syntaxseed, (edited )
@syntaxseed@phpc.social avatar

Watched the premier episode of and not only ran ads before the show but interrupted the show 3-4 times to play unskippable ads. 😡

Ads before were bad enough, but this is absolutely jarring & bullshit for a service I pay for.

Can't even seem to find any info about an ad-free tier for Canadian subscribers.

Really makes the "oh, it's streaming on Prime" discovery into a disappointment than good news.

@bobmagicii@phpc.social avatar

@ramsey @syntaxseed this wouldn't be so bad if tv shows were still made to have adbreaks. but often times they will just cut it in the middle of a conversation because the timer said so.

@itsjoshbruce@phpc.social avatar

@ramsey @syntaxseed: Becca is breaking up with Prime today. The ads aren’t the only reason, but definitely a straw.

Should have got a memo (she got an email): https://www.cnn.com/2023/09/22/media/amazon-prime-video-ads/index.html

@GamesMissed@mastodon.social avatar

So, that #Fallout 1 port for the #3DS that was going around the game news sites a few days ago? It's really good.



PirouEmpyreal, French
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Hello la commu Mastodon !

Je cherche à mettre la main sur la maquette du Pip Boy 2000 Mk. VI de 76, fabriquée par The Wand Company. Celle-ci était notamment vendue par Micromania => https://www.micromania.fr/replique-fallout-76-pip-boy-2000-mk-vi-a-monter-exclu-gs-89065.html

Si quelqu'un l'a achetée à l'époque et souhaite s'en séparer à un prix raisonnable (sur eBay c'est du grand n'importe quoi), contactez-moi :)
Retoots appréciés :)

luxas, French
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En buvant le café, je me relance dans une activité que je n'avais pas pratiquée depuis... 20 ans. On va peindre des figurines #NCR. Et voir si j'ai un peu gardé la main.

#fallout #NewVegas

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Sous couche appliquée. Premier temps de séchage.

@luxas@social.gnieh.org avatar

Ça commence à prendre forme.

mason, Polish
@mason@f-t.net.pl avatar

Właśnie przeczytałem, że główny wątek w #Fallout4 jest jedną z jego mocnych stron. Autor tego zdania musi mieć naprawdę nisko postawioną poprzeczkę :D

A poważniej - doceniam w tej grze główny wątek za to, że wybory gracza mają wpływ nie tylko na zakończenie. One sprawiają wrażenie, że mają duży wpływ na świat gry i to jest fajne, chociaż chciałbym więcej.

Fajne jest też to, że cały główny wątek jest dosyć spójny i nieprzesadnie prostoliniowy, ale nie nazwałbym go dobrym. Fajny jest sam początek, wprowadzenie z mocniejszym akcentem. A potem jest... miałko (pomijam i tak to, że zwyczajnie nie lubię wątku syntków)

Nawet zwrot akcji w momencie odnalezienia Shauna (w teorii dobra rzecz) następuje trochę za wcześnie, bo nie mamy okazji znielubić kierownika Instytutu (w sensie konkretnej osoby), żeby odnalezienie Shauna było znaczącym zwrotem.

#Gieteczkowo #Fallout

mason, Polish
@mason@f-t.net.pl avatar

Z pewnością twórcom serialu udało się na tyle dobrze odwzorować typy postaci z gry, że odświeżając sobie , aż musiałem sprawdzić czy Norm MacLean z serialu i Neil Freund z F4, to nie jakaś rodzina :D

@nikdoof@incognitus.net avatar

Finished the TV series, not bad, lots of fan service, and some interesting resolution to some story-lines from the games.

@sam@southampton.social avatar

@nikdoof Yeah, it's done so much for old fans but also helped bring in new ones.

@lairofsecrets@dice.camp avatar

Ever since watching on Amazon Prime, we've had "Crawl Out Through the Fallout" by Sheldon Allman stuck in our collective heads.

And if you didn't before ... it's stuck there now.

You're welcome.


@nukehavoc@dice.camp avatar

@lairofsecrets Ok. It's not we, it's me.

And this song may have been the reason why I started playing #Fallout4 again.

