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Guten Morgen - Tässle Kaffee ☕ ?

Letzte Woche gab es wieder etwas #Hate vor allem älterer, reaktanter Männer, nachdem mich der #SWR mit 1 Satz pro #Windkraft zitiert hatte.

Doch ich bleibe dabei und bekräftige es auch: #Windenergie ist eine wichtige Form erneuerbarer #Friedensenergie. Wer deren Ausbau pauschal bekämpft, nimmt die weitere fossile Finanzierung von Krieg & Terror, #Antisemitismus und dualistischer Propaganda in Kauf. Ich bin pro #Solar & #Wind! :0450:

tomkalei, German

Seit wir unsere PV-Anlage in Betrieb haben, beobachte ich unseren Stromverbrauch und da fallen einem Dinge auf, die, nun ja, eigentlich offensichtlich sind. Man weiß sie schon, aber es hat mir nochmal die Größenordnungen von Leistung vor Augen geführt.



Wenn ihr euren Was-Auch-Immer-Abdruck in dieser Welt verringert wollt, verzichtet auf das Auto. Egal ob Elektro- oder Fred-Feuerstein-Steinzeitkarre. Licht ausmachen wenn man das Zimmer verlässt ist auch gut. Statt für sich alleine lieber für 2 oder mehr Leute kochen auch, aber im Prinzip sind das alles Rundungsfehler gegen nicht Auto fahren oder wenigstens nicht alleine.


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@tomkalei Vorsicht. Den größten individuellen Einfluss auf die CO2-Emissionen hat nach aktuellem Stand eine vegane Lebensweise.

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🟨🟨▫️▫️ bereits 55 Leute haben sich angemeldet für unseren -Versuch im !

Es gibt noch 45 Plätze, daher schnell auf gehen und anmelden.

Wir bauen aus gebrauchten Panels und neuen Wechselrichtern, neue Steckersolargeräte!

jedie, avatar

@balkonsolar leider zu weit weg.

GreenFire, avatar

Without celebrating the climate progress that we've made we send a signal to young people that we've not been trying to address the problem and that's a problem.

Already, the rollout of clean generation, led by solar and wind, has helped to slow the growth in fossil fuels by almost two-thirds in the last 10 years. As a result, half the world’s economies are already at least five years past a peak in electricity generation from fossil fuels.

malcircuit, avatar

Holy crap!

The sun kicked out a X8.79 flare at about noon CT today! THAT'S HUGE!!!

If there was a CME associated with that one, we might be getting another major geomagnetic storm in a few days.

#solar #astronomy

malcircuit, avatar

As I suspected, the flare came from AR3664, which has nearly rotated out of view of Earth. Probably aren't going to see any aurora from this flare. X8.8 is still impressive though. I wish the sun had been clear for me to see it (and take pics of it).

meganL, avatar

Stating what should be obvious, but is too often ignored in calls for solar farms - we have plenty of existing infrastructure on which to be installing solar.

We don't need to centralize nor overrun more habitat. #Solar

Edent, avatar

🆕 blog! “One MegaWattHour of Battery Power!”

Less than a year ago, in August 2023, we installed a 4.8kWh Solar Battery at a cost of £2,900. Whenever I talk about the upfront capital costs of solar power, people rightly want to know what the payback period is. Well, after less than 10 months, the battery has given us 1MWh. To put that […]

👀 Read more:

ZeugmaFr, avatar

so to get my head right: payback time is about 8 years? battery+solar panel cost included?

Edent, avatar

@ZeugmaFr Yes.

blog, avatar

One MegaWattHour of Battery Power!

Less than a year ago, in August 2023, we installed a 4.8kWh Solar Battery at a cost of £2,900. Whenever I talk about the upfront capital costs of solar power, people rightly want to know what the payback period is.

Well, after less than 10 months, the battery has given us 1MWh.

To put that in to context, the average UK household uses about 3MWh per year. So (again, very roughly) over a third of our electricity use this year has come from the battery.

But where does the battery get its energy from? We have two sources.

First is solar. When the sun is shining, our solar panels produce electricity. That flows down from our roof and into our mains wiring where it is used by the home. If we are using less electricity than is being produced, the electricity flows into the local grid and we get paid for selling our surplus.

Our battery has sensors attached to the grid connection. When it detects surplus generation, it starts charging. By constantly monitoring our overproduction, it can charge up with free solar power.

But the sun doesn't always shine (ain't that the truth!) so there are days when our solar production is less than our usage.

In these cases, the battery charges from the electricity grid. We have a smart tariff which changes price every 30 minutes. The battery knows the day's prices and can predict our daily usage. If it can see that electricity is cheap at 3am and expensive at 4pm, then it will charge up during the early hours of the day and discharge at peak time.

