Miniature Painting

PhillGreen, avatar

Finally had everything I needed to dip a toe in airbrushing, and what better way to learn than priming? I used #vallejo primer, thinned with their thinner for black. Learned a bunch about technique and maintenance. Used #thearmypainter fanatic Matt White for the zenithal. It is so thick. Used thinner with it 50/50. Also learned you can’t mix the fanatic paint in the airbrush cup. Looking forward to trying speedpaint with the airbrush #miniaturepainting

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@PhillGreen silicone mixing cups are good for pre mixing paints for your airbrush. Dried paint peels right off. Something like this makes pouring into the brush easy.

tiikerikani, avatar

The local game shop finally has all the old Army Painter paints on clearance ahead of getting the new range in so I got myself a handful. I know some people consider them low-quality and I've had those bad experiences too, but I believe in "get good at using what you've got" for budget reasons (and also I'm not aspiring to a level that justifies spending on "only the best").


pieceofthepie, avatar

@tiikerikani absolutely not bad quality. Just really prone to separating and in need of a mega shake (and probably a glass bead or two)

If you've got one of those vibrating shakers it's much less work.

ibboard, avatar

Painted Susan Sto Helit (Death's granddaughter in Discworld) this morning.

Three different types of black (grey cloak, purple skirt and corset and sharp highlights on the boots) with three highlight layers. Two or three highlights on the skin. And two highlights on the white hair. The black hair, metal and wood only got one highlight.

Now to work out how to do nice cobble stones!

Photograph of the back of the painted Susan Sto Helit miniature.

ibboard, avatar

@roofuskit Micro Art Studio make them -

Or, if you're buying other Discworld merch, then they're on Paul Kidby's site as well -

roofuskit, avatar

@ibboard thanks! Here's a photo of a small bust I painted up quickly for our Christmas decorations. I bet you'll enjoy it.


Mycomancer, avatar

Today's WIP:

Tackling the Star Wars Shatterpoint Core Set.

cjshearwood, avatar

The first Hypersteel Nightmare mini prototype has some paint on it now! Based on one of the internal illustrations by @CITIZEN_OCHOA, very happy with how it’s coming out.

#miniaturepainting #wargaming #wargames #miniatures #sculpting #3dprinting

SunDancer, German avatar

Attention miniature painting bubble: your favourite non-GW mini: GO!

Mine would be these from @heresyminiatures

Metal as flock! (Boost welcome)


Thorne, avatar

It's Friday, and the Studio's open! I'm doing a limited palette speedpaint of Reaper's Temple Dragon, and y'all are welcome to come and hang out while I do it!

PeterLoats, avatar

Finally picking up a brush again. Value sketch on this Tiny Leads Dungeon Adventures bust. #miniaturepainting

Ayreonaut, avatar

Bass player #Eddie, looks like #IronMaiden Steve Harris beginning to perform his typical machine gun pose. Trickiest part perhaps was to pick the right colors for Steve’s West Ham United wrist bands and bass guitar strap :)

What’s next? Maybe Trooper Eddie…


Bass player Eddie miniature from behind; you see the West Ham United colored guitar strap.

Deus, avatar

@Ayreonaut The detail!! 😳 🤘

thatdamnelf, avatar

Khorne Daemon Allies

Taking a break from the Titan (not really, the epoxy is just drying) to paint something a little different. So I went ahead and painted up a couple Khorne Daemons to be allies, starting with two characters. These were fun to do and were relatively quick to paint. I'm especially proud of the Skullmaster's sword.


Karanak, The Hound of Vengeance miniature by Games Workshop.

lautmaler, avatar

Beloved people. Any of you using Vallejo Xpress colours? If so, do you know how much do they take to fully dry?

I just completed some minis, and around an hour later decided to varnish them and the paint was stripping in some spots. Never happened to me that with normal paints and with that very same varnish, so I assume it has to do with the Xpress colours. 😢

Any experience like that?

roofuskit, avatar

@lautmaler that's not my experience with them, but I never brush on varnish. I'm assuming that's how you applied it? Also I've seen Warhipster on YouTube test their durability and he didn't have any issues either.


