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Does anyone know any good blogs/sites for restaurant reviews that aren't user generated.

I’ve been trying to find some good restaurants to go to when I visit Tokyo around New Year’s. I live near Nagoya, which has a few good western dining options, but isn’t quite so good for Malaysian, Burmese, or Middle Eastern. I generally find Gurunavi and Tabelog overwhelming unless you’re searching for one specific area...

Any reccomendations for international, non-chain restaurants in Tokyo that are ideal for solo diners and open over New Years?

I live in Aichi, and I’m planning on visiting Tokyo over the New Years holidays. I’ll have a few days when I’m not meeting friends, and as I can’t travel often due to my health, I’d like to make the most of Tokyo’s wider variety of restaurants while I can. Nagoya doesn’t have the variety of international cuisine...

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