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The first launches in the American Rocketry Challenge get underway in a few minutes! Good luck to all the teams participating!

Come by the ARISS tent and find out how your educational team might be able to talk to the ISS Crew via

UPDATE! Due to rain, the event is delayed until tomorrow (SUNDAY!). See you then!

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What saddens me is so many hams think a dipole is best because it presents a "perfect match" of 50ohms. Wrong. A dipole is roughly 72 ohms if you are lucky and wildly different depending on height and structures nearby.
Yagi antennas are even worse depending on the design and often need an antenna tuner hidden at the antenna. Get the lowest loss feedline you can use and don't feel guilty about the tuner in the shack.

#HamRadio #AmateurRadio #Antenna


@va3db Well, if you have 72 ohm coax and a tube radio it's perfect.. works great for me! 🤪

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This can't be good, and it smells of a breach or being pwned by ransomware.


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Good news, the radio club president (KR3LL) and friend works at Kicker and took my LCD module and de-soldered it after which I was able to complete the assembly. It all fits in the case and aligns perfect. I was able to tune it fine. However I'm not getting any RF power out, I can receive fine when connected to an antenna. Do you have any recommendations for tracing the issue?

@qrplabs @qrper #hamradio

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@Josefius @WS0SWV There is Iambic A and Straight

@WS0SWV@mastodon.radio avatar

@N4JAW @Josefius Pretty sure I have. I will again though.

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At the AMSAT Forum at Hamvention on Saturday, I’ll be showing off this prototype 2U CubeSat Simulator.

If you are there or stop by the AMSAT Booth on Friday or Saturday, make sure you say hi! 🛰️📡😁


Photo of an AMSAT CubeSatSim 2U prototype showing solar panels and camera
Photo of an AMSAT CubeSatSim 2U prototype showing PCBs stacked inside the frame

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Any ham radio folks try aurora scatter the last few days? https://community.spaceweatherlive.com/topic/3207-aurora-scatter/

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@ai6yr I made 59 6m AU SSB Q's. It was nice to see 6m packed with CW and SSB signals for a chance as AU renders FTx useless.


@kr1st Oooh, awesome!!

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Got some clips designed and printed to mount my radio in the Honda Odyssey. It’s a good fit! Now I just need to figure out a solution for the mic.

@cassidy@blaede.family avatar

@brainofdane nice! What material did you go with? If it’s PLA, beware of extreme warping/shrinking in the regular heat of a car; I have had several prints melt in my and my in-laws' cars. 😬


Since my portable shortwave receiver is hardly picking up anything on HF (including no WWV signals), I think I'm going to wait a bit before digging out my antenna and related gear for working this month's weekend sprint.


@sclower I'm in the middle of a huge move, so have nothing to do anything with. However, I would have thought all the heavy geomagnetic activity this weekend would be improving HF propagation.

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These solar storm numbers make me wonder for a moment how much fun I'd be having this weekend if I had picked a normal hobby like instead of building Internet infrastructure in my free time.

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@kwf the bands are completely dead here in Ohio, US 😂😂

I wish they were doing something cool, but it's completely silent lol

@kwf@social.afront.org avatar

@k8vsy even on 6m?

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There's a thing that really bothers me in the #HamRadio world. There's a bunch of videos and articles about how to use HTs. How to program them for repeaters, Vox, etc.

I've been a ham for about a year and a half. I have never struggled with how an HT works. Where is the demand for all of these resources?

Once you understand the concepts at play (which, sure, are novel to a new operator, but aren't particularly complex), it's a simple matter to look up how to set a tone on an arbitrary radio.



There's a thing that really bothers me

This I cannot relate. Why would something bother me that

a) others are doing for free and

b) for fun and

c) that I can easily ignore?

Live and let life!


Hmm, Gigaparts selling a $900 "mystery box" all-band (UHF/VHF/50/HF) radio. 🤔

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@ai6yr I saw that. Pretty sure it is an IC-7100 from the description.

@va3db@mastodon.radio avatar

@ai6yr hmmm sounds like the TS2000

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‼️ Last chance to check into the #FediFridayWinlinkNet !

Send your #Winlink message between 0000-2359 UTC Friday May 10. Try to use different modes each week (ARDOP, VARA, packet, VHF, HF, etc) for practice!

Subject: check-in

Message body line1: [callsign], [firstname], [city], [state/province/locale], [country], [mastodon username], [VHF/HF/APRS/Telnet, etc]

Message body line2: Do you build your own antennas? [Y/N feel free to explain]

Message body line3: Do you agree to have your callsign shared in the check-in list? [Y or N/opt-out]

Please boost and encourage each other to practice using Winlink!



@bud_t Hmm... looks like Telnet or figuring out our VHF system here, LOL... bands are wiped out!

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Pretty unusual for south western Germany

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Keep an eye out for Aurora Propagation (AU) happening right now.

Here is a sound sample I just copied from NA2O calling CQ on 6m (50.102). Note the raspy CW sound.

My antenna was pointed at 330 degrees. NA2O is due south from me and I would normally not copy him.

