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This pebble looks like it's hatching!!
An Iron rich septarian nodule.
County Clare, Ireland. walking tours


leonis5908, German

David Zinn Art

<<Daisy’s maxim: sleep through the showers, wake up to flowers. >>

Colpizen, French

Morning all :)
#wip #pebble


Cetonia aurata in progress ✨️

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Ever since the update to iOS17, I was unable to use my watch due to the sideloaded Pebble app constantly crashing badly. But I recently found out that iMazing could help restore the original IPA which is supposed to be a bit less broken than sideloaded. It seems to be indeed the case. Now I can at least load and manage apps/watchfaces. This is giving me more confidence that I can get back to using regular and transition away from the Watch by using the Pebble time.


@ppn I had a Pebble watch as my first smart watch. I also liked using that same watchface.

ppn, avatar

@HartKnight same. It’s still working last time I checked but I don’t use it anymore as the Time model is kind of better than the OG in every aspect.

schm43cky, avatar

Oh boy, there seems to be little #Bluetooth mess going on in camp #GrapheneOS .
Since an update a few days ago my #Pebble Time watch won't pair with my #Pixel 6 via #Gadgetbridge .
At first I thought it's me being stupid but it's actually a common problem.
Happening to devices of all kinds (also cars) and is discussed here:

A ticket for Gadgetbridge is also open:

But it seems it's a GOS issue, not stock #Android .

Dang. Hope it sorts out soon.



I'm not surprised there are issues. So many updates lately (03, 06, 07, 08, 09, and 11) and they are going through Alpha and Beta pretty quick. No way proper testing is being done.

schm43cky, avatar

Yes it's a bit odd and disturbing.
I like that GrapheneOS is so quick in sending out updates, but nearly every day keeps me wondering what's actually going on right now.
Well I hope this BT bug will be sorted out soon.
They are doing amazing work nevertheless, permanently.

p3m1r0, German avatar

@gadgetbridge gibt es eine Möglichkeit die Gadgetbridge auch ohne Benachrichigung zu benutzen? Insbesondere ohne die Benachrichtigungen durch "Warnmeldungen"?

p3m1r0, avatar

Gemeint sind die Warnmeldungen, Notfallbenachrichtigungen zu z.B. Erdbeben usw. All das was bei diesen "Warntagen" auch über die Smartphones versendet wird.



Ich wüsste nicht warum Gadgetbridge sich nicht verbinden sollte, wenn diese ausgeschaltet sind 😯

Rockiriya, Russian
vantablack, avatar

is there a pebble watchface generator like that's still like up and usable? even the wayback machine was of no help

#pebble #rebble

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i got so close to creating the perfect watchfaces but the site doesn't actually work when you try to generate them 😭

pebble watchface that says "FUCK OFF"

Rockiriya, Russian
voltagex, avatar

Australians. I have a #Pebble watch, it is probably missing the charger and needs the annoying screen fix. Does anyone want it for the cost of postage?

#Maker #Electronics

masek, German

Does anyone has any interest in a Kickstarter edition smartwatch?

I cannot check functionality as I discarded all cables long time ago.

My guess that this a candidate for the trash bin, but unsure if there still may be people who cherish this 😉​


@Karlos_Cantana I think I already found someone here. Thank you for the hint.

Due to the ongoing there, I have no longer an account with

Karlos_Cantana avatar

@masek r/pebble and r/tasker are the only reason I still have Reddit. If they would migrate fully, then I would have no need for Reddit either.


I like the Pebble Social web interface so much. Thanks, @gabor for creating such a beautiful mastodon instance. Keep it up.

@bengali_convo @masindia


@em @gabor @bengali_convo @masindia - I got to see the standard one other instances are using and this is much, much better


I went to the community health center because I felt sick. You can receive medical examinations and treatments for free if you are registered with the Social Security Agency on Health; if not, medical examinations and all forms of medicine can be obtained for a single US dollar. Of course, you have to visit the hospital for more complicated illnesses.

#Pebble #Puskesmas #T2Pub @t2pub #Depok #Indonesia


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@rpbowo @faizalr Orang Malaysia mungkin tidak tahu kata "partikelir" pak :)

gombang, avatar

@faizalr @rpbowo masih terkait memang tapi sudah ada pergeseran makna.

chikorita157, (edited ) Japanese avatar

I just find this interesting. The failed Birdsite alternative, Pebble/T2 is now relaunched as a Mastodon server? :neocat_think:

yon, avatar

@chikorita157 The Q always comes down to, what’s the business plan? How do they intend to make money on this. And that’s when I run.

stopthatgirl7, avatar

Good beautiful morning all pebbles / pebblers(?) !!! 🙉 🌴

It makes my heart so warm to greet this community after finding you all yesterday. 😊 ☺️ 😇

By the way, was there any verdict on the official name of the people on

( I want a pebble emoji!!! )

@t2pub @t2 #t2pub #Pebble

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@PlasticMonkey I believe right before Pebble went down, Sara post some links to the marketing graphics for Pebbel via a Google Drive link. Do y’all have that? Pretty sure I downloaded it, but not at home right now.