Happy Year of the Dragon, nerds! (Forest Dragon sculpt by Mini Monster Mayhem)

mz4250, avatar

One of my patrons already did an excellent job 3D printing and painting my Deinonychus mount mini :D

Free stls:

Solid paint job!
#miniaturepainting #dnd #dndart #3Dprinting #3dmodeling #3dart

ColetteW, Dutch

DOLLHOUSE WALLPAPER - Theme: Golden Leaves - miniature wallpaper and wall art - Download for Dollhouse, Roombox - Art Nouveau - Scale 1/12



deinol, avatar

Now that I’m more than halfway through my Ogre Battle Box, I’m pushing to finish it off.

Although there’s a box somewhere in storage that has the infantry and light GEVs, plus hopefully the turret to my Fencer.

#WarGames #MiniatureGames #MiniaturePainting #1HourANight #Ogre #OgreMiniatures #HobbyProgress

deinol, avatar

Took a break from 40K to paint a few other minis.

Snowy day stuck inside. These paint up pretty fast.

#MiniaturePainting #BattleTech #Mechwarrior #Ogre #OgreMiniatures #SciFi #1HourANight

deinol, avatar

Playing with Army Painter Speed Paints 2.0

I can see how easy it’ll be to paint up tiny tanks fast. I’ll need to pick up more colors.

#MiniaturePainting #OgreMiniatures #ArmyPainter #SpeedPaints #1HourANight #Epic


This secret christmas gift for my wife is almost finished, so here is a sneaky WIP!

Trying to decide if I'm brave enough to attempt tattoos on Edward's skin, and if the leather is too blue, and if the skin is too blotchy, and on and on 😅

Let me know what you think! I feel it's pretty close!

roofuskit, avatar

@pivotal Stede and Blackbeard!

boardgamebreakdown, avatar

Put some #ArmyPainter things on my Christmas list so I can attempt to paint my #FinalGirl Series 1 #miniatures

Anyone have any tips on using washes? For the #minis I've painted previously, I primed in black, then dry brushed grey and then white. Then used just speed paints.

On these I think I want to prime with a light beige, then drybrush white, then use speeds. But a lot of people recommending washes after for deeper shadows. Any thoughts?

#MiniaturePainting #BoardGames #TableTop


@boardgamebreakdown speed paints act like a wash, and a lot of washing techniques assume you are going to re-apply your basecoat after, which isn't really possible with speedpaints.

You could try just applying the washes to the shadows, or try oil or enamel washes.

Although at that stage I wonder if your spending more time auto-painting to make things fast than it would take just to paint highlights and shadows nornally.

boardgamebreakdown, avatar

@coyotebd Thanks for the advice. Maybe I'm confusing advice I've seen about washes being used over regular paints and not speed paints. I like the idea of the speed paints bc I don't feel I'm good at detailing/highlighting

Here are a few of the first mins I painted. Any feedback?


lautmaler, avatar

He is finally done!

I tried a bit of OSL although to my eyes does not work too well. I also timidly added a bit of weathering. I have this tendency of making my minis "too clean". 😅


Kitbashed Drukhari Mandrakes made from Tree Revenants and Namarti Thralls

bearmine, avatar

After months I finally sat down and finished this. The dragon was already done, tonight was finishing the base and books.

I present A Bookish Spyro!


madcollector, avatar

This week-end painting production includes:

  • Janet "Fashion Victim" Van Dyne, founding member of the Avengers
  • Bruce "Mean Green Smashing Machine" Banner
  • Philip, son of Coul, Agent of SHIELD

aurelie, German avatar

Meine Homepage ist fertig 🙌
Schaut auch mal in den Tap Community rein 💬 und überall ;)


thatdamnelf, avatar

War Dog Executioner Progress

Had the chance to sit down today to get some progress done on the War Dogs... and 2 hours later I am not sure where the time went but hey, the Executioner is fully assembled and all the base coats are down so that's good right?


#hobby #hobbyStreak #40k #MiniaturePainting #miniatures #Warhammer40k #WarHamFam #WarhammerCommunity #ChaosKnights

setsneedtofeed, avatar

Going for a radioactive goo look on the base?

thatdamnelf, avatar

That's where it starts! After applying crackle paste it comes out looking more like Chaos corruption breaking through the ground. I'll take another picture after I apply the effect.

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