Shower Thoughts

cliffwade, avatar

What if Mastodon had a way to save the ALT text you entered each time you used a new image. So if you used the same image later, it would some how know what you used the last time and give you the option to automatically use that instead of having to type something each and every time.

Seems to me there would be some way to be able to do this easily and to save all of us time from having to type the same thing for ALT text on a regular basis.

#Idea #Thoughts #AltText #Accessibility

beardedtechguy, avatar

@cliffwade This definitely needs to be a feature.

ppatel, avatar

@cliffwade There's been some discussion about imbedding descriptions as a part of the image metadata.

smallcircles, avatar

Some first on how , being fundamentally different than and , may focus on the interfaces, formation of and relationships.

Businesses understand forging and maintaining relationships. They work well (though involving of course).

Not so when it comes to F2B. Then FOSS is just grabbed, like ore from a mine.

There can be no "supply chain" that way. Proper mutual value exchange is needed for that.

lascapi, avatar

@smallcircles Thank you for sharing that!

I think too that to work together we have to be aware of the value of the other board.
And usually #FOSS are not so well known by business world and by government…

But I feel that it's going to change a bit.
Like for the German Train Organization : with Cornelius Schumacher ( he worked at #kde ) and Max Mehl ( he worked at #FSFE ).
I like it!!! 🤩

Lifecoach5000, avatar

Like it would be an interesting service to just voluntarily go into a coma this election but with the option to vote super early. Vote in August and wake up next Feb and see what’s poppin

SteveThompson, avatar

"ISIS Attacks Show the War on Terror Is Heating Up"

"Deadly assaults in Moscow and elsewhere show that the West needs to improve vigilance — especially for the Paris Olympics."

zleap, avatar


And the Euros' football thing during the summer too.

SteveThompson, avatar

It's different this time. Now we know from the evidence what he will do in power. We can turn him off more readily, and deny him and his MAGA the platform.

"Don’t Let Trump Exhaust You"

"The Trump campaign is trying to turn the electoral process into a moral swamp. Voters are going to have to pace themselves to get to November."

#GOP #Trump #Republicans #election2024 #MAGA #opinion

antygon, Polish avatar

Kojarzycie Świat Dysku Terrego Pratcheta? I Vimesa komentdanta straży miejskiej Ankh Morpork?

No więc Pratchet ustami Vimesa stworzył ciekawą teorię nierówności społecznej ( w skrócie:

Bogatego stać na realne oszczędzanie. Bogaty może sobie kupić porządne skórzane buty za 50 dolarów, a biednego stać tylko na takie za około 10 dolarów. No i te za 10 dolarów rozlecą się po sezonie. Jak będzie miał szczęście. A te za 50 dolarów będą dobre latami.

Generalnie jak kupujesz drogą porządną rzecz to masz spokój na lata i realną oszczędność. A jak Cie nie stać to de facto musisz wydać więcej.

Otóż mam taką myśl, że dla coraz większej liczby produktów to już nie jest prawdą, bo wszystko jest kupą tylko czasami kupa jest droga. I już nie ma marki telefonów, która będzie dobra latami, ale wszystko jest tak zrobione, że za krótki czas będzie trzeba kupować coś nowego.

Żyjemy w czasach postępującej utraty jakości na rzecz maksymalizacji przychodów.

panigrc, avatar

I have an #idea for a #Thunderbird #extension, but I don't know how to code it:

#Kanban view for tasks

#tasks already have status which could be converted to columns:

Not specified → #backlog
Needs action → to do
In Process


Feature request for code editors:

Command for jumping to the next file that has errors.

Piraya, Norwegian avatar

Dette med at trening skal gi mer energi er ganske bullshit, for man bruker jo den ekstra energien på å trene.

veronica, avatar

@Piraya Litt sånn som energidrikk uten kalorier. Yeah, right!

yngmar, avatar

The collective time humans waste on solving must be staggering.

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kev, (edited ) avatar

If I sleep in my bed for ~8 hours per night, and my dogs sleep on it for most of the other 16, is it even my bed?

giantspacesquid, avatar

@kev face it. We sleep in extra large doggie beds 😬

kev, avatar

@abosio They get locked downstairs and sleep in their other beds, in my office haha.

rakyat, avatar

Although I do not think that humans are better than animals, I also feel that we are giving ourselves too little credit. Cats and dogs might not be killing
each other with bombs or arguing about abortion rights but they also don’t live in huge complex societies consisting of millions or billions of strangers. Will they fare better than us if they take over the earth? I don’t know, honestly. #FikiranJamban #showerthoughts


@rakyat I wish we'd know. I need a world simulator game that makes this possible.

