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Could blocked magazines no longer appear in Random Post and Random Thread sidebars?

A lot of the larger abandoned magazines are just spam pools now. I don't see their posts in my feed, but I don't like that the two sidesbars of random posts and threads are now just spam advertising sidebars. I triedblocking the magazines, but doesn't that prevent the posts from showing in those sidebars....

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Does anyone have a monocrome Kbin svg icon?
Just turning the whole logo into one color doesn't look very good, I found this one, but it's a bit off on the bottom connection.



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@kbinMeta ahh there are issues with it too, hmmmm

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@kbinMeta hey @rzeszutek, I noticed some issues with the SVG you have up on https://tabler.io/icons/icon/brand-kbin do you have any newer versions of your SVGs for Kbin anywhere?

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@piotrsikora @ernest FYI: lemmy.world is blocking us


I made a comment there yesterday trying to get your attention on this, but not sure if the @ on that post actually went through properly or not, so I'm trying again.


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