@lairofsecrets@dice.camp avatar

Gore and Lore in Fallout – Campaigns & Coffee

- the post-apocalyptic game set in an alternate, atomic-powered reality - kicks off our new Campaigns & Coffee short-format podcast. With the sound of laughter echoing through the vast caverns of the Lair, hosts Ken, David, and Josh talk about the new TV series on Amazon Prime, the video games that inspired it, and the session zero for our upcoming actual play.


@nukehavoc@dice.camp avatar

@lairofsecrets It is such a relief to get Season 4 out there.

Life's been challenging for the crew over the last few months. I'm supremely grateful that we're still able to get together to chat, laugh, sling some dice, and geekout about things like

@vga256@dialup.cafe avatar

i haven't seen anyone talk about this project, and i can't believe how fast it has matured since i peeked in on it last year.

Fallout 1 & 2 Community Edition are full-on reverse engineered re-implementations of the game engines for win/mac/linux/ios/android.

FO1 was never much of a problem, because it ran very well in dosbox for decades. but FO2 was always another story - it was a 32-bit windows-only title, and it's always been a real pain in the ass to run.


#fallout #retroGaming

@reidrac@mastodon.sdf.org avatar

@vga256 I need to try this again, the last time (shortly after release), the 1st one crashed on me in the first 5 minutes of play 😅

May be there have been fixes.

@vga256@dialup.cafe avatar

@reidrac it has been under pretty consistent development. i’m 7 hours into F2 and it is perfect so far

#1 cause of problems are uppercase paths used for folder or filenames. renamed everything lower case, and it is working great

@SirTapTap@mastodon.social avatar

So Fallout 5 is definitely going to have a perk called "Okie-Dokie"

what will it do?

@MisuseCase@twit.social avatar

I played a lot of (too much of?) #Fallout 3 and NEW VEGAS from the late aughts through the early 2010s but it’s only on seeing the TV series and replaying FNV that I realized: hey, the worst bastards in the setting are all revanchists, accelerationists, or revanchist accelerationists.

I think it’s because the TV series really hammers the point home in a way that the games maybe don’t, even though it’s a strong through line in the series.


@SirTapTap@mastodon.social avatar

My favorite fun fact will always be that this song (as with most of the soundtrack) is actually from the sixes for real

Atom Bomb Baby is another great one. I guess the Big Iron On His Hip meme is probably Fallout's fault too, even though I think that was well known before


@SirTapTap@mastodon.social avatar

If you're not familiar with the Strontium thing btw:


Extremely topical song for being a "novelty album"


@SirTapTap Fallout do have a nice story, but I like the affecting gameplay-lines e.g. hometown to be Megaton or instead that other city

remembers me of "Teudogar & the alliance with Rome" as downloadgame (removed quite a while), but also "Fable 2" (a game on consoles) with either a bright halo or devil's horns, if karma's nice or bad

@gamingonlinux@mastodon.social avatar

Fanatical's awesome bundle ends in just over a day: https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/fallout-bundle?ref=gol (partner link)

@Terminhell@mastodon.social avatar

@gamingonlinux NGL, $25 for all that isn't bad. Shave another $5 off if we can opt out of 76 lol.

PirouEmpyreal, French
@PirouEmpyreal@toot.portes-imaginaire.org avatar

Le documentaire "The Atomic Café", sorti en 1982, a eu une influence considérable sur les thèmes, le ton et l'esthétique du premier .

Le film est entièrement disponible sur YouTube dans une version restaurée et mérite le coup d'œil. C'est un regard sur l'Amérique de la guerre froide, sa paranoïa et son obsession pour l'atome.



@violetblue@mastodon.social avatar

North Carolina bans medical masks (seriously), US/UK/NZ surging, covid 60% deadlier than influenza, weird new variant symptoms, US: no fall vax for uninsured, covid ripping through New Zealand schools, rAW MiLk eNTHusIaSTs, masking on the Fallout set, and more.

Link: https://www.patreon.com/posts/pandemic-roundup-104353958

orkenspaltertv, German
@orkenspaltertv@rollenspiel.social avatar

Heute ab 20:00 im Stream: Wir spielen das RPG von MODIPHIUS. Eevie leitet und es spielen: Mháire, Bananepic, Weteeff, Walker und Moritz! twitch.tv/orkenspaltertv
Das fantastische Teaserbild stammt von der ebenso fantastischen Schlipsheim https://www.instagram.com/schlipsheim/

@Adam_Cadmon1@mastodon.online avatar

I could deal with most everything in Fallout...except the giant roaches.

