Faintdreams, avatar

On an instinctual level I knew there was something deeply off about the entire Subway scene in Morbius.

I was right.

They used the London Underground as a substitute for a New York station !

Damned near broke my brain.


Tattooed_mummy, avatar

@Faintdreams I'm British, I knew it was London so I too was really confused! #morbius

Not that any of the movie made sense

Faintdreams, avatar

@Tattooed_mummy yeah the 'wtf?' levels of deeply Stoopid features in Morbius were so compounded, that the subway scenes were just part of the ... General chaos.

podkaynelives, avatar

"Cure and curse are only one letter apart. I think about that a lot".

#Morbius, #MidnightSuns

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