@box464 oh yes it was actually sent to me earlier today via @nemo20000!

cliffwade, avatar

T2 was re-branded to and now they have changed over to and are a Mastodon server!

#T2 #Pebble #Social #Mastodon #Instance #Tech #AllThingsTech


@cliffwade oh that is cool!

mike, avatar

@cliffwade That's kind of the Disney version of the story. Pebble wanted to be a commercial venture, couldn't achieve orbit and started a Mastodon instance to give their users a place to land.


It's a sad time for the social network formerly known as T2, but not all hope is lost. #Pebble


@Grizzlysgrowls I actually had the Pebble Time for way longer than its prescribed shelf life. Simple, but wonderful watch. Still sad about that company. 😞

Grizzlysgrowls, avatar

@wedistribute Only reason I ever bought a #Fitbit was they bought #Pebble. I figured they'd bought it to learn how to make a decent smartwatch, not just a fitness watch.

They hadn't. Or at least they didn't learn.

Gave the Fitbit to my sister, who works out and such.

blobcat, avatar

#Pebble theme for Mastodon is now early out!
Check the GitHub repo da code:
Check for da theme (so you can install it for yourself!):
#t2pub @t2pub


Shuts Down… But starts a ?

Could the Pebble community live on as part of the ?

"A user named @blobcat is already hard at work in recreating the Pebble frontend design for Mastodon. Right now, it’s just a theme for the Mastodon interface, but there is some hope that maybe, just maybe, the might become the default on Pebble Social."

Ductos, avatar

@mho @blobcat Not entirely sure if this is a good or bad thing. I've only learned about Pebble's existence when it shut down.


@mho @blobcat :OOOOO

jenniferplusplus, avatar

So what's this I saw earlier about people brigading and trolling the instance? Was that for real happening?

This is the shit that makes me not even want to be in this space, much less build more of it.

hrefna, avatar

@jenniferplusplus Seems to have happened at least sporadically, and I can find a few examples of people doing it plus a call for a fediblock, though it's hard to find specifics because gestures broadly at search features


@hrefna @jenniferplusplus I get a bit of the impression that, uh, things got out of hand

cyberlyra, avatar

Super confused about all this #pebble stuff that has absolutely nothing to do with my beloved, still functioning, non-tracking, original smartwatch.


@cyberlyra That's exactly the first thing I thought about too when I started hearing Pebble being thrown around. I hadn't heard that name in a long time!


We are down to the last ~half-hour in the life of #Pebble, née t2, which I reckon to be the kindest, gentlest and smallest of the twitter alternatives — and watching it come down while logged in over there is rather poignant. Which well befits the character of the place.

Meanwhile, the chief Pebbler, @gabor has spun up an "experimental" mastodon instance, I do think mastodon is a better fit for that community than, say, Bluesky. Here's wishing them well!



@richardgrant @gabor Well that’s t2 Pebble gone and it proved that yes you can have a social community with no flame wars nastiness or toxicity just everyone from all over the world having great conversations. I do hope Pebble Social instance is a success

box464, (edited ) avatar

If you're migrating over from Pebble, the original founders have decided to experiment with their own Mastodon instance.

box464, avatar

@bory Since you already have a Mastodon account, there's no need to create another one (unless you just really want for your account name - which IS pretty cool!).

It looks like you haven't posted much yet so you could just move your current account over there if you want. (Let me know I can help with that process)

If you want to keep in touch with the Pebble community, you can follow/search for these hashtags:

#Pebble #T2 and #T2Pub

And then follow the people you like!


@box464 thanks Jeff. I think I'll wait a little while before moving over. But definitely interested and not too precious about losing a few posts. Will know who to ask if I need help - thanks for offering!

mike, avatar

Anyone have a #Pebble account? I'd like to offer our instance as a landing pad to Canadian users since they're shutting down tomorrow.


@mike a bunch of us just signed up with 🙂


@mike I'm not really committed to it. Gabor calling it "an experiment" is not really very assuring.

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