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Wallace West (1900-1980) was born on this day. Bibliography:

L, Ed Emshwiller, 1963; R, Milton Luros, 1951


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Film di Animazione pluripremiato alla scorsa edizione del , Mars Express è un piccolo capolavoro che DOVETE recuperare.

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Sybil Danning in “Battle Beyond the Stars” (also pictured is Darlanne Fluegel)


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Everyone wants to remake the good stuff... what about remakes of the truly awful shows with fantastic potential in their ideas?

My suggestion: a modern version of Ark II (1976)

"Three young scientists travel around the country in the 25th century after the world has been ravaged by pollution. In their hi-tech RV (called Ark II), they study the land and help out those in need."

Is that not a fantastic premise?
#scifi #sciencefiction #TV #show #history

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You'd have a devilish conundrum at the heart of the show with the occupants of the hi-tech transportation device living easy lives in comparison to the wreckage around them. You'd have a Star Trek-filled landscape of tough moral decisions. You would also have modern relevance with a world in which we have NOT been good stewards and our youth have to take charge.

Food for thought! :)

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@nyrath @SFRuminations That's the episode I remember the most.

In retrospect it was astonishing that there was a TV show for kids with a post-apocalyptic premise. On top of that, the post-apocalyptic fiction we were getting, just a few years later, often favored rebuilding the world of capitalist economic progress, just with a few reforms.

Ark II in general, and that episode in particular, directly questioned what we understand progress to mean.

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The 'Kuiper Belle' touches down on Enceladus, with supplies for the Herschel Outpost.

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They were a little stiff compared to the looseness of a totally free hand drawing. Perhaps warping the model a bit. Or not trying to trace the rendered image.

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That's OK, Blender has tons of goodies to learn. Addicted to modeling, maybe, but it is time well spent. And the results are impressive.

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Sci-fi plot: Aliens need carbon. They seed planets with life which concentrates carbon in the atmosphere. Later they come to collect...

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What’s the best sci-fi universe you’ve ever explored in a book? Why did it stand out?

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The Crucible of Time by John Brunner. Because of the top notch world building. And because I am a fan of the Connections history of science series by James Burke.

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I’m am so geeked for this. Apple+ adaptation of “Time Bandits” will start streaming in July:

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@bsletten Oh man, that is going be sweet

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Love me some First Ones!



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Gardner F. Fox (1911-1986) was born on this day. Bibliography:

L, Gray Morrow, 1966; R, Jeff Jones, 1969


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Here's a good one: Phantom Menace Theatrical versus 4K release.

Does the digital noise reduction hammer the details, especially in faces? Is the new color shift to blue better? You decide

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@tptigger Yeah.


@virtualbri A shinier turd is still a turd.

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New starship work in progress.

For a long time I have been a fan of the Corvette design from the game Independence War (I-War) box art. I finally decided to do a ship inspired by that design.



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Great starship!

As a matter of historical interest (which has zero bearing on your design) the I-War ship has a circular profile because the outer edge is a circular particle accelerator feeding the particle beam weapon.

Feel free to totally ignore my compulsive pedantry

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@nyrath Definitely good to know. It's been years since I played.

Still doesn't take away it gives the ship a very cool profile. 😎

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Job Requirement.
Journey level bioreactor cultivator.
Responsibilities include sewage, sanitation, water cycle, on call for contamination and containment incidents.

Prior experience with municipal scale infrastructure installations is helpful but not required for the right candidate. Familiarity with engineeered biological soil cultures and bioactive remediation to graduate level is a requirement.
Reports to Habitation Duty Officer.

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@laprice The UK could do with a few of those today.

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I have just discovered that the Baltimore Rock Opera Society exists, its current show is A Computer That Loves: And Why Not To Build One, "a original universe-spanning sci-fi rock opera epic with a big (and heavy) heart."

And that they are livestreaming the May 31 show!

#opera #scifi #rock #theatre #Baltimore

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Almost done with this spacecraft hatch

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This Is How You Lose the Time War by Amal El-Mohtar & Max Gladstone seems to be a popular book lately so I've been working my way through it but tbh so far it's pretty awful. I hope it gets better as I'm tempted to stop.

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@Nonya_Bidniss I loved Time War, but it's definitely not for everyone. Worth seeing through, though, given how brief it is.

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Quick plug for my song!
Skylark Duquesne, representing Atlantis, The Last Planet [ATLA], presents "Postmarked The Stars", a love letter from outer space to my dear wife, Elizabeth. It's really cute singer-songwriter stuff, with a healthy nerdiness and a reference to the classic novel by Andre Norton. Let me know if you like it!

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Yay! My story "Down in the Wreck of The Promise" has been reprinted in All Worlds Wayfarer and is available to read online for a short time.

It's one of my personal favourites; a science fantasy story about community, and what to do with your ghosts.

#SpeculativeFiction #SFF #SciFi #ScienceFiction #ScienceFantasy #ShortStories #Ghosts #GhostStories

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Could do with a name for this. Scrap/salvage ship. Ex asteroid mining vessel. Plying its trade between Ceres and Mars.

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