Mechanical Keyboards

LovesTha, avatar

Designing my next minimalist #mechanicalKeyboard currently. Currently I have:

  • One less column and one more thumb key per half compared to the current keyboard, for 5 columns and 4 thumb keys

  • Low profile thumb keys

  • Per key RGB (don't have to populate or use, but could be nice)

  • No case, going for flat desk mounting

  • Horizontal scroll wheel

  • Joycon thumbstick next to thumb cluster

Anything else that I should consider adding?

thpoll, avatar

Now I can download overlays for program specific shortcuts! #PolyKybd #MechanicalKeyboard

stdevel, German avatar

Oh man ey, dieses Shiba Inu-Artisan ist echt zucker:

Aber ist mir das 54 EUR wert? 🥺

ashyda, avatar
zhenech, avatar

@ashyda @stdevel habe beim linken jetzt Hannah MonTABna erwartet. Marktlücke!

shom, avatar

I use a split mechanical keyboard and miss the conveniences of layers and homerow mods on my laptop. Kanata has been an excellent option for me.

I wrote an article on using Kanata to remap any keyboard¹, with a focus on not just how but why we're running each command and what the pieces of configuration mean/do. My hope is to simplify the first steps for someone without a programming/IT background to get started. Feedback welcome!


#MechanicalKeyboard #SystemCrafting

stu, avatar

If anyone is looking for a #MechanicalKeyboard by #RoyalKludge #RK61

It is a 60%

I am selling it for $40

JLW_the_Jobber, avatar

Drop dropped the ball on this one…. I ordered some fun keycaps and got this instead…

It doesn’t even fit my pc 😪

#fail #mechanicalkeyboard

Wyatt, avatar

@JLW_the_Jobber I still wouldn't use this in a build

rulix, avatar

Beekeeb Piantor Pro with MBK Legend Ergo/Ortho keycap set. Much better.

Blank black keycaps look unnatural to me.

Two mechnical keyboards: ControllerWorks mini36 and Beekeeb Piantor Pro.
Two mechnical keyboards: ControllerWorks mini36 and Beekeeb Piantor Pro.

AAMfP, avatar

I'm with you: I don't like blank keycaps as well.
I'm even using to design my DSA caps labels.
Limited options, but lovely solution.

DrewNaylor, avatar

Filco makes keyboards? I thought they just made really nice and soft wrist rests (don't worry, I learned good typing posture and only use it when I don't need to type much, or when I'm not typing and need to put my elbow on something).

AAMfP, avatar

I love my Filco Majestouch 2 TKL keyboard with Cherry MX Blue switches! ✌🏻

bison, (edited ) avatar
bison, avatar

@cerement i mean i assembled the keys of the last one ^^"

cerement, avatar

it starts with collecting boards, then you’re collecting switches, then you’re collecting keycaps, then you’re building your own boards

thegamerstavern, avatar

I'm in love with my mechanical keyboard. It is getting serious and I might consider marrying it.

Now to look for some sweet keycaps (I might consider customize and 3D print a few of those)

Tlakkity tlakkity tlak tlak tlak

#GXT834 #MechanicalKeyboards #MechanicalKeyboard #Gaming

AAMfP, avatar

Check also, they usually have nice sets.
I bought different things there.

trevorflowers, avatar

So, I'm designing a system to produce 1:4 scale keyboards that are as close as possible to the look, feel, and sound of the full scale originals. The first version will be used in miniature VT100 terminals and I hope to reuse much of the work for other designs and scales.
This is the head of a threadlog about my process, goals, mistakes, and progress.


trevorflowers, avatar

I like to leave test prints around the house so that I catch them out of the corner of my eye which lets me see them with a less familiar vision. Making a thing in CAD tends to distort what I can see of it.

chrishuck, avatar

@trevorflowers In CAD, 1000 feet may as well be 0.01mm. It’s easy to lose a sense of scale when modeling sometimes. For a lot of my work, I insert a 6ft tall human model into my layouts to see how crazy (or not) something is.

thpoll, avatar

I do like the low profile tactile switches with the stepped/staircase profile!😁 Should I make the stepped profile available as a variation for the kit...? 🤔


yawnbox, avatar

@thpoll that would be so cool to try IRL

thpoll, avatar
RemeJuan, avatar

After making the migration a few weeks back, decided the Glorious Brown wooden wrist rest would be the perfect next step. Not sure if I need one, but it looks nice and feels pretty good although it arrived like an hour or so before my work day ended.