The battery occasionally sits idle. Mostly when it has fully charged but knows an expensive period is coming up later.

What does that mean for money?

Well... it's complicated! When the battery charges from solar, is the electricity free? No! If we were to sell that surplus electricity to the grid, we would be paid 15p/kWh.

When the battery charges from the grid, is the electricity expensive? No! Because we are on a dynamic tariff, we occasionally get paid to use electricity! Our provider has paid us up to 5p/kWh to charge!

When the battery discharges, how much does it save us? Again, complicated! Because we're on a dynamic tariff our prices change every 30 minutes. Sometimes the rates are as high as £1/kWh, other times they're 1p/kWh. Generally speaking, the battery only discharges if the price of use is higher than the cost of acquisition.

So... I've fudged the figures! For the first year of operation, energy prices have been high. Based on a back-of-a-fag-packet calculation, I reckon the battery saves us an average of about 31p/kWh. Call it about £360 per year in savings.

That gives us a payback time of about 8 years.

Of course, if electricity prices spike, payback will be quicker. If they crater, it'll take longer. If we switch to electrical heating or get an electric car, the savings will be greater.

Domestic battery technology is still a bit of a tough sell. The batteries are large and their fans are noisy. The cost of materials and installation is high and their capacity is relatively small. But the technology behind them is sound. With a dynamic energy price tariff, they're one of the best way to reduce utility bills.

Obligatory referral link

Join Octopus energy and we both get £50. They have regular and dynamic tariffs, and a pretty cool GraphQL API.

dwm, avatar

@blog I'm anticipating going down the solar panels + battery route at some point in the next 6-18 months, and one of my concerns is that a lot of these systems advertise an app for monitoring/management --- and that seems like something that might go unmaintained relatively swiftly, specially if hosted cloud facilities are involved.

Do you happen to know whether your system, at least, can operate independent of any cloud service and provides a general-purpose API?

Edent, avatar

@dwm @blog
My system is, sadly, cloud tied. That was a significant concern for me but sadly couldn't be avoided.
It will continue to work when disconnected from the Internet - albeit not as efficiently.
I have some confidence that the company will open a local API if necessary. But, at the time, I couldn't find any purely local solutions that I was happy with.

adingbatponder, avatar

panel with USB A connector is plugged into the USB micro power in port. The tbeam has a 16850 3400 mAh Li-Ion 3.7 V battery. The panel & tbeam are behind a velux roof window angled at the sky. The sun is shining well today, no clouds. The t-beam shows 4.2 V plugged in symbol in the app. When unplugged from the panel, the t-beam shows 100% charge.
solar panel
This is test to see how long this lasts - there is no power management circuit.

meshtastic andoid app showing the same node now with a battery symbol which implies it is running on its battery only. It shows 100%
A tbeam plugged into a small solar panel via usb
the solar panel and tbeam are placed under a roof velux window behind its rolled-down blind. the sky shows it is dusk and is a dark blue

adingbatponder, avatar

@danie10 There is only a usb A micro btw

danie10, avatar

@adingbatponder think it's the same concept, I'd imagine the micro USB has been replaced by USB-C on the newer boards.

sudelsurium, German avatar

Frage an alle, die #Photovoltaik mit Aufsparrendämmung nutzen:

Verschraubt Ihr die Haken durch die Dämmung hindurch im Sparren - oder kann eine Verschraubung in Lattung/Konterlattung genügen?

Gibt es da eine Montageform, die als fachgerecht bzw. vorschriftsmäßig definiert ist?

🔮❌ Bitte keine Spekulationen, nur sachkundige Antworten.

#solar #steildach

darrell73, avatar

Now that's fascinating. While everyone's talking about all the active #Solar activity, I just worked PJ2/W4IPC on 28.012.1 MHz CW. #AmateurRadio #HamRadio

AnnaAnthro, avatar

Scientists prepare for severe #solar storm and very bright aurora.

“NOAA’s Space Weather Prediction Center issued a severe (G4) geomagnetic storm watch this week, the first since January 2005.

Five Earth-directed coronal mass ejections (CMEs) have so far been observed and are expected to reach our planet today and over the weekend.”

otfrom, avatar

Thrown 22.5kWh at the grid so far today. That should be enough for 2-3 neighbours. #solar #Scotland

peggycollins, avatar
Landru79, Spanish avatar

The Dynamics Observatory
2024 05 06 >> 2024 05 08



malcircuit, avatar

Managed to catch a just-shy-of-X1-class flare a few hours ago when I put my scope out on the deck.