@Adam_Cadmon1@mastodon.online avatar

@mentallyalex lol Skyrim is like that for me. Such a deep an interesting game. Easy to become the character you're playing and immerse yourself in that world. Heck, I may end up playing both Fallout 4 and Skyrim again now. I especially like the Dwarven architecture in Skyrim. Both intimidating and spectacular.

@mentallyalex@beige.party avatar

@Adam_Cadmon1 Oh my gosh, me too! My first "play through" I suppose you'd call it, I finished the dwarven questlines and really didn't want to.

Like many when video games took off in popularity I had contemplated trying my hand at developing them. I knew a few in the industry and really backed off once I learned how difficult a hill it was to climb. For every one Todd Howard there are about a million not Todd Howards. :blobcatlaugh:

Developing video game franchises seems like being an author on hardmode. Like, you have the same problems authors have, with a more niche environment, more restrictions, and fewer friends. :blobcatgiggle:

@Adam_Cadmon1@mastodon.online avatar

Imagine growing up in a bunker and everyone you know growing up in that same bunker only to learn your dad is 200 years old, the ultimate Company man and the world had been shaped to fit the desires of that Company?

@Pagan_Animist@beekeeping.ninja avatar


Did you write for the Twilight Zone?

mason, Polish
@mason@f-t.net.pl avatar

Co jakiś czas trafiam na jakieś materiały i filmiki dotyczące Fallouta (serialu i gier).

To jest ciekawe, że w grze, która miała jeden z najlepszych systemów wyborów, który realnie wpływał na zakończenia oraz świat gry, ludzie jako "kanoniczne" przyjmują tylko jedną linię historii i zakończenie :)

Kadr z gry

@SirTapTap@mastodon.social avatar

Broke: Doing the Yes Man ending because you ideologically prefer an independent New Vegas and do not trust House's compassion

Woke: Doing the Yes Man ending because he's really nice to you and everyone else is mean

@SirTapTap@mastodon.social avatar

Chat GPT but it talks like Yes Man

at least it'd be funny

@SirTapTap@mastodon.social avatar

It's really funny that tries to make a statement by making huge wads of Pre War money worth 1 cap like other clutter...but they fucked up by giving it 0 weight actually making it fantastic (but very limited in amount) currency gameplay-wise

@ALWyvern@mastodon.social avatar

@SirTapTap I used to use ammo as currency since it also has 0 weight, but that's a much more on the nose switch

@SirTapTap@mastodon.social avatar

"Although bottle caps cannot be dropped, they can be put into other containers (e.g. for safekeeping). However, if you place any in an owned container, you will lose Karma for taking them back out."

Bethesda, please

I just want to play ONE game where I don't have to assume my character is a thief because it is completely impossible to NOT steal

pecet, Polish
@pecet@pol.social avatar

War, war never changes. But mods do. Pierwszy raz gram z modami, nawet z jakims modpackiem. Zobaczymy.


@wonziu@ioc.exchange avatar

@pecet to jest jakiś waifu mod?

@indubitablyodin@sfba.social avatar
@indubitablyodin@sfba.social avatar

@wraptile The curse of Mastodon. 😅 Either I drop a lot of hastags or I have to repeatedly spam the same post under different tags.

I'd love a universal UI update that drops them into a sub-section like Tumblr.

Ahem.👀 😉

@Gargron@mastodon.social avatar

@indubitablyodin @wraptile This is already the case, the hashtags have to be the last thing in the post.

@outfly@mastodon.social avatar

Fresh out the oven, version 0.8.5 of the open source space game #OutFly!

✅ New flashlight
✅ Redesigned HUD, with #Fallout-4-like bars for health/power/O2, and #car-dashboard-like warning lights
✅ New, well-balanced cruising vehicle
✅ Implemented power drain
✅ Much improved texture for #Jupiter

Btw, see how the hat of the #pizza chef doesn't cast a shadow? Because it ain't real! Just an #AR illusion, which you can toggle with <TAB> :)


#space #game #rust #bevy #gamedev

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