RemeJuan, avatar

@simon No, that windows pretty much south facing, and there is also a tree to the right which blocks pretty much all the direct sunlight. That window is also tinted which reduces overall light, but again, tree.

The massive screen would probably block a decent amount, but it’s only been for for like 6 months of the 3 years I’ve had the office, before that it was just the Mac and never been an issue.

simon, avatar

@RemeJuan ah, I get sun streaming in from 3pm onwards 👍

kathyreid, avatar
thpoll, avatar

Trying some Tecsee Medium tactile switches. The only MX compatible low profile variant with LED slit!


gsuberland, avatar

@thpoll are you forced to use reverse mount LEDs for these, or can you squash small SMD LEDs under them on the top side of the board?

thpoll, avatar

@gsuberland I use the LED slit (south facing) for the flex cable of the displays. The actual RGB LEDs are on the PCB and have an extra drill hole in the plate (north facing). You can spot it in the pic when looking closely.

ellie, avatar

this thingy is cool!

borrowing from a friend right now to compare it with my moonlander, but I like how small it is.

I think I prefer it, but will know for sure in a couple weeks

(it's a ZSA voyager)

ellie, avatar

@ainmosni Hmmm so I could type at an OK-ish speed after a day or two. Like enough that I could still work fine, but there was a bit of a mental tax

After a week or two I was at or surpassing my old speed.

I've used a bunch of different layouts in the past though, and regularly try new boards. So I'm quite used to relearning things.

ainmosni, avatar


Hmmm, even if I would assume I would need 4 weeks for getting back to my normal speed, that sounds like it might be worth it for my posture.

neverpanic, avatar

New keyboard, looking forward to building it after work. Feels very heavy compared to my plastic Keychron K8 Pro.

mxk, avatar

@neverpanic I see. You got hooked on the virus.
And typical Chinese keyboard packaging

dhry, avatar
AAMfP, avatar

I feel involved...

robchapman, avatar

Spent this morning researching #mechanicalkeyboards & #switches I will need to do more research, but it's a good start.

It's time for another new keyboard, the last one I bought was just before I quit twitter for Mastodon and that was a membrane.

Since I've been writing full time, I've gone through 5 cheapo keyboards, and it's always because one key fails (heavy finger strike maybe), so time to go back to mechanical. At least then when a key fails, I can replace the failed switch. #keyboards

robchapman, avatar

@mxk still unknown to most of that... probably going to be a cheapish new or second hand with tactile switches...not getting it until I've thoroughly researched what I want.

mxk, avatar

@robchapman the obvious recommendations at the moment would be looking at Nuphy and Keychron. Try to stay away from classical keyboard manufacturers (Logitech, Razer, and co), as you will just overpay compared to the good Asian brands.

elmo, avatar

Had this unbuilt keyboard prototype lying around for way over a year now.

Fully finished PCB with working firmware and everything.
Most of the parts for the case already 3D printed out just waiting for assembly (only thing missing is the switch backplate)...

I even got really nice looking color matching keycaps for it.

One of those projects I guess 😶
I should probably finish it...

#mechanicalkeyboard #3dprinting #pcbdesign #kicad #electronics

Photo of a 3D printed ergonomic keyboard case without any internals. The case is printed out of a dark gray colored slightly silverish and translucent filament.

dhry, avatar

Post your daily driver keeb. Doesn’t have to be mechanical. Here’s mine (minus the artisans, they’re just window-dressing whenever I take it to meetups). #Mechanicalkeyboards #mechanicalkeyboard #mechkeys

xtaran, avatar
dhry, avatar

Another fun Vietnamese artisan .

Wyatt, avatar

@dhry love this!

ClickClackHack, avatar

seems to be cool and a new experience 🤔

#mechanicalkeyboard #projects #diy #prototype

AAMfP, avatar

I might be pretty interested in this layout: I'm helping a partially blind colleague that teaches other blind or almost blind people using computers.
We were wondering if and how to stick split mechanical keyboards to wheelchairs.

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