The complex chaos of magnetic fields — that is much, much larger than the size of Earth — designated as Region 3664 and Region 3668 (center right sunspot smudge) has been spawning a great number of flares recently, flinging an truly stupendous amount of energy and relativistic particles out into the solar system.

malcircuit, avatar

So some of that stupendous amount of energy and particles that Region 3664 kicked off earlier in the week is projected to arrive here on Friday night, causing a G2 geomagnetic storm.

If you live up dare in da north and it's clear out where you are (and you have a sufficiently dark sky), I highly suggest stepping outside and looking for some possible aurora in the sky. The viewline dips as far south as Chicago.

malcircuit, avatar

I want to establish extra urgency to anyone living in the Seattle and (less so) Vancouver area. The weather forecast is going to be about perfect for tonight. Almost no clouds.


(I have an old friend out there and I'm honestly tempted to fly out there just for tonight)

CarbonBubble, avatar

Growth in & power pushed generation to a record 30% of global electricity production in 2023, putting a global target to triple renewable capacity by 2030 within sight, Ember find

sam, avatar

Can you spot the difference? Yes, the day is finally here (well, technically it's not yet, the electrician is coming out to do the interconnect with Georgia Power tomorrow)! I'm so excited that GeorgiaBright (free loans for solar installs if you're below a certain income threshold so you don't have any upfront payment) made this possible for me, I never thought I'd be able to do it!

The same small white house, but now the right half of the roof is covered in solar panels.

sam, avatar

After some confusion with the inspector (who came out but didn't tell me, so I was still waiting for a call), I just walked outside and flipped the big satisfying switch! Power is flowing!

malcircuit, avatar

The sun from a few hours ago. I'm really enjoying this weird semi-inverted technique I've discovered. Really makes the details pop

hendric, avatar

@thomasfuchs @malcircuit Wow, nice work! The latest scopes from Lunt Solar Systems are actually dual-use as night-time apos and daytime h-alphas. :D

thomasfuchs, avatar

@hendric @malcircuit hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

kimlockhartga, avatar

Does anyone have experience with #solar #generators? It's too expensive to get solar panels and a power bank installed, but I like the idea of using renewable energy for back up power. It's hard to know how much capacity one needs, or how many charges the lithium battery can take?

malcircuit, avatar

I took a break from work to edit the final result from the H-alpha images I got on Wednesday. First is the more typical color scheme and the second is a quirky semi-inverted blue version like I did last night.

#solar #astrophotography

Same high resolution image of the sun's surface with much detail visible, except in a weird bright blue color

SomEnergia, Catalan avatar

☀️ El Sol de abril produce en España más #electricidad que todas las centrales nucleares juntas.

#Energía #Renovables #Solar #Eólica #Nuclear

EZLorenzImagery, avatar

May 3rd- Happy International SUN Day!

The idea behind this day was to “draw attention to sustainable energy sources and their use for the solutions of ecological problems”.

BenjaminHCCarr, avatar

Storing energy with #compressedair is about to have its moment of truth
Toronto-based #Hydrostor Inc. is one of the businesses developing long-duration energy storage that has moved beyond lab scale and is now focusing on building big things. The company makes systems that store energy #underground in the form of compressed air, which can be released to produce electricity for eight hours or longer.
Technology will be used to store wind and #solar energy for use later.


techducks, German avatar

Ich würde mich gerne ein bisschen mit dem Thema Balkonsolar befassen. Auf was muss ich vor einem Kauf unbedingt achten (In Block auf die Hardware)?

Ab liebsten ist mir ein System, was sich ins Smarthome (Homeassistant) einbinden lässt und sich nicht spontan selbst entzündet.

Auch gerne ohne US- oder China-Cloud.

#solar #balkonkraftwerk

larsmb, avatar

@chiefbongo @techducks Die von Shelly bekommen regelmäßig Updates und ich bin sehr zufrieden, aber es gibt auch freie Firmware für viele Modelle: #Tasmota


@chiefbongo @techducks IKEA Zigbee Steckdosen kriegen immer Mal wieder Software-Updates.

Über deren App ... telefoniert sie nach Hause? Ich weiß es nicht, habe die noch nie benutzt. Weil ich meine Zigbee-Geräte direkt an Zigbee2MQTT dran habe, komplett Cloud-Free.

Auch eine andere Steckdosen-Art, diesmal mit Powermeter, have ich cloudfree in Nutzung. Das kamen aber nie Software-Update so ... andererseits: was soll bei Zigbee schon schlimmes passieren? Das habe ich nichts Sicherheits-relevantes.

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