#Aurora #hamradio #AmateurRadio #6m

luis_ea1cs, Spanish
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( 𝗟𝗹𝗮𝗺𝗮𝗿𝗮𝗱𝗮 𝗫𝟯.𝟵 ) 𝗜𝗻𝗳𝗼𝗿𝗺𝗮𝗰𝗶ó𝗻 𝗱𝗲 𝗮𝗰𝘁𝗶𝘃𝗶𝗱𝗮𝗱 𝘀𝗼𝗹𝗮𝗿 https://buff.ly/30dSVEU #hamradio #dx #hamr

hensys, German
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"Die US-Wetterbehörde NOAA warnt für Samstag Morgen vor einem schweren Magnetsturm (k=8). Mögliche Folgen: weit verbreitete Probleme mit der Spannungsregelung in Stromnetzen, einige Schutzsysteme werden fälschlicherweise wichtige Anlagen vom Netz trennen; induzierte Pipelineströme beeinträchtigen Präventivmaßnahmen, HF-Funkausbreitung sporadisch, Satellitennavigation stundenlang beeinträchtigt, Langwellen-Funknavigation gestört, Polarlichter bis runter auf 45° geografischer Breite."


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In the process of learning about #HamRadio, I'm learning so much physics at a deeper level than I did when I studied it more formally in college. A great deal of context and relevant experience in the meantime is helping me out, I'm sure, but there are things I remember struggling with that I just ... get .... this time around. Like P-type and N-type semiconductors — I remember being frustrated with the concept when I first encountered it, but it feels so straightforward and clear now. I can only hypothesize the sleep debt must have been punishing, or maybe my brain was already paging. Or both.

Anyway it's pretty cool to know I can still learn a ton if I want to. I'm trying hard to make it through the textbooks I have (library or for keeps) before acquiring more. I have a stack of 11 at the couch right now...


I'm very new to Mastodon so here's a short .

I've been a operator since 1988. I have my Extra Class ticket. I currently enjoy operating and projects. Most of my building has been kits but I've come to enjoy scratch building. Not as pretty but a lot of fun.

My latest project has just been powered up, a -EP. Lots to do still but it first picked up a signal today. Looking forward to learning a lot from the community here.



siwli, German
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Wenn ich auf der Seite vom Rundspruch Berlin-Brandenburg beim lese, dass "sogennantes Gendern" in eingereichten Beiträgen als politisches Statement gesehen und daher "korrigiert" wird, möchte ich ja gerne sehr laut und deutlich fragen, warum sich da noch irgendjemand wundert, dass junge und weibliche Menschen dem Hobby (und denen, die es betreiben) skeptisch gegenüberstehen.


@dj3ei @DL1PZ @siwli

die sich um gerechte Sprache bemühen. In denen mehr Frauen auftauchen als sonst üblich

Echt? Hast Du da Fakten, also Zahlen? Was ist "üblich", woher weiss nan das (z.B. könnte der DARC Statistiken führen).

Ich lasse mich nämlich gerne durch Argumente umstimmen, bei Meinungen eher schwerer :-)


@dj3ei @DL1PZ @siwli

Aber es gibt wissenschaftliche Untersuchungen, dass die mitgemeinten Frauen in den Köpfen nicht präsent sind.

Das finde ich interessant... und irgendwie unwahrscheinlich.

Gegenbeispiel: wenn jemand sagt "Die Krankenschwestern streiken wg. Lohnerhöhung" dann würde ich NIE denken "Die männlichen Krankenpfleger sind ja echt unsolidarische Säckel, das die nicht mitstreiken". Ich inkludiere automatisch... sogar wenn eine explizit weibliche Berufsbezeichnung gewählt wurde.

Also dennoch: für mich passiert die angebliche Diskriminierung eher selten beim Sender und entsprechend häufiger beim Empfänger.

Gut, das sich (noch) niemand bei den deutschen Artikeln künstlich aufregt, da wird ja auch das eine oder andere Mal "der vollkommen falsche" Artikel benutzt.

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What do you guys use for audio routing on linux? Since my radio is already connected to my computer for rig control, I want to route its audio to and from my bluetooth headset that is connected to the same computer. It's an FT-991A that can send and receive audio through its USB port, so no crazy cabling tricks should be necessary.



@arth Both Pulseaudio and Pipewire (often used with Wayland compositors) support audio routing "out of the box".

You don't need extra software for it. You could do it from the command line / with the config files. If tgat us your thing *)

But there is a graphical tool that I never used, maybe it is better: https://github.com/futpib/pagraphcontrol

*) this is however good if you want to recreate specific routings with little helper shell scripts.

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Just worked a guy on 30m whose QRZ page says:

"The picture at the top right of my QRZ page is of an ancient Greek vase. It depicts Zeus throwing a thunderbolt. Depictions of Zeus often show him throwing thunderbolts. Certainly our understanding of radio waves and radio propagation has changed remarkably from ancient times. However, I like to think that in some way we hams are like "thunderbolt throwers" sending signals into the air."

So, should we make Zeus the god of ?

@N4JAW@mastodon.radio avatar

@kb9ens @kb6nu I'll second that!

@kb9ens@mastodon.radio avatar

@N4JAW @kb6nu Jim seconds... all those in favor say Yes

Opposed say No.

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Please, say hello to Ariel - our contest mascot. He spent his first days with his human on one of contest sites that we use, during IARU HF 2020, and he joins us regularly since then.

#hamradio #dog #doggo #dogs #samoyed #samoyeds

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Hello great people of mastodon.radio! We are SN9H - contest station team of @hskrk - since we appreciate the outstanding quality of mastodon.radio feed, we wanted to funnel radio endeavors of Hackerspace Kraków here - to the HAMs :)

Group photo taken in autumn with ten people (almost every one of them with contest team tshirt) and a dog - snow white samoyed called Ariel

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