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After atoms, it's now the turn of molecules to form a Bose–Einstein condensate.

"Physicists have succeeded in cooling down molecules so much that hundreds of them lock in step, making a single gigantic quantum state. These systems could be used to explore exotic physics, such as by creating solid materials that can flow without resistance, or could form the basis of a new kind of quantum computer."

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How many photons are received per bit transmitted from Voyager 1? - Physics Stack Exchange


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Anyone on mathstodon got a better answer to this #physics question? I feel like somebody could do better than I did.

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@seamsay Already several good answers in that thread. Doesn't seem worthwhile to go and add one more.

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TBH I am more failing on the 12 year old thing.

I would always check against: for kids stuff.
I had it as a kid, and it gave me great understanding of many things with a sense of humor I love and it covers quite a lot.

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British physicist Peter Higgs was born in 1929.

In 1964, Higgs proposed a theory explaining how particles acquire mass. This mechanism involves the interaction of particles with a field, now known as the Higgs field. The field has an associated particle (Higgs boson). The search for the Higgs boson became a major focus of particle physics experiments. In 2012, scientists at CERN's Large Hadron Collider announced the discovery of a new particle consistent with the Higgs boson.


How much of the mass of the Universe is attributed to the Higgs field?

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I've never done so much and during this since university! Programming a game is a lot of maths!

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@etenil it's all the fun kind of math

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WoW had a lot of astrophysicists & other maths based people in its Project management & dev groups

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Electromagnetism : a 2D electric field generated by a collection of positive charges distributed along a rectangle

#physics #science #illustration

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Particle physics and cosmology go hand-in-hand, despite the vast difference in scales. So when something new starts brewing in the quantum world, we pay attention. On this week’s Big Picture Science - could physics experiments take us “Beyond the Standard Model?”

Listen here:

#physics #podcast #science #scicomm

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Today's thing I can't integrate:
sin^3(x)/(1+a-a cos(x))^2 dx from 0 to pi
#maths #physics

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@level98 Interesting, well at least it appears to solve. I'll try myself at some point. The context looks like this:

(I had my laptop in a conference but didn't swap it for paper, although it seems I should have)

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@sjb Ah... Klein-Nishina, the QFT formula related to Compton scattering - I was getting a Compton scattering prac up and running in a 3rd Year Uni teaching lab and found a mistake in relation to calculations using Klein-Nishina for this prac in the classic Melissinos "Experiments in Modern Physics" (if I remember correctly the end result is OK... possibly two mistakes cancelling out... but it was a while back). I emailed the publisher but got no response - oh well.

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Physicists conjecture that for each cat, there is an anticat of the same size but opposite temperament. Some cats are shifted red and some are shifted blue. I’m not sure I got that all right. I was prety sleepy during the lecture.

Cat and Anticat
Doodle No. 141

8” square

Drawn with archival archival black pigment ink, highly lightfast (fade resistant) watercolor pencils, mica paint on Arches 300 GSM 100% cotton paper

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New Research Sheds Light on the Forgotten 11th-Century Muslim Scientist That Fundamentally Transformed the History of Physics #physics #mathematics

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My PhD thesis has been published!
If you're interested in how to manipulate atoms into their coldest possible state using lasers, and why it's interesting to drop them in a 10m vacuum tower, this is for you! Also, fun with "painting" arbitrary shapes with laser beams!
#physics #AtomInterferometry #Quantum #QuantumSensing

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A decade-long effort to build a machine to unlock the promise of nuclear fusion fell victim to budget constraints and competing science, and was shut down the day it was dedicated. It was never turned on. #physics #science #chemistry #biology #astronomy #neet #space #quantumphysics #engineering #physicsfun

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📣 Postdoc job alert 📣

The “Astrophysical and Cosmological Relativity” department at the @mpi_grav in Potsdam announces the opening of several postdoctoral appointments.

These appointments will be in the area of data analysis and its interface with waveform modeling for the recently adopted space-based gravitational-wave detector LISA.


📅 apply by May 21, 2024

#Postdoc #PostdocPosition #Job #Physics #Astrophysics #Potsdam #LISA #LISAMission

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@ognimaeb stunning!


In #QuantumFieldTheory, scattering amplitudes can be computed as sums of (very many) #FeynmanIntegral s. They contribute differently much, with most integrals contributing near the average (scaled to 1.0 in the plots), but a "long tail" of integrals that are larger by a significant factor.
We looked at patterns in these distributions, and one particularly striking one is that if instead of the Feynman integral P itself, you consider 1 divided by root of P, the distribution is almost Gaussian! To my knowledge, this is the first time anything like this has been observed. We only looked at one quantum field theory, the "phi^4 theory in 4 dimensions". It would be interesting to see if this is coincidence for this particular theory and class of Feynman integrals, or if it persists universally.
More background and relevant papers at
#quantum #physics #statistics



@johncarlosbaez These are primitive (=subdivergence-free) graphs for the 4-point function. Hence, these numbers are independent of the chosen renormalization scheme (this is one reason we concentrated on this class).
These observations are contained in
We have since made the complete data set available, it can be downloaded from

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@paulbalduf - thanks! I'll check out the paper and tell some people about it.


Massive black holes drag and warp the spacetime around them in extreme ways. Observing these effects firsthand is practically impossible, so physicists look for laboratory-sized analogs that behave similarly. Fluids offer one such avenue, since fluid dynamics mimics gravity if the fluid viscosity is low enough. To chase that near-zero viscosity, experimentalists turned to superfluid helium, a version of liquid helium near absolute zero that flows with virtually no viscosity. At these temperatures, vorticity in the helium shows up as quantized vortices. Normally, these tiny individual vortices repel one another, but a spinning propeller — much like the blades of a blender — draws tens of thousands of these vortices together into a giant quantum vortex.

Here superfluid helium whirls in a quantum vortex.Here superfluid helium whirls in a quantum vortex.

With that much concentrated vorticity, the team saw interactions between waves and the vortex surface that directly mirrored those seen in black holes. In particular, they detail bound states and black-hole-like ringdown phenomena. Now that the apparatus is up and running, they hope to delve deeper into the mechanics of their faux-black holes. (Image credit: L. Solidoro; research credit: P. Švančara et al.; via Physics World)

#astrophysics #blackHole #fluidDynamics #physics #quantumVortex #science #superfluid #superfluidHelium #vortices #vorticity

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📣 Postdoc job alert 📣

The “Astrophysical and Cosmological Relativity” department at the @mpi_grav in Potsdam announces the opening of several postdoctoral appointments.

These appointments will be in the area of data analysis and its interface with waveform modeling for the recently adopted space-based gravitational-wave detector LISA.


📅 apply by May 21, 2024

#Postdoc #PostdocPosition #Job #Physics #Astrophysics #Potsdam #LISA #LISAMission

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「 Einstein's "model of gravity has been essential for everything from theorizing the Big Bang to photographing black holes," said lead author and Waterloo mathematical physics graduate Robin Wen in a statement about the research. "But when we try to understand gravity on a cosmic scale, at the scale of galaxy clusters and beyond, we encounter apparent inconsistencies with the predictions of general relativity." 」

#physics #space #einstein #cosmology

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Even though the Navier–Stokes equations are deterministic, it seems that you cannot make predictions beyond a fixed time horizon, no matter how small the initial uncertainty.

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