Linux_in_a_Bit, avatar

:blobcat0_0: There are probably people out there who are like Wayland evangelists but for Windows 11...

MyBeansAreBaked, avatar

@Linux_in_a_Bit I think windows lovers have more in common with X11 evangelists (/wayland deniers)

JenMsft, avatar

That moment when you realize, as someone who's worn glasses for most of their life, that there are a bunch of people out there who don't associate showering with blurry vision

grork, avatar

@JenMsft If you are a glasses wearer, who then gets lasik/ICL it’s real trippy the first week or so (says my better half who got it done last year)

JenMsft, avatar

@grork I can imagine!

dichotomiker, avatar

Both Whataboutism and the accusation of it are used for Burying.



If i understand correctly, whataboutism is used to burry a statement without any solid counter-argument. The accusation of it burries the whataboutism’s argument, which could be valid nonetheless.


Nowadays you can’t compare anything to anything.

minioctt, (edited ) Italian

#Idea in teoria molto semplice che potrebbe ridurre il problema della spazzatura sul #web, dei motori di ricerca che restituiscono risultati di qualità sempre più scadente a causa del #SEOSpam che non fa altro che aumentare, e tutte queste cose qui: servirebbe un sistema di valutazione da parte degli utenti per i risultati (che va a complementare i ranking algoritmici). Si potrebbe fare in tanti modi, ma uno con like+dislike sarebbe la cosa migliore, per la sua rapidità nell’uso che però risulta lo stesso in dati utili se usato da molti utenti. Alla fine è così che è nato Reddit, pensandoci, ma quelli erano anni diversi e il #problema che si stava cercando di risolvere era diverso da questo qui, quindi non centra se non in superficie. 👁️‍🗨️️

…Non so però come un grosso motore di #ricerca potrebbe fare a prevenire abusi di questo #sistema che lo renderebbero non solo inutile ma anche controproducente (risultati utili sotterrati da dislike disonesti, o quelli inutili portati su da like bottati). Tuttavia, probabilmente l’idea si può realizzare in casa, sfruttando qualcuno dei vari meta-motori che il mercato del software open-source offre (o creando un’estensione browser per motori mainstream), facendo in modo di garantire l’accesso alle votazioni soltanto ad utenti “fidati” (amici a cui si registra un account, persone che possono fornire un qualche tipo di verifica forte dell’identità, ecc…). Se avete maggiori #idee su questa questione magari possiamo provare a sviluppare qualcosa, francamente sono sempre più stufa di dover scavare per trovare #informazioni anche banali, sempre ‘sti cazzo di #siti #spam in cima. (O esiste già?) 🙄️

#idea #idee #informazioni #problema #ricerca #SEOSpam #sistema #siti #spam #web

Mehrad, avatar

Here is a free #idea for whoever wants to take it:

Knowing that LLMs are basically very good at predicting the next word, it is just rational to have a tiny #LLM locally on the phone to assist #keyboard. The data be offline and it collect data from user's typing and get better. It is also essential to have a large button to suppress recording of keyboard for when user inserts private info like passwords, bank details and etc.

I'm surprised it is not a thing yet!

BrokenFlows, avatar
Mehrad, avatar

I haven't had iPhone for years,but the last time I used it it was "ducking" bad.

And on Android the issue is still there, although gboard is much better that Apple's.

I just think we need to have a fully transparent and opensource keyboard with very very good word prediction. The technology is there, we just need someone with enough knowledge to stitch them together.

kyonshi, avatar

stupid idea: bluetooth #sneakernet without internet connections. clients reside on the phone or computer of participants, and peer automatically with one another when close by (or maybe with a public access point), exchanging messages and propagating messages further with every contact. private and public messages can be read via a simple app

which actually sounds like something someone somewhere might already have created.

#communication #idea

Yora, avatar

@kyonshi Not an IT expert of any kind, but the first thing that comes into my mind is "data security" in big, bright, red letters.

kyonshi, avatar

oh yeah, that would be a problem

philpem, avatar

If Twitter is now X
And people are calling it Xwitter to joke about that
And Xwitter is pronounced like 💩

Does that mean we can call "enshittification", "EnXittification"?

NormanDunbar, avatar

@philpem Yes.

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