after firing so many people.

@sgt1372@sfba.social avatar

@drahardja I hope not. How could that possibly be a financially sensible thing for the shareholders to do? But then there are millions of people who say they'll vote for despite being a convicted felon. So WTF do I know?? 🤔

@professorhank@sfba.social avatar

A whole shopping cart! This thing is AWESOME.

@QuantumAspect@mastodon.social avatar

Remember Google Glass? It didn't even hit the market, because the inconspicuous filming feature would turn its users into pariah's. Now your neighbour's is continuously you and your family. Yet you failed to condemn him. Is it ignorance or or deliberate disinterest?

@KrissyKat@hoosier.social avatar

All of the Tesla Cyber Trucks I spot in the wild are on my dash or doorbell cam, so they all look like Bigfoot or UFO sightings. This one was spotted on I-65 South near Exit 258.

@ScottStarkey@hoosier.social avatar

@KrissyKat It's like Elon saw a video game in 1997 and thought it was really cool.

@KrissyKat@hoosier.social avatar

@ScottStarkey That's what it looks like

@tayledras@mastodon.social avatar

I feel so refined now.

I do believe my Tesla WankPanzer may now socialize with the hoi polloi.

#Tesla #CyberTruck #WankPanzer

@Wen@mastodon.scot avatar

@tayledras Looks a little Great Gatsby…

@tayledras@mastodon.social avatar


Bite your tongue! 👅 😉

F. Scott Fitzgerald would NEVER have Tom or Daisy Buchanan ride in so uncouth a conveyance!

Only vulgar nouveau riche like Jay Gatsby or Elon Musk would think of so hideous a thing as a refined vehicle worthy of transport!

pallenberg, German
@pallenberg@mastodon.social avatar

Drama in 4 Akten oder warum #elonmusk ein Scharlatan/Hochstapler ist!

  1. "Ich werde als letzter #Tesla Aktien verkaufen"
  2. "Tesla bezahlt niemals fuer Werbung/Influencer"
  3. Verkauft Tesla-Aktien beim Hoechststand fuer fast $40Mrd
  4. Kauft damit #Twitter & schaltet dort Werbung, damit Tesla-Shareholder fuer sein $55 Mrd-Aktienpaket stimmen

Wer diesem Typen vertraut kann auch all-in auf Dogecoin gehen. Mehr zu Teslas "Anfang vom Ende" 👉 https://t.ly/TSLAQ

@chartier@toot.cafe avatar

Never mind the dumpster fire of a human being that is #ElonMusk, why on earth do people still buy anything from #Tesla?

We have years of evidence that the company is an absolute joke. Incompetence wrapped in hubris, thoroughly marinated with not just a lack of care, but unchecked disdain for its customers.


@chartier@toot.cafe avatar

Like look at this garbage. Look at it. The #CyberTruck warranty does not include “driving off-road.”

It doesn’t include driving on “uneven surfaces.”


Oh, or “exposure to sunlight.”



#ElonMusk #Tesla

rivoluzioneurbanamobilita, Italian
@rivoluzioneurbanamobilita@mastodon.uno avatar

Una in full-self driving mode non ha visto un treno e i segnali che di avviso del passaggio a livello

La guida autonoma non ci salverà. La persona alla guida, secondo quanto riportato dall'articolo, era vigile, ma era convinta che il sistema di assistenza di tesla "non potesse non accorgersi" del treno, e ha sterzato all'ultimo, salvandosi.

Il video è impressionante. La supervisione umana di sistemi quasi automatici non funziona.



@andre123@mastodon.uno avatar

@rivoluzioneurbanamobilita @news
Posseggo una Tesla e persino in autostrada, dove si limita a tenere la velocità e a mantenerti in corsia (Ho solo il pacchetto base) fa errori pazzeschi. Se sei in seconda corsia e uno dalla prima corsia mette la freccia e si inserisce davanti a te per passare un camion, anche se vi sono spazi più che adeguati e sicuri, Tesla inchioda di brutto (senza logica, non sempre), e rischio di esser tamponato se ho dietro qualcuno che mi tallona da vicino...

@andre123@mastodon.uno avatar

@rivoluzioneurbanamobilita @news Il problema è che non ha una logica precisa: talvolta lo fa, talvolta no.Non riesco a capire cosa la spinga a frenare improvvisamente anche laddove non serva, anzi... E io vado anche "piano", 120km/h costanti (compromesso fra autonomia e viaggiare).

@br00t4c@mastodon.social avatar

Tesla wanted to make 20 million cars a year by 2030. Never mind


@gooba42@mastodon.social avatar

@br00t4c Who were they going to sell those super expensive older models to?

@GottaLaff@mastodon.social avatar

A owner says his car’s ‘self-driving’ technology failed to detect a moving train ahead of a crash caught on camera

A video viewed millions of times on social media shows a Tesla almost crashing into a train. Documents from Tesla show the car was in Full Self-Driving mode at the time.

@dbc3@mastodon.world avatar

I'm glad he detected the problem and avoided a terrible crash.
But that said I think anyone who trusts self driving cars at this point in time is a little bit foolish..

@Mikal@sfba.social avatar


Blame it on all of us failing to properly "identify all squares with a moving train" on the captchas.

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