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margherita (

I used to make pizza with regular super market flour, but i recently found some caputo flour in an italian super market around here and gave it a try. I had read about it before but kinda brushed it off, but this flour is seriously just great to make dough with. I bought caputo ‘pizzeria’, they also had some other flavors at...

Buying a new woodfired oven (

For the past year, my main oven is an Edil Planet Nonno Peppe oven, an RVS oven for 1-2 pizza’s. But putting 2 pizza’s in there at the same time isn’t really a very spacious endeavour. So I’ve been thinking of getting the bigger version, the Edil Planet Pizzaiolo (2-4 pizza’s). That will cost me around 1500€. I also...

5+ Years of Pizza Making (

Pizza takes practice! Don’t be discouraged by first attempt results. Here’s a look back at my progress over 5 years of pizza making in a conventional oven. I do most of the bake these days on a steel in the dedicated broiler drawer of my old oven. Early attempts used 00 Flour which sucks for conventional ovens since it...

Peppe Pizzaria (Paris) - World Champion Pizza (

Peppe Pizzaria, Paris, France. Shop was rated best pizza in Europe in 2021 and 2022. The front pizza is the “CAMPIONE DEL MONDO” with yellow tomatoes, jambon, provolone, mozzarella di bufala, grilled almonds, and fig jam. Behind a more standard Pizza PIccante with a spicy ham (not sure if sopressata, salami, or something...

Whole wheat crust update (

A few weeks ago I posted about the trouble I had with 100% whole wheat pizza crust. I’ve been tweaking the recipe since then, so I think it’s time for an update. The summary is that the most recent recipe works pretty well… as long as I don’t let the dough get over-proofed. Decent structure, crumb, and taste